Martial Champion Chapter 1773

Seeing this scene, the people became even happier.

As the saying goes, those who watched the spectacle were not afraid of a big deal, although Chu Feng had won against Ximen Feixue, the gap between the two of them was simply too great, and although their exchange of blows had revealed Chu Feng’s strength, the duel was not exciting.

However, these two from the Heavenly Dao Mansion were different, these two were both Heavenly Divine Bodies, and they were also brothers, and their Heavenly Divine Bodies also had a resonance.

It was because of that special resonance that made both of their Heavenly Divine Bodies much stronger than an ordinary person’s.

Therefore, even though their battle power was inferior to Chu Feng’s, in people’s view, this pair of brothers were still able to battle Chu Feng.

“How unbridled!!!”

However, just as the crowd, was waiting to see a good show, a furious shout suddenly descended from the sky, a piercing sound that shook the eardrums of all the people.

Especially the pair of brothers from the Heavenly Dao Mansion, they even bared their teeth in pain and hurriedly covered their ears, that voice, was obviously targeting the two of them.

And not long after that furious shout fell, a majestic pressure also descended from the sky, enveloping this heaven and earth.

As soon as that pressure came out, the void was distorted, and everyone present, felt an enormous pressure that enveloped them from their physical bodies to their souls.

The strength of that aura was so strong that there was simply no way for him to escape, the other party only needed to move with a single thought to make their bodies crumble to pieces, their forms and souls destroyed.

Martial Emperor, and not an ordinary Martial Emperor, the cultivation… was definitely above the patriarchs of the four great imperial clans, otherwise it would be impossible to be so strong.

Shocked, the people raised their eyes to look, and only then did they realise that a figure was treading on the void, standing above the sky.

Seeing this person, a colour of awe surged in the eyes of Chu Feng and the others.

This person was no one else, it was precisely the silhouette that had appeared before that gate had opened, that mysterious man.

Only, what was in front of them was not a shadow, but the real body, and the intimidating power of the real body was clearly several times stronger than the shadow.

“The competition has not even begun yet, and to cut without permission is disrespectful to the organiser.”

“It’s just as well that the Ximen Imperial Clan’s don’t know the rules, but does the Heavenly Dao Mansion’s even not know the rules as well?”That one stared at the two from the Heavenly Dao Mansion and said sternly.


Hearing this, Ximen Feixue’s face that was covered in blood was twisted for a while, although these words were spoken to the pair of brothers from the Heavenly Dao Mansion, they were actually insulting him.

However, the other party’s strength was so strong, and this was someone else’s territory, he had no other way but to hold back at the moment, today, he had really suffered an insult, more than he had ever suffered in his entire life, more than he had ever suffered.

“Senior, we were only joking with Chu Feng and did not intend to really make a move against him.”The two brothers from the Heavenly Dao Mansion said with smiling faces.

“That’s best.”That middle-aged man, nodded, then swept a glance at the crowd and said, “You all listen to me well, the competition will not officially begin until tomorrow, until then, you all better behave yourselves and are not allowed to make a move in private.”

“If there is anyone who doesn’t listen to advice, then his qualification will be cancelled and he will be directly told to get out of here.”


Hearing these words, people were shocked in their hearts, this person’s attitude, was really tough.

Although, those present are all juniors, their strength is far inferior to him, but after all, they are all also big, juniors are afraid of him, but the forces behind these juniors may not be afraid of him.

And this so tough attitude, without leaving the front of the tone, obviously also is not the crowd of juniors behind the forces, in the eyes.

“What senior said and yes, as the saying goes, there are no rules.”

“We will definitely keep senior’s words in mind, but Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue, have already broken the rules, I wonder how senior will deal with this matter?”Baili Xinghe said with a respectful expression.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes slightly as a flash of displeasure flashed across his eyes.

He realised that this Baili Xinghe was really ruthless enough, and with those words, he clearly wanted himself and Ximen Feixue to be kicked out at this very moment.

Chu Feng did not know exactly where he had offended this Baili Xinghe, but at this moment, Chu Feng had also placed this Baili Xinghe on the list of his enemies.

If a person does not offend me, I will not offend him, but if a person offends me, I will exterminate this person.

“Earlier, it was a little different, the two of them did not agree to a sparring session, but rather Ximen Feixue provoked in public, although Chu Feng moved his hand, but in my opinion it was the right thing to do, what he guarded was a man’s dignity, so with regards to Chu Feng, I would be able to forget about it.”That man said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng let out a sigh of relief, he did not expect that this senior, would speak for himself like that.

“Senior has a clear distinction between grudges and is fair in his dealings, I admire that.”And what Chu Feng did not expect even more was that at that moment, that man who represented the Demonic Jiao King Beast, actually also had a face of admiration as he gave a great salute to the man.

Although, he was representing a personal stance, it was obvious that he was also calling out for Chu Feng, and was calling out for Chu Feng.

Adding to the fact that before, the Demonic Jiao King Beast’s princess, had invited Chu Feng to be her guest, leaving Chu Feng with a very good impression, so at this moment, Chu Feng’s impression of the Demonic Jiao King Beast was even better.

“Although Chu Feng can be spared, this Ximen Feixue cannot be lightly spared.”The man turned his gaze, towards Ximen Feixue.

Hearing those words, Ximen Feixue’s face even changed greatly, what was the situation? Chu Feng was not to be blamed, but he could not be lightly spared? What was this if not favouritism?

“Senior, I didn’t know the rules earlier, so please give me a chance.”Although his heart was unconvinced, Ximen Feixue still rushed to beg for forgiveness.

He didn’t want to be the first to be kicked out, because at this moment, countless people outside were watching, if he was the first to be kicked out, he would lose not only his own face, but the face of the entire Ximen Imperial Clan.

Swish – However, that mysterious man, simply ignored Ximen Feixue’s pleas for forgiveness, and with a grab in the air, Ximen Feixue was lifted up, and then with a lift of his hand and a throw, Evil Sect Feixue transformed into a streak of light, rushing into the sky, rushing out of the fortress beyond.


At this moment, although the fortress was blocked off, people’s gazes, however, were also tightly gazing at the central area of the fortress, and they all knew that the strongest juniors of those Sacred Soil of Wushu, were all converging there.

Boom – but suddenly, the centre of the fortress, there was a flash of light, and then a figure shot out from the fortress.

Ah – at the same time, Ximen Feixue’s miserable scream resounded through this heaven and earth.

“What is the situation?”

Seeing this scene, people were doubly surprised, how did a person come out for good reason?

“That seems to be a junior, but just who is it? How did he get beaten to this state? Hasn’t the duel not started yet?”

People looked carefully at the Ximen Feixue that shot out, but because Ximen Feixue was beaten to a bloody pulp by Chu Feng, they could not tell who exactly it was.