Martial Champion Chapter 1772

Now you know, the gap between you and me?”

Hearing these words, Ximen Feixue, who was already suffering from a heavy wound, immediately felt his qi and blood surge, followed by a large mouthful of fresh blood, which was sprayed out.

Pfft – the blood landed on the ground, and it even exuded rolling hot air, this was not unusual blood, but qi blood, he was truly infuriated.

This could not be blamed on him, because Chu Feng’s words, which had reached his ears, were simply like an invisible sharp blade that stabbed at his heart.

“Impossible, back then, your cultivation was still below me, how could you possibly be equal to me so quickly.”Ximen Feixue had a face of disbelief, he didn’t really disbelieve, it was just that he wasn’t willing to believe, he was unable to accept the fact that Chu Feng had surpassed him.

“Hehe, didn’t I say that this is the gap between you and me.”As Chu Feng spoke, he probed his hand and grabbed it, and a majestic suction force erupted out, actually sucking the Heavenly Immortal Sword in Ximen Feixue’s hand, as well as the Qiankun Pouch at his waist, all of them into his hand.

Seeing this scene, people’s hearts were startled, not only did Chu Feng severely injure Ximen Feixue, but he also seized the treasure in public, this kind of tactic, but it was domineering enough.

“What are you doing?”Seeing that the supreme treasure had been seized, Ximen Feixue was even more anxious, and ignoring his injuries, he got up and pounced towards Chu Feng, wanting to seize back the Heavenly Immortal Sword.

“Scram,” however, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked, directly sending Ximen Feixue flying tens of thousands of metres, and ruthlessly falling into the distance.

As he landed, his injuries worsened, and Ximen Feixue was already powerless to stand up again.

Ximen Feixue, who had been able to compete with Chu Feng that day in Moon Worshipping Cloud City, was now completely no match for Chu Feng.

“It’s even if you Four Great Imperial Races were that despicable, and you were so unselfconscious that you dared to provoke me in public, I only took away the Heavenly Immortal Sword, but I did not take your little life, so you should be thankful for the grace of me not killing you.”Chu Feng said with a light smile while fiddling with the Heavenly Immortal Sword.

“Chu Feng, return the Heavenly Immortal Sword to me, you do not deserve to use the Heavenly Immortal Sword.”Ximen Feixue shouted.

“Use? Although this Heavenly Immortal Sword is good, it is still much worse than my Evil God Sword, I did not use it, I only intended to exchange it for something.”Chu Feng lightly laughed.

“You actually want to sell my Heavenly Immortal Sword, Chu Feng, you truly seek death. My Ximen Imperial Clan will definitely not let you go.”Ximen Feixue roared in anger.

“Speaking as if, if I don’t seize your Heavenly Immortal Sword, your Ximen Imperial Clan will spare me.”

“What kind of virtues your Ximen Imperial Clan has, right now, the entire Sacred Land of Martial Arts is very clear, so don’t disgrace yourself here.”

Chu Feng coldly laughed, and after saying those words, Chu Feng turned away, and letting Ximen Feixue humiliate Chu Feng any further, Chu Feng was also too lazy to look at Ximen Feixue one more time.

Ximen Feixue, in the beginning, was indeed able to fight Chu Feng, but from now on, he no longer had the qualifications to fight Chu Feng.

“This Chu Feng, is truly a character.”

“For Ximen Feixue to meet such an opponent, it is also considered unlucky for him.”

At this moment, the people on top of the various high towers were all watching this scene, and many of them gave Chu Feng extremely high evaluations.

“Hmph, it should be that you have used the power of those two weights of thunder to raise your cultivation to that of a seventh-grade Half-Emperor, right? Just in that case, you are still not the strongest here.”However, on top of a high tower, there was someone who sarcastically sneered.

This person, Chu Feng had seen before, he was actually the closed disciple of the Soldier Refining Immortal, Baili Xinghe.

For some unknown reason, at this moment, Baili Xinghe’s gaze as he looked at Chu Feng was actually filled with hostility.


How sharp was Chu Feng’s sensory power, as Baili Xinghe’s gaze was tinged with such a strong hostility, he immediately noticed something, and he could not help but cast his gaze over.

Upon discovering that it was actually the tall tower where Baili Xinghe was located, Chu Feng also raised his eyebrows lightly, quite surprised.

That day, during the time on Immortal Island, Chu Feng had seen Baili Xinghe, and at that time, Baili Xinghe was, in Chu Feng’s opinion, an extremely powerful genius, towering above Chu Feng and the others.

After all, at that time, Chu Feng’s cultivation level, when compared to the Baili Xinghe at that time, was 108,000 miles apart.

However, nowadays, although Baili Xinghe’s cultivation, although he had also progressed, and had risen from a fifth grade Half-Emperor to a seventh grade Half-Emperor in a short period of time, and had consecutively risen his cultivation by two grades, which was already extremely strong, he was clearly inferior to Chu Feng.

However, cultivation was not the point, the point was that Chu Feng had no quarrel with Baili Xinghe, and did not understand why he had such great hostility towards himself.

However, seeing Chu Feng cast his gaze over, the cold smile at the corner of Baili Xinghe’s mouth did not diminish, but instead became even more intense.

And that hostile gaze, a new meaning also emerged, contempt, not only was he hostile to Chu Feng, he did not place Chu Feng in his eyes, and there was a strong look down on him in his gaze.

“Heh ……” Seeing Baili Xinghe like that, Chu Feng was faintly smiling, although he did not know why Baili Xinghe was so hostile towards him, Chu Feng was not afraid of him.

He looked down on Chu Feng, but he did not know that Chu Feng did not look down on him either.

Afterwards, Chu Feng swept his gaze towards the other towers, wanting to take a look at the strengths of his opponents.

And what was quite surprising to him was that the opponents here were all stronger than he had expected.

Firstly, there were the four Demon Clans, four Demon Clans, four Demon Clans with a representative from each of the four Demon Clans, who had arrived here, and they all had the same cultivation level, all of them were Sixth Grade Half Emperors.

As for the three Prison Envoys of the Hell Mansion, according to what Big Radish had said, the Ghost Prison Envoy and the Battle Prison Envoy, were Sixth Grade Half-Emperors, and the Mad Prison Envoy was a Seventh Grade Half-Emperor.

However, at this moment, the Ghost Prison Envoy and the War Prison Envoy that appeared on top of the tower were seventh grade Half-Emperors, and as for the Berserk Prison Envoy, he was even stronger, being an eighth grade Half-Emperor, and even stronger than Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Compared to the Hell Mansion, the three siblings of the Wind Family of the Human King Mansion were a little weaker, the second and third of the three siblings were Sixth Grade Half-Emperors, and only the eldest, Feng Yihao, was a Seventh Grade Half-Emperor.

However, the one who was most unexpected to Chu Feng was the first Heavenly General of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, that is, Leng Yue, who had ascended the high tower before Chu Feng.

Leng Yue, was an indifferent woman, and although her appearance was not stunning, she had an extraordinary aura.

Most of all, her strength was even quite strong, and like the Hell Mansion’s Mad Prison Envoy, she was an eighth grade Half-Emperor, but unlike the Mad Prison Envoy, this Leng Yue’s aura was different.

Chu Feng vaguely sensed that Leng Yue did not seem to be a Reverse Battle Third Grade Battle Force, and was most likely a Reverse Battle Fourth Grade Battle Force, which meant that …… Leng Yue’s Battle Force was more than likely just as strong as Chu Feng’s.

“It seems that this Leng Yