Martial Champion Chapter 1789

Chu Feng naturally could not hear, what Baili Xinghe had said in his heart, but Chu Feng was able to guess, what Baili Xinghe was thinking of writing.

Therefore, Chu Feng looked towards Leng Yue and said off:

“Oh, by the way Leng Yue, you’d better not let me find out that there are people from the Heavenly Dao Palace who want to assassinate me, or else, I’ll make everything that happened today public, and you know the consequences at that time.”

“Of course, although I can keep today’s events a secret for the time being, I don’t know about other people.”When Chu Feng said those words, he purposely glanced back at Baili Xinghe.

“Chu Feng, you!!!”Hearing those words, Baili Xinghe, who was already sweating like a pig, almost did not faint in a hurry.

Sowing discord, this was absolute sowing discord, killing with a borrowed knife, Chu Feng was trying to borrow Leng Yue’s hand to kill himself ah.

And at this moment, Leng Yue also reacted, casting that chilling gaze towards Baili Xinghe.

“Leng Yue, I, Baili Xinghe, swear to heaven that today’s matter will never be spread out.”Under panic, Baili Xinghe hurriedly explained.

“Why should I believe you?”Leng Yue took one step towards Baili Xinghe.

“Leng Yue, you have to believe me, I, Baili Xinghe, am after all a disciple of the Soldier Refining Immortal, I absolutely do what I say, this point of credit, I still have it.”

At this moment, Baili Xinghe had already realised that Leng Yue was going to kill him, so he tried his hardest to break free, but the power that Leng Yue had bound him with was just too strong, and he simply couldn’t break free.

He had no choice but to raise his master to defend himself.

Because he is really scared, scared to death, think of him Baili Xinghe, noble refining soldier Immortal disciple, talent status everything, future prospects are even brighter, how is he willing to die, how is he willing to lose everything he has today.

“Well, barely believe you.”Leng Yue had already walked close to Baili Xinghe, the killing intent in his gaze had also subsided.

“Many thanks.”Seeing that Leng Yue’s killing intent was all gone, Baili Xinghe was relieved.

Pfft – but right at that moment, Baili Xinghe’s face instantly became distorted, and when he looked down, Leng Yue had already used his hand as a blade, piercing through his dantian, and blood was flowing straight out.

Although, Leng Yue had already been heavily injured by Chu Feng, he was still able to deal with a character like Baili Xinghe handily.

“Leng Yue, you!!!”Baili Xinghe had an unwilling face.

“Baili Xinghe, although I believe in you, I have to kill you, as for the reason, you and I both understand.”

Boom – as the words came to this point, a fierce colour flashed in Leng Yue’s eyes, and with a violent tremor in her palm, she shattered Baili Xinghe into smithereens.

“Chu Feng, this is for you, I hope that you will keep your promise, and if I do not deal with you, you will not talk nonsense.”Leng Yue threw Baili Xinghe’s Qiankun Pouch towards Chu Feng.

This Qiankun bag, was a hot potato, no matter what, Baili Xinghe was a disciple of the Soldier Refining Immortal, but Chu Feng, still, put this Qiankun bag away, because these treasures, were indeed very tempting.

Although, Leng Yue took the initiative to give Baili Xinghe’s Qiankun Pouch to Chu Feng, Chu Feng did not appreciate it, but instead, he took off the ring on his hand and said, “Leng Yue, the scene in which you killed Baili Xinghe, I’ve also written it all down here.”

With those words, Chu Feng took that ring and carefully put it away.

“Chu Feng, you are ruthless enough.”At that moment, it dawned on Leng Yue that she had been set up by Chu Feng again.

“Heh, it can’t be helped, dealing with people like you, I can only choose to use means.”

“Remember, don’t ever talk too much to the elders of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, or else I will not only make you lose your reputation and leave you without a place to live within the Heavenly Dao Mansion. I will also have the Soldier Refining Immortals, hunt you down and kill you.”

“If you don’t have the Heavenly Dao Mansion’s shelter, and instead have an additional great enemy in the form of the Alchemy Soldier Immortal, what kind of consequences would that be, you know clearly.”When Chu Feng said those words, he said them with a smile, with a breezy appearance.

However, when those words fell into Leng Yue’s ears, they were like thousands of blades that pierced into her body, and they were also the kind of blades that were smeared with poisons, causing her to ache to the core of her heart.

Leng Yue did not say anything more, put away the three bowls that blocked this place, and was ready to leave.

“Cough, that doesn’t seem to belong to you, does it?”Chu Feng said.

Looking back, Leng Yue realised that Chu Feng was staring at the three golden bowls in his hands with that greedy gaze.

At that moment, Leng Yue’s body trembled, this Chu Feng really wanted to strip her clean.

However, she had no choice, she was already completely subject to Chu Feng, and could only throw the three golden bowls in her hands, to Chu Feng.

Throwing out the golden bowls, Leng Yue then took that heavily injured body and leapt up, leaving this place, she really didn’t want to stay here for a moment, and didn’t want to see Chu Feng’s smug face again.

Because that mouth would map out her failure.

“This bowl is not bad, and it is also a rare treasure.”Chu Feng put that bowl away, and at the same time, opened the Realm Spirit Gate and said to Egg, “My Lord Queen has worked hard for you.”

“This little matter, it’s not enough to worry about.”With a wave of his hand, the egg entered the Realm Spirit Gate and returned within Chu Feng’s Realm Spirit Space.

“Chu Feng, that thing of yours, did it really record everything? So magical?”Only after returning to Chu Feng’s Realm Spirit Space did Egg open his mouth to ask.

“Which is not that powerful, although this formation was learnt from within the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram, it is not that magical, I only recorded, the section that I had previously displayed, the ones that came after were unable to be recorded, and that section, too, would soon disappear, and could not be preserved for a long period of time.”

“The most difficult thing to change in the world is what has happened, and how can years that have already been lost be preserved.”Chu Feng looked towards the sky and sighed.

Human strength was always limited, and there were many things that could not be changed by human hands.

“In that case, you defeated Leng Yue, and Leng Yue reneged on her words, and you didn’t even write it down.”Egg was doubly surprised.

“Yes.”Chu Feng said.

“What about Leng Yue killing Baili Xinghe?”Egg asked.

“It was also not written down.”Chu Feng said.

“Even that small section that you have recorded is going to disappear?”Egg asked again.

“Yes, it will disappear today.”Chu Feng said.

“My god, doesn’t that mean that in your hands, you don’t have any leverage over Leng Yue at all?”Egg was also starting to worry.

“Indeed there isn’t, but if Leng Yue feels that I have, I naturally do.”Chu Feng laughed, and he had an emboldened expression on his face.

In his opinion, Leng Yue valued her reputation more than anything else, and even if she would suspect Chu Feng, she would not dare to take the risk of testing Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, having already eaten Leng Yue to death, was afraid that from now on, Leng Yue would not dare to be Chu Feng’s enemy again.

“Yo yo yo, this little fellow of yours, is somewhat impressive to this Queen.”

Seeing that, he was somewhat flustered, but Chu Feng was so calm, always looking like he had a plan, Egg suddenly realised that Chu Feng… had truly grown.

Swish – However, right at that moment, suddenly, a stream of light swept in, and eventually landed beside Chu Feng.

“Leng Yue?”Looking at the Leng Yue in front of him, Chu Feng’s expression moved.

Leng Yue, not only had she arrived beside him with a speed like light, but Leng Yue’s body was also bound.

“The two of you are privately sparring, and you still want to pretend that nothing has happened?”In the next moment, a voice filled with anger rang out.