Martial Champion Chapter 1792

Chu Feng was able to master the Upanishad Cangdian Slaughter because of that Ancient Bamboo Slipcase, and the shock in Chu Feng’s eyes at the moment was also because of that Ancient Bamboo Slipcase.

Chu Feng had discovered that the content recorded in that ancient bamboo slip was not only about martial arts, Chu Feng had only comprehended at most one tenth of the content of that bamboo slip.

There was still nine-tenths of a percent that Chu Feng could not comprehend, and was also unable to comprehend, because the content of this bamboo slip was incomplete.

“Ancient Bamboo Slip, naturally, it is a thing of the distant past, no wonder it is said that in the distant past, cultivation of martial arts flourished, from a part of the content of this Bamboo Slip alone, it can be seen that nowadays, cultivators of martial arts do not have the same understanding of cultivation of martial arts as the strongest people of the distant past era.”

“This ancient bamboo slips, certainly more than this piece, I believe there are many more, if all of them are obtained, not to mention the use of martial arts, all aspects of me will be enhanced, and perhaps also obtain unexpected gains.”

“No wonder, no wonder ah ……”

“No wonder Elder Zhang said that this is the most precious treasure that the Bow Emperor, back then, had obtained.”

“The value of this treasure is indeed incalculable, if it were to be spread out, I’m afraid that the entire Sacred Land of Martial Arts would be turned upside down.”

“Fortunately, that girl, Leng Yue, failed to discover the true mysteries of this Ancient Bamboo Slip, otherwise …… I’m afraid that I would be out of luck.”Chu Feng sighed repeatedly, he had already realised the greatness of this Ancient Bamboo Slip, just a piece was already so, if it was complete, then how would it be?

Chu Feng felt that the entire content of this Ancient Bamboo Slip, if he knew all of it, he would not dare to say anything else, but to help those who were slow to break through their bottlenecks to break through their bottlenecks, was still no problem.

And… this alone was enough to make countless martial arts practitioners go crazy until they killed each other, this was the most precious treasure, and likewise a scourge, by no means could he let anyone know that within his Chu Feng’s dantian, there was such a treasure hidden.

“Chu Feng, the tournament is about to begin, do you want to go and watch?”Suddenly, Chilli’s voice sounded outside.

Through the Heaven’s Eye Chu Feng saw that not only Chilli and the others were guarding outside, the people within the various towers had already come out, and even Zhang Tianyi’s father was standing in the middle of that dueling arena, so it must be that this duel of the strongest juniors was truly about to begin.

“Of course I have to watch.”Chu Feng stood up and headed out.

Although he could not personally face off against the crowd, and that those people were not worthy of facing off against him, he could watch Zhang Tianyi with his own eyes, defeat the crowd, and seize the title of Strongest Junior.

Buzz – “This is?”

However, before Chu Feng even stepped out of that tower, he suddenly discovered that the formation above that head had changed.

Upon closer inspection, although there was no obvious change in that formation above his head, Chu Feng was able to see the dismayed faces of the people outside.

Although, it was impossible to hear what they were saying, Chu Feng’s Heavenly Eyes were able to read the words they were saying, and just by looking at the shape of their mouths, Chu Feng knew what they were saying.

“Opened, that formation actually opened?”

“No, the formation didn’t open, it’s just that the formation became transparent, we can see inside now.”

“See, all of them, aren’t those people the top juniors of the Holy Land of Martial Arts?”

For a moment, people exclaimed in astonishment, just as they said, the closed formation had opened a part of it, although it was only the middle part, but that had already made people extremely excited, after all, they all knew clearly that the only part in the middle was where all the juniors were concentrated.

They had a chance, to see the strongest juniors face off.

“Quickly look, the man standing in the middle of the dueling arena, he has an extraordinary aura, he is at least a Martial Emperor, he should be the owner of this place, right?”

“Then… that young man standing beside him, he should be the Bow Emperor’s heir, even at the cultivation level of an Eighth Grade Half-Emperor, truly outstanding.”After discovering Zhang Tianyi and his father, people marvelled.

Although they were unable to go in due to the barrier between the formations, they were able to feel the aura of the people within the formations.

“Look, those are the three Prison Envoys of my Hell Mansion.”

“That’s a disciple from my Human King Mansion.”

“The three Heavenly Generals of my Heavenly Dao Mansion are truly dragons and phoenixes amongst men, even when they are together with the geniuses of the crowd, they are still extremely outstanding, hehe… no, how come there are only two of them, where is Leng Yue?”

“Chu Feng isn’t here either.”




However, after some surprise, some people also discovered that the two most anticipated ones did not appear.

