Martial Champion Chapter 1794

“Tianyi, Chu Feng has his own decisions, so you should stop persuading him.”Right at that moment, Zhang Ming opened his mouth.

Seeing Zhang Tianyi’s father open his mouth, Chu Feng, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes slightly, he could already tell that although Zhang Tianyi was desperately trying to retain him to stay, his father did not seem to want to.

However, Chu Feng did not blame him, instead, he was very relieved, after all, no matter how Zhang Tianyi’s relationship with him was, Zhang Tianyi’s father, always had to consider for Zhang Tianyi.

What’s more, at the end of this tournament, Zhang Tianyi’s father, could have directly opened the fortress, allowing everyone to directly go out, but he did not do that, and instead, he allowed the crowd to return the way they came, which was actually also fighting for Chu Feng’s chance to escape.

Regardless of that, Chu Feng felt that Zhang Tianyi’s father, was still very good, and although he did not do what he should not have done, he also did what he should have done.

“Chu Feng, Immortal Whitebrow, in conjunction with many experts, has set up a heavenly dragnet outside this fortress of mine in these few short days.”

“I know that your Realm Spirit Technique is very strong, but White Eyebrows, no matter how you put it, is a Dragon Tattoo ranked Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist, and you may not be able to break his means.”

“But by taking this, you will be able to escape from the formation set up by White Eyebrows without a sound.”Zhang Ming handed a talisman paper to Chu Feng, this was not an ordinary talisman paper, it contained a powerful method of cracking the formation, and could silently and without a sound, break open the grand formation, allowing Chu Feng to escape.

Zhang Tianyi’s father’s Boundary Technique was indeed very strong, at least far above the White-browed Immortal.

“Many thanks, senior.”Chu Feng did not refuse, because he felt that this talisman paper could indeed help him.

“That is all I can do.”Zhang Ming said.

“Senior’s thoughts, junior understands.”

“Senior, Brother Tianyi, we will take our leave at this point.”Chu Feng then left this place with Yan Xie and the others.

“Chu Feng, you should quickly leave, the barriers here are all blocked off, so we can go out on our own.”

“But you’re different, at this moment, I’m afraid that the people of the four clans are closely watching the exits in all directions, waiting for you to go out, if you go out with us, you’ll definitely be captured.”

“Why don’t you go out quickly by yourself, and follow those people to mix out before they are all gone.”Yan Xie said.

“Then, gentlemen, I’ll see you later.”Chu Feng cupped his fists and said.

“See you later.”Yan Evil, Big Chilli, and Big and Little Radishes all clasped their fists at Chu Feng.

Afterwards, with a turn of his body, Chu Feng transformed into a stream of light and quickly swept towards the exit.

Yan Evil was right, the best way for Chu Feng to get out was to mingle among the large group of people hut.

Especially amongst the people of the three mansions, after all, no matter how arrogant and domineering the four clans were, they would not dare to make things difficult for the people of the three mansions.


Outside the fortress, the people of the four clans, both explicitly and implicitly, were all on standby, on all sides, all with heavy troops, keeping a close eye on that various exits.

However, that exit was always closed, delayed in opening, and so far, not a single person had come out.

And at this moment, Chu Feng had already returned to the direction of the exit, only that he was hiding his breath, hiding his own body, coming out in the void, no one knew that he had already come out, but he was able to see, at this moment, the scene.

Although, there were only twenty people who had entered the centre of the fortress, but there were countless people who had entered this fortress, and right now, all of those people were still here.

These people, would be the ones to cover Chu Feng’s exit, the best aid.

“Elder Zhang, indeed, has already done his best in terms of benevolence.”

Looking at the gate that was still tightly closed, as well as the people from those various forces, Chu Feng knew that it was Zhang Tianyi’s father who deliberately did not open the gate, and deliberately did not let those people go out, in order to leave those people behind, and to give Chu Feng a cover.

