Martial Champion Chapter 1783


However, don’t look at Leng Yue who is only a ninth grade half emperor, but she has the battle power to fight against the fourth grade, and she …… is a half emperor who can fight with a Martial Emperor.

But even so, a Half-Emperor was still a Half-Emperor, while a Martial Emperor was a Martial Emperor after all, and although Leng Yue was able to battle with the Water Fairy Upanishad, she was still inferior in terms of aura.

Under such circumstances, Leng Yue had to start performing martial arts, using the power of martial arts to fight against the Water Fairy Upanishad.

“Not bad, not bad, actually able to fight against my Water Fairy Upanishad.”

“It seems that this is not your limit, since that is the case, I will help you.”Chu Feng was like an onlooker, sneering there.

And between the words, with a flash of his gaze, a majestic flame, like a volcano erupting, was ejected from his body with a “boom”.

Once the flame came out, not only the majestic heat, swept the blocked space, the raging flame, but also transformed into a fireman, with the might of the flames burning the sky, from another direction, to Leng Yue killed the past.


Seeing the fire man kill, Leng Yue’s face immediately changed greatly, the aura of that fire man was even the same as the Water Fairy Upanishad, the same first grade Martial Emperor.

“Fire Immortal Upanishad, it is the long lost Fire Immortal Upanishad, Chu Feng where did you obtain it from?”Seeing the Fire Immortal Upanishad, Leng Yue was even more surprised.

“This kind of thing, I don’t have to tell you, you want to know? Why don’t you …… dance a striptease for Little Master to see, if Little Master is happy, perhaps I will consider telling you, but there is another possibility, your figure is too ugly, and you make Little Master vomit in disgust, then …… I won’t be able to tell you.”Chu Feng said with a smirk.

The moment Chu Feng’s words came out, Baili Xinghe immediately sucked in a mouthful of cool air, Leng Yue, as the number one disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace, was so high up, when had anyone dared to slight her?

But Chu Feng, on the contrary, had done so.

“Chu Feng, you seek death.”And after hearing those words, Leng Yue was even more furious, and as she spoke, with a flip of her palm, a golden stick appeared in her hand.

As soon as that stick came out, a golden aura was also emitted within Leng Yue’s body.

This was because this stick was no ordinary stick, it was a half-completed emperor weapon.

Swish, swish, swish – once the half-completed emperor weapon came out, Leng Yue’s battle power immediately increased greatly, and not only was he not the underdog when he faced the two first grade Martial Emperors, he instead gained the upper hand.

In particular, Leng Yue’s heavenly divine power was a powerful wind, and that Half-Completed Imperial Soldier just happened to be able to merge perfectly with Leng Yue’s heavenly divine power, causing Leng Yue’s battle power to increase dramatically once again.

Hoo hoo hoo – at this moment, the wind was howling and roaring, and under the ravages of that gale, the water was no longer ferocious, the fire was no longer fierce, and Leng Yue was already unstoppable, and had the absolute upper hand.

However, the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad, were strong in terms of being immortal, in this situation, even though Leng Yue was strong, it was difficult to destroy them, and could only tangle with them.

“Chu Feng, do you dare to fight me personally?”Leng Yue roared angrily.

“What? Can’t fight my secret technique anymore?”

“If you can’t even fight my secret technique, what makes you fight me?”Chu Feng fiddled with this sleeve, with an absent-minded appearance, as if he was truly just a bystander.

“I’ll ask you if you dare or not.”Leng Yue’s suffocating little face was red, and she was so angry by Chu Feng that even her heart, liver, and lungs were about to explode.

However, in the midst of her rage, she also had to get serious.

Originally, she had not placed Chu Feng in her eyes, but it had not occurred to her that Chu Feng had forced her to such a point with just two secret techniques, not only had she used her Heaven’s Gift Divine Power, but she had also used her own half-completed Imperial Armament.

Right now, she wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible, but if she wanted to end the battle, the only way to do so was to fight Chu Feng instead of continuing to entangle herself with these two secret skills.

“Leng Yue, Leng Yue, you’re forcing me to make a move, but I’ll tell you beforehand, if you make me, Chu Feng, make a move, you’ll have to be prepared to pay the price.”As Chu Feng spoke, he had already taken out a half-completed Imperial Armament, and this half-completed Imperial Armament was a sword.

This sword was extremely thin, so thin that it did not even resemble a sword, but was more like a thin and long pool, but not only was it a sword, it was also a renowned Heavenly Immortal Sword.

