Martial Champion Chapter 1776


“Bow Emperor Successor!!!”

“Could it be that Senior Brother Zhang is the Bow Emperor’s Successor?!!!”Thinking of this possibility, Chu Feng’s heart was also astonished.

“Bow Emperor Successor, this is the Bow Emperor Successor, but this Bow Emperor Successor, just now, called Chu Feng Senior Brother, could it be that they have some sort of relationship?”

At this moment, the crowd was also watching Zhang Tianyi, and not only had they discovered Zhang Tianyi’s identity, they were also unable to forget that earlier, this Bow Emperor Successor had very affectionately called Chu Feng his Senior Brother.

“Gentlemen, I am the eighth generation heir to the Bow Emperor, Zhang Tianyi.”

“Tomorrow, the one who will face off with you all is none other than me, and although we are about to go sword to sword tomorrow, I am still very happy to be able to become friends with you all.”Zhang Tianyi arrived on top of the high platform and clasped his fists at the crowd.

At this moment, those present, also greeted with smiles and returned their greetings, even the high-minded Baili Xinghe did not dare to be slow, after all, the other party was the Bow Emperor’s heir.


However, after seeing Zhang Tianyi, that Leng Yue gave a light humph, followed by a sarcastic smile at the corners of her mouth as she turned around and walked inside her high tower.

Although the others did not pay attention to this scene, Chu Feng saw it in his eyes.

Moreover, Chu Feng noticed that when Leng Yue let out a cold humph, Zhang Tianyi’s face also flashed with a touch of discomfort, and a special emotion flashed in his eyes as well.

And when Zhang Tianyi, after greeting the crowd, he walked up to Chu Feng, smilingly patted Chu Feng’s shoulder, and said, “Senior Brother Chu Feng, I’ve finally met you, goodbye.”

“Senior Brother Zhang, you truly gave me a surprise.”Chu Feng also laughed out loud, and then hugged Zhang Tianyi into his arms.

When brothers embraced each other, there was no need for words, it was an inexhaustible love.

“Come, let’s talk inside.”Chu Feng invited Zhang Tianyi inside the tall tower.

“It is true that they are senior brothers and sisters, and it has been rumoured that Chu Feng’s background is not simple, and it is true that it is so at first sight today.”

“Alas, it’s no wonder that that senior, favoured Chu Feng, with this kind of relationship, it would be strange if he didn’t.”

Seeing Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi, embracing each other as they entered the tower, more than anything else, people’s faces were astonished, but at the same time, they also suddenly sympathised with Ximen Feixue somewhat.

Chu Feng had such a relationship, yet Ximen Feixue had provoked Chu Feng in public, this could truly be a good death.

At this moment, Chu Feng had already arrived within the high tower with Zhang Tianyi, while the sensible Chili Pepper and the others, walked out, leaving space for the two of them to converse.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, you have truly surprised me, although I had already known that you were exceptionally talented, I did not expect that your progress would be so fast.”

After entering the tower, Zhang Tianyi carefully sized up Chu Feng from top to bottom and bottom to top, looking at such a hardened Chu Feng, his face was one of undisguised delight.

“Senior Brother Zhang, only then did he truly surprise me, an Eighth Grade Half-Emperor, can be far above me.”

Chu Feng was similarly elated, Zhang Tianyi’s cultivation had surpassed him, he did not have a trace of jealousy, all he had was happiness, as a brother, he only wished for Zhang Tianyi to get better and better.

“Alas, don’t mention it, how my cultivation came to be, I myself am most aware of it, it is simply incomparable to you.”Zhang Tianyi let out a bitter smile.

“Senior brother Zhang, how did you become the Bow Emperor’s heir, didn’t you worship that blind old man as your teacher? How exactly did you obtain such a great chance, quickly tell me about it.”Chu Feng could not wait to hear Zhang Tianyi’s story.

In fact, speaking of which, Chu Feng was also considered an heir of the Qing Emperor, but at most, he could only be considered half, but this was already a heavenly chance for Chu Feng.

However, Zhang Tianyi, was a true Bow Emperor’s heir, and this chance was greater than Chu Feng’s.

This was already evident from the fact that Zhang Tianyi, was able to have today’s cultivation level.

“This matter is a long story, so I had better make it short.”

“In the beginning, thanks to you, we were able to worship Master Teacher, and with Master Teacher’s care, not only did we come to the Sacred Land of Martial Arts, our cultivation also rose greatly.”

“Afterwards, Master Teacher sent me and Brother Wushen, to the Emperor’s Domain, allowing the two of us to cultivate on our own, but Master Teacher gave us a request, that is, we shall not take the initiative to look for you.”

“Our cultivation, although both of us were able to improve with the help of Master Teacher, but in this place, the Emperor Domain, we are still pathetically weak.”

“In the meantime, my brother Wushen and I, we also suffered a lot, and the greatest humiliation was due to that demonic woman, Leng Yue.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Leng Yue?”Hearing those words, Chu Feng was suddenly startled, no wonder that when that Leng Yue saw Zhang Tianyi, her expression was so disdainful, and Zhang Tianyi’s emotions were also so complicated, so it turned out that the two of them had known each other before.

“Senior Brother Zhang, what exactly is going on?”Chu Feng asked after him.

“That day, that Leng Yue fought with a Hidden World disciple, and when Brother Wushen and I heard about it, we wanted to go and see the world, wanting to see what kind of outstanding the Heavenly Dao Palace’s number one disciple was.”

“However, after we saw that the rumoured first disciple of the Heaven’s Path Mansion was so ordinary looking, Brother Wushen muttered to me.”

“Unexpectedly, being that Leng Yue’s ears turned out to be so good, hearing what Brother Wushen said to me, he gouged out my eyes and Brother Wushen’s eyes in public, and subsequently also threw the two of us, into the cesspit.”

Mentioning this matter, Zhang Tianyi’s fists clenched tightly, his grip rattling.

Chu Feng understood Zhang Tianyi, and with Zhang Tianyi’s character, he naturally could not endure such humiliation.

As a matter of fact, after learning that Leng Yue had actually committed such an evil act against his own brother, Chu Feng’s anger also rolled over, hating that Leng Yue to the bone.

Although he was already furious, Chu Feng did not interrupt, he wanted to hear Zhang Tianyi finish.

“That Leng Yue not only threw the two of us into the cesspool in public, but also used force to bind the two of us, wanting to let the two of us drown alive in the cesspool.”

“Luckily, my father stepped in, otherwise I would have died.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Father?”Hearing the word father, Chu Feng was startled, he clearly remembered that Zhang Tianyi had no father or mother and was an orphan.

“My father, is the seventh generation of the Bow Emperor’s heir, you have already met him earlier.”Zhang Tianyi said with a smile.

“Ah? It’s actually that senior?”Hearing those words, Chu Feng was taken aback again, what was the situation, Zhang Tianyi had not encountered a heavenly chance, but was born to be the Bow Emperor’s heir?

“In fact, the first time I saw my father, I was also surprised, I truly did not think that I would still be able to see my biological father in my lifetime, and that my biological father was so strong.”

“As a matter of fact, after learning about what happened back then, I was also very surprised, I thought that I was an orphan, but I never thought that I was carrying such an important mission.”

Zhang Tianyi sighed, his eyes flickering as he spoke, as if the scene of meeting his father at that time was still before his eyes.

“Senior Brother Zhang, what exactly is going on here?”Chu Feng asked curiously.