Rumble – just at that moment, that gate opened, Chu Feng had just arrived, and that gate opened, which further verified that Chu Feng’s guess was right, everything was manipulated by Zhang Tianyi’s father, Zhang Ming.

When the door opened, the crowd poured out, while Chu Feng mixed into the ranks of the Heavenly Dao Palace.

Nowadays, he had already had a feud with the Heavenly Dao Palace, and although the feud was not deep, it was still considered a feud, so it was expected that the others would not have thought that Chu Feng would be mingling amongst the ranks of the Heavenly Dao Palace.

“As expected, this place is really blocked off.”Chu Feng viewed it with his Heavenly Eyes and discovered that the four clans had indeed arranged another layer of invisible boundaries outside the fortress, blocking off this place.

Moreover, he did not know that it was as simple as the blockade formation, but there was also a sensing formation, as long as someone generated fluctuations with the boundary technique, that sensing formation would be able to capture it, and the sound transmission, contact talisman, and the like, would not be able to be used.

Although arranged heavy formation, but the four clans naturally can not be all trapped here, so they in that formation above, also left a number of exits, just that the exit are heavily guarded, not only has the Martial Emperor, there is also the realm of spiritual masters.

It seemed that the four clans were trying to search each and every one of them, not giving Chu Feng any chance to escape.

“The experts of the three mansions have also come quite a bit, I don’t believe that you, the Four Clans, dare to search the people of the Heavenly Dao Mansion in public.”Chu Feng laughed coldly, no matter how strong the Four Clans were, they would not dare to show disrespect to the Three Mansions, so even if the Four Clans had truly laid a dragnet, Chu Feng had the certainty of escaping.

“Help, senior, help!!!”

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly heard a cry.

That cry was from the other exits, the exits were far apart, and there were too many people here, the sound was incredibly noisy, so it was reasonable to say that if someone spoke like that, even Chu Feng would not be able to hear it.

However, this voice, was that special, that familiar, because… that was Chu Feng’s own voice.

“Save me, save me!!!”

“Chu Feng, you don’t want to escape today!!!”

In the direction where that voice came from, one person quickly fled while several people followed behind them in pursuit.

The people in the back were chasing after him while also unleashing martial skills, and the ferocity of those martial skills was such that they were trying to take the fleeing person’s life.

“Everyone, look, Chu Feng!!! That person is Chu Feng, it’s someone chasing after Chu Feng.”

More and more people, noticed such a scene, and anyone who noticed that scene was astonished.

It was because that escapee was none other than Chu Feng, only that it was a fake, and even though it was a fake, it was a fake that was so real that ordinary people could not distinguish it at all, and not to mention ordinary people, for fear that even those who were close to Chu Feng, there were few who were able to distinguish it.

“Chu Feng, I’ll see where you can escape.”

And at that moment, the people of the four clans who had long been guarding the surroundings quickly moved out and surrounded that impostor Chu Feng from all sides.

At that moment, the Nangong Imperial Clan Patriarch, was the first to feel it, exuding a powerful Imperial Might, suppressing that impostor Chu Feng, and then holding that impostor Chu Feng’s neck with one hand, gritting his teeth, he said, “Chu Feng, can you be ready to suffer death?”

“Ah, it’s the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, he really wants to kill Chu Feng?”

“Is a genius like Chu Feng going to fall like this?”

The crowd did not know that that Chu Feng was a fake, they all still thought that it was the real Chu Feng who had been captured, and seeing that Chu Feng was going to die, many people expressed their regret.

“How insidious, to find someone to impersonate me.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was also frowning tightly, because that impostor, the disguise was really too good, and he was afraid that Baili Hangkong would fall for it.

Especially now that the Four Great Empyrean Clans had set up a heavenly net and many formations, Chu Feng did not dare to use a special means of contact to contact Baili Hangkong, or else he would expose himself.

Thinking about it carefully, this should be something that the Four Great Imperial Clans had intended to do, and they had planned it long ago to use this means to lure Baili Hangkong onto the bait.

Then they would use Baili Hollow to lure Chu Feng into the bait.