Martial Champion Chapter 1777

“This matter is also a long story, I’d better make it short, back then my father, is still far from having the current cultivation, but with my mother gave birth to me.”

“Unexpectedly, in the year I was one year old, my father’s enemy came to the door, my father alone to block the enemy, let all the clansmen and my mother to take me to go first.”

“But unexpectedly, that enemy also had helpers and surrounded my mother and the clansmen.”

“In the moment of crisis, my mother sacrificed her life to let the clansmen take me to break out.”

“My mother died, and without knowing what happened, I ran away to the eastern seas, and also landed on the continent of the Kyushu, becoming an orphan.”

“As for my father, although he escaped, after seeing the corpse of my mother and the corpses of the clansmen, he was heartbroken and grieved.”

“Because not only did my mother and the clansmen die, but my father couldn’t find me, so he thought that we were all dead.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“The pain of exterminating the clan is naturally heavy. But you didn’t die, just that you couldn’t be found doesn’t mean that you’re dead, how could your father conclude that you’re dead? And not go looking for you?”Chu Feng asked.

“That can’t be blamed on my father, my father left a mark on me back then, as long as I was there, no matter where I was, he would be able to find me, but at that time, he couldn’t find me, and there’s only one possibility of not being able to find me, and that’s that I’m dead.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“But you didn’t die, and instead went to the Eastern Seas.”Chu Feng said.

“Yes. In reality, I didn’t die, I just ran away to the Eastern Seas, but because the distance was too far, and possibly because of some kind of power blocking me, even if there was a seal on my body, my father couldn’t sense it, but as long as I returned to the Sacred Soil of Wushu, my father would be able to sense it.”

“Therefore, when my master and I, came to the Sacred Soil of Martial Arts, my father was shocked to discover that I turned out to still be alive, so he found me in the first place.”

“He had been secretly protecting me until the time when my brother Wushen and I, nearly died at the hands of that demoness Leng Yue, he stepped in to save me and told me what had happened.”Zhang Tianyi recounted.

“To think that Senior Brother Zhang, would have such a tragic life.”Hearing this, Chu Feng’s heart tightened, although the reasons were different, Zhang Tianyi’s experience was somewhat similar to his own.

It was just that Zhang Tianyi, had already been reunited with his father and son, while he …… had not yet been able to see his biological father.

“That enemy who annihilated your clan, can he still be alive?”Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, the hatred of killing his mother, the hatred of exterminating his clan, and being separated from his biological father for many years.

All of this was caused by the enemies of that day, such hatred could not be unreported, if those enemies were still alive, without Zhang Tianyi saying so, Chu Feng would also help to report this great hatred.

“Dead, all killed by my father, except for one.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“There is one more person, who is it?”Chu Feng asked.

“That person, my father doesn’t know exactly who he is, but he is the culprit who caused my Zhang Family to be destroyed.”

“My Zhang Family has been hidden for many years, and ordinary people simply cannot find where my Zhang Family is, and it was that person, who guided my father’s enemies, who found my Zhang Family.”

“Only, since that day, it was as if his family had evaporated, and he couldn’t be found no matter what.”

“But my father said that a person like him couldn’t die easily, and must still be in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts, and must still be alive.”

“It’s just a pity that apart from the fact that on his forehead, there is a symbol that looks like a snake, then nothing is known about him.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“How hateful, if this person is alive, he must not be lightly spared.”Chu Feng said.

“If I have to find him, I will definitely not be lightly spared.”Mentioning this person, Zhang Tianyi was also filled with hatred.

“Senior Brother Zhang, you said that Brother Wushen, was also saved by your father, so can he be here now?”Chu Feng asked.

“No. Brother Wushen, who possesses an Emperor level bloodline, my father was unable to help him in terms of cultivation, so he sent him to the seclusion of an old friend, wanting to allow Brother Wushen, to be able to advance further there.”

“If you want to find him, I can tell you the address instead.”Zhang Tianyi handed a map to Chu Feng.

Receiving it and taking a look at it, Chu Feng realised that the place of seclusion was truly hidden, but if he had the opportunity, he would definitely have to make a trip there to visit Jiang Wushen.

After all, the three of them, the three brothers, had known each other back in the continent of the Nine States, and after so many years, their feelings were extremely deep, and now that they were able to be reunited in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts, it was even more difficult.

Chu Feng, putting this map away carefully, then said:

“Senior Brother Zhang, your father is the Bow Emperor’s heir, whether he obtained the inheritance of the Bow Emperor, or whether he was originally the Bow Emperor’s heir.”

“The Bow Emperor is my clan’s ancestor, and all of my clan members are Bow Emperor heirs, passed down from generation to generation.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Senior Brother Zhang, then since the Bow Emperor’s heirs are passed down from generation to generation, why are they called the Bow Emperor and not Emperor Zhang?”Chu Feng asked curiously.

“The ancestor was originally called Zhang Xianfeng, but in order to preserve the peace of his descendants, he called himself Bow Nameless.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“When the character Zhang is removed from the word long, it is bow, so that’s how it is, I see.”Chu Feng came to a sudden realisation that although the Bow Emperor, at the time, had hidden his true name, he had left behind a hint of a clue.

“No matter what, senior brother Zhang being able to reunite with his loved ones is a cause for celebration.”

Chu Feng congratulated.

He was happy for Zhang Tianyi from the bottom of his heart, because he, who was connected by the same fate, was most able to experience Zhang Tianyi’s loneliness, and most able to understand the feelings of looking forward to meeting with his loved ones.

At this moment, Zhang Tianyi also smiled, and it could be seen that even though his clan members had died and his mother was gone, he was already very content to be reunited with his father.

“Senior Brother Zhang, first you invited the crowd here, and today you announced your name, are you preparing to make the Bow Emperor’s surname, known to the world?”Chu Feng asked.

“Bow Nameless, was not originally the ancestor’s true name, it was only because he was afraid that his family would be implicated by him back then that he called himself Bow Nameless.”

“Now that my Zhang Family has been passed down to this generation, and only my father and I are left, my father feels that it is time to let the people of the world know, the true identity of our ancestor.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“That’s also true.”Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

“However, actually, organising the Strongest Junior Contest was not my intention, it was my father, who gave me a difficult problem.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“A difficult problem?”Chu Feng’s gaze flickered.

“En, do you still remember, the Forbidden Xuan Gong that I cultivate?”Zhang Tianyi asked.

“Of course I remember, Senior Brother Zhang’s Forbidden Xuan Technique is not the least bit weaker than the Heaven’s Gift Divine Body.”Chu Feng said.

“Yes, that Taboo Xuan Gong of mine is of great importance.”Mentioning this matter, Zhang Tianyi was also quite proud and said, “Back then, I felt that the Forbidden Xuan Gong that I cultivated contained a much more powerful power, only that I was unable to grasp it or comprehend it.”

“In fact, the Taboo Xuan Gong that I cultivate is the root of my Zhang Family’s ability to become stronger as it has been passed down from generation to generation, and it is also the root of my ancestor’s fame in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts and his becoming a generation of emperors.”

“The true name of that forbidden Xuan Gong is called Immortal Flame Triple Transformation.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Immortal Flame Triple Transformation” Hearing that name, Chu Feng realised that this technique was not simple.