Martial Champion Chapter 1793

“Tianyi.”Zhang Tianyi’s father glanced at Zhang Tianyi with that kind of gaze, and it appeared that he didn’t want Zhang Tianyi to talk too much.

“Father, Chu Feng is my brother, I can’t just sit back and watch as others slander his reputation.”

“Furthermore, I am only telling the truth.”Zhang Tianyi said stubbornly.

Seeing this, Zhang Tianyi’s father did not say any more.

“Ah? The Bow Emperor’s Successor and Chu Feng are brothers?”

“Chu Feng actually has such a layer of relationship?”

“In that case, it seems that Chu Feng has actually truly outclassed Leng Yue?”There was another burst of astonishment from the crowd.

“How could that be possible, Leng Yue is an eighth-grade Half-Emperor, how could Chu Feng, with all his virtues, defeat Leng Yue?”The people of the Heavenly Dao Mansion expressed their disbelief.

“If you don’t believe me, you guys can go ask Leng Yue what the result was.”Chu Feng, walked out from within the tower.

“Chu Feng, it’s Chu Feng.”

“A seventh-grade Half-Emperor, Chu Feng is actually a seventh-grade Half-Emperor?”

“Wasn’t it said that before, when Chu Feng fought Ximen Feixue, he was still a Third Grade Half-Emperor? In such a short period of time, how could he have reached an eighth ranked Half-Emperor?”Seeing Chu Feng, the crowd was astonished.

Especially the people of the four clans, each one of them had their brows furrowed as their hearts grew more and more uneasy.

At this moment, even the Beitang Clan Chief and the Eastern Clan Chief, who had been greatly grinning before, were frowning tightly as they finally realised how terrifying Chu Feng was.

This kind of breakthrough speed was just a little too fast.

Especially after Leng Yue’s face was unsightly at this moment, while Chu Feng had a natural face, even if Leng Yue did not open her mouth, people were able to guess that it seemed that Leng Yue had indeed lost to Chu Feng.

And that… was even more reason for people to marvel at Chu Feng’s power.

However, the Four Great Imperial Clans, were worried about more than that, and they had already prepared a foolproof plan, vowing to get rid of Chu Feng here.

However, they did not know that the Bow Emperor’s Successor was actually Chu Feng’s brother, and that the Bow Emperor’s Successor was not enough of a proof after all, he was only a junior, but just how strong that middle-aged man was, they did not know yet.

However, what was certain was that if that person were to make a move, it would definitely give them a headache.

“I declare that the Martial Holy Land’s Strongest Junior Competition, officially begins.”Right at this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s father opened his mouth to announce.

As soon as those words came out, everyone’s gazes, all gazed towards that dueling stage, even though Leng Yue and Chu Feng couldn’t make a move anymore, after all, the other juniors, were not unusual, this was likewise a wonderful duel.



This duel, took a full two days, two nights, and three hours, the final result, was also considered to be in the mood.

After the absence of Leng Yue and Chu Feng’s two formidable rivals, Zhang Tianyi succeeded in obtaining the first place, capturing the title of the strongest junior, and the others …… were defeated one by one in even his hands.

And it was worth mentioning that Zhang Tianyi’s duel with the Hell Mansion’s Mad Prison Envoy was even more exciting and unforgettable.

Although it was Zhang Tianyi who won in the end, the strength of the Hell Mansion’s Mad Prison Envoy was also recognised by the people.

Merely, when it was announced that Zhang Tianyi, had won the title of Strongest Junior, people would still involuntarily, look at Leng Yue and Chu Feng.

Leng Yue and Chu Feng did not put up a fight, and the juniors of the Ancient Elves were not present, so even though Zhang Tianyi’s strength was recognised, people always felt that Zhang Tianyi’s title of the strongest junior still could not be said to be well deserved As for Yan Xie, because the opponents this time around were really too strong, even though his results were not the worst, they were also not very satisfactory.

However, he was enjoying himself, from the beginning he knew that it was impossible for him to win the title of the strongest junior, but being able to fight against the experts was a pleasure for him.