“Today is the day of the Strongest Junior Contest, the final showdown.”

“The contestants were originally twenty-one, but the three juniors who came to the Hell Mansion chose to abstain.”Zhang Tianyi looked towards the three chillies as he spoke?

“Who are the three of them? It seems like they don’t even know each other… Could it be… they’re that chilli, big carrot and little carrot?”

“It’s definitely them, after all, other than them, everyone else is a renowned existence, only the three of them I don’t recognise.”

“What’s going on, did they turn out to be disciples of the Hell Mansion, but how come their cultivation is so weak, they aren’t even half emperors, with their cultivation, how could they run to the centre of the fortress so quickly?”The crowd speculated continuously, and at the same time, they were disappointed, they had thought that the chilli trio, how terrific they were, but after half a day, they were this kind of goods.

“What about Chu Feng and Leng Yue, where are they?”The crowd asked, especially the people from the Heavenly Dao Mansion were especially concerned about where Leng Yue had gone, after all, Leng Yue was the strongest disciple of the Heavenly Dao Mansion.

“Leng Yue and Chu Feng, privately sparring, broke the rules and have been disqualified from the competition.”Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Ah? The two of them cut in private, so who won and who lost?”The crowd, regretful, speculated, and there were even ** voices asking.

In the eyes of the crowd, the Bow Emperor’s heir, Leng Yue, was definitely the big favourite to win the title of Strongest Junior.

But now, only the Bow Emperor’s heir was left, which meant that they did not have the chance to see the strength of Leng Yue and Chu Feng, which made them feel doubly regretful, but at the same time, they were also very curious to know who was actually stronger, Chu Feng or Leng Yue.

“Why is it that when my son breaks the rules, you expel him straight away, while you guys don’t do so for Chu Feng?”Patriarch Ximen asked in a cold voice.

“The two of them can stay when they have already accepted their punishment, and that punishment is something your son can’t afford.”Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“…… “The Ximen Clan Chief’s fists clenched in anger, he felt that that person’s words were insulting his son, to not even be able to withstand the punishment wasn’t saying that his son was weak.

“Chu Feng and Leng Yue privately sparred, who actually won and who lost?”However, other than the people of the Four Great Imperial Clans, what everyone else cared about was still the result of Chu Feng and Leng Yue’s sparring session.

Tap-tap-tap-right at this moment, Leng Yue came out, her face still somewhat pale at this moment, but it was already much better than yesterday.

“Quickly look it’s my Heavenly Dao Mansion’s number one disciple Leng Yue, an eighth grade half emperor, proudly looking down on the crowd, only that Bow Emperor’s heir can match Leng Yue.”Leng Yue appeared, and the Heavenly Dao Mansion immediately boiled over.

“Leng Yue, is this Leng Yue, so strong, didn’t he say that he received a punishment, didn’t he say that that punishment is something that even Ximen Feixue can’t withstand, but how come Leng Yue looks like nothing happened?”

“This still needs to be asked, Leng Yue’s strength is far superior to Ximen Feixue and Chu Feng, even more powerful punishments would be a piece of cake for her.”

“Strange, if Leng Yue is so powerful, why would she want to fight Chu Feng? It is said that when Chu Feng fought Ximen Feixue, he was still only a Third Grade Half-Emperor, right? Logically speaking, even if Chu Feng was able to defeat Ximen Feixue, he would not be worthy of fighting Leng Yue, right?”Many people were somewhat puzzled.

“I see, it was that Chu Feng who did it on purpose, Chu Feng knew that he would not be able to obtain the title of the strongest junior, so he deliberately broke the rules and also pulled Leng Yue into the water, causing Leng Yue to be disqualified along with him, this kind of person is truly too shameful.”

“Right, with that Chu Feng’s strength, how could he be a match for Lord Leng Yue, but if he pulled Leng Yue to break the rules, no matter if he wins or loses, Leng Yue will be eliminated, this Chu Feng is really despicable to the extreme, he is really a shameless villain.”The disciple of the Heavenly Dao Mansion pushed all the blame onto Chu Feng.

“Although this statement is radical, it does not seem unreasonable, although Chu Feng is strong, this Leng Yue is also too strong, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Leng Yue.”

And under the inferences of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, many onlookers, too, had such thoughts.

“Everyone, there’s no need to speculate wildly, it was Leng Yue who took the initiative to challenge Chu Feng, and as for the result of the duel between the two of them, it was also Chu Feng who won.”Right at that moment, Zhang Tianyi opened his mouth and said.

“What?”Hearing those words, everyone present was doubly surprised!