“Cut the crap and use your strength to fight me.”Leng Yue once again shouted angrily.

“The Water Immortal Upanishad and Fire Immortal Upanishad are my strength.”Chu Feng held the Heavenly Immortal Sword and stepped into the void as he walked towards Leng Yue step by step, “But since you insist on wanting to fight me, I can fulfil you.”

Swish – Suddenly, Chu Feng’s footsteps fiercely stepped, and his speed instantly accelerated, and at the time when that coat danced and his long hair fluttered, Chu Feng’s speed was already like light, and he instantly arrived in front of Leng Yue’s close proximity.

As Chu Feng approached, the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad were like two souls that merged into Chu Feng’s body.

At that moment, the only two people above the void were Chu Feng and Leng Yue.

With the same cultivation level, the same battle power, and the same junior ……

At that moment, even Baili Xinghe was staring at the sky with wide eyes, gazing earnestly at the sky, as if he did not want to miss out on this good show of the strongest juniors dueling against each other.

Hohohohoho – Leng Yue struck out, the stick in his hand, powerful and incomparable, emitting a sound like ten thousand beasts chirping in unison, paired with his Heavenly Divine Power, it could be called a world-defying Divine Might.

To be precise, Chu Feng’s opponent at this moment was no longer within the realm of a Half-Emperor, but rather a Martial Emperor, after all… Leng Yue was able to suppress two First Grade Martial Emperors.

However… Chu Feng was not an ordinary Half-Emperor.

A tinkling of gems – Chu Feng moved, and the Heavenly Immortal Sword moved with him, and this movement of the Heavenly Immortal Sword was extraordinary.

That like a fierce beast general swept to the wild wind “click” a sound, was its chopping, not only that, that a chopping down, the void was directly divided into two sections, like nothing, can block this chopping general.

Clang – Suddenly, an ear piercing sound came, that chopping strike was blocked, blocked by the stick in Leng Yue’s hand.

“This Heavenly Dao Easy Stick of mine is not weaker than this Heavenly Immortal Sword of yours.”Blocking this strike by Chu Feng, the corner of Leng Yue’s mouth, who had been furious, finally lifted a touch of smugness.

“Although the weapons are not comparable, I wonder if your stick technique can be comparable to my sword technique.”Chu Feng faintly smiled, then he shouted, “Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique!!!”

Swish, swish, swish – with a flick of his wrist, the Heavenly Immortal Sword in his hand instantly transformed into thousands of blades of light, carrying a strong and righteous aura as it pressed towards Leng Yue.

“You will know.”Leng Yue was not willing to show weakness, and with the stick in her hand dancing away, she engaged Chu Feng in a battle.

Chu Feng’s sword, although very thin, was incomparably stiff and fierce.

As for Leng Yue’s stick, although it was thick and long, it was as soft and changeable as a snake.

The two of them had extremely fast moves, and under the duel, they were actually indistinguishable.

“So strong, the strength of the two of them has already surpassed all of their peers, and only a Martial Emperor level old generation powerhouse would be able to contend against them.”

“Chu Feng, in a short period of time, has unexpectedly reached such a point.”Baili Xinghe, who could no longer clearly see the exchange between the two Fengs, could tell that Chu Feng and Leng Yue were winning and losing.

At this moment, his face was uncertain, but his fists were clenched tightly, he very much wished for Chu Feng to die, to die in Leng Yue’s hands, but Chu Feng… yet he had never shown any signs of being defeated, and instead, he was vaguely gaining the upper hand.

Under this situation, Baili Xinghe… was nervous.

Swish swish swish – Suddenly, the light of Chu Feng and Leng Yue’s battle circle flourished, it was sword light, it was the light caused by the light of thousands of swords, flashing by at the same time.

Whoosh – under the light, a figure retreated explosively, it was Chu Feng, it was Chu Feng who retreated from the battle circle.

“What’s going on?”Originally, Baili Xinghe thought that it was Chu Feng who was afraid, so he fled the battle circle. However, he quickly realised that not only was Chu Feng unharmed, there was also a bad smile hanging at the corner of his mouth, and seeing that bad smile, he knew that Chu Feng was not afraid, he should have other plans.

And right at that moment, Leng Yue’s figure also emerged.

“Oh my god, this!!!”Seeing the Leng Yue at this moment, Baili Xinghe’s mouth immediately opened wide, dumbstruck.