“Thank you all for coming and witnessing my son capture the title of Strongest Junior of the Sacred Land of Martial Arts.”Zhang Tianyi’s father spoke once again.

“Canine son, so that one is the father of the Bow Emperor’s heir?”The crowd murmured.

“Truth be told, my name is Zhang Ming, I am the seventh generation of Bow Emperor’s heir, and my canine son, Zhang Tianyi, is the eighth generation of Bow Emperor’s heir.”

“Bow Emperor Bow Nameless, whose real name is Zhang Xianfeng, is the ancestor of my Zhang Family.”

“It’s just that back then, my ancestor didn’t want the world to know that my Zhang Family existed, so he went incognito and took the title of Bow Nameless for himself to walk the world.”Zhang Ming announced the true identity of the Bow Emperor, and in reality, he also wanted to utilise the fame of his ancestor to make a name for Zhang Tianyi.

After all, there was still a different concept between a Bow Emperor’s heir and a Bow Emperor’s descendant.

“Huh? Not only are they Bow Emperor’s heirs, they are also Bow Emperor’s descendants?”

“Was Bow Emperor’s real name originally called Zhang Xianfeng?”

“Zhang is Zhang when the character Zhang is removed from its length, so that’s how it is!”

“I can’t believe that Bow Emperor’s descendant is still alive.”As expected, the crowd was even more shocked after learning about this.

Buzz – however, just as the crowd was shocked, Zhang Ming waved his sleeve, and as a wave of fluctuations came, the centre of the fortress, which had already been made public, was closed once again.

“Little friends, the tournament is over, so return the way you came.”Only after closing the fortress did Zhang Ming speak.

“Thank you senior for your hospitality.”Seeing that the closed door had already opened, the disciples were not slow, and after saluting, they left.

The others were fine, but as Leng Yue left, she gave Chu Feng a meaningful glance.

In the blink of an eye, only Chu Feng and the others remained here who had not yet left.

“Chu Feng, from what my father said, the four clans have set up a heavenly net outside of this fortress in order to capture you, so if you go out now, you’re just throwing yourself into the net, so why don’t you don’t go and stay here.”

“If you stay here, they won’t dare to do anything to you.”Zhang Tianyi advised Chu Feng.

“Since I’ve come, I must go, there are still seniors waiting for me outside.”

Chu Feng shook his head, since he dared to come here, he knew that there would be today, so Chu Feng was not surprised by the so-called Heavenly Dragnet that the four clans had arranged.

Moreover, Baili Hangkong was still waiting for Chu Feng outside, if Chu Feng stayed here, Baili Hangkong would not leave without understanding the situation, and as long as Baili Hangkong stayed here, he would inevitably be caught by the four tribes, so Chu Feng did not intend to stay.

“But it’s really dangerous outside, you should still stay, stay here, with my father here, they won’t dare to do anything to you.”Zhang Tianyi still advised.

“Senior brother Zhang, I appreciate your good intentions, but I can stay to be able to be at peace for a while, but never for the rest of my life.”

“The four clans hate me so much that they see me as an afterthought, and they want to get rid of me at all costs… If I stay here, I will definitely implicate you and Senior Zhang, so I absolutely cannot stay.”Chu Feng knew that even if he stayed, it was not the best plan.

Even if the four clans were unable to destroy this fortress right now, as long as Chu Feng was in this, the four clans would try to do everything they could to deal with him, and they would even seek out experts to break through the fortress, and at that time, Zhang Tianyi and his father would be implicated by Chu Feng as well, and Chu Feng did not want to do that.

“But ……”

Zhang Tianyi still wanted to dissuade him, he really couldn’t rest assured that Chu Feng, especially after hearing his father say that at this moment, the four clans were outside of the fortress, doing all sorts of things, all just for Chu Feng alone, he couldn’t rest assured even more.

Tens of thousands of experts, casting a heavenly net, only for a junior like Chu Feng.

This was enough to show that the four clans were determined to kill Chu Feng.

Because this was definitely… a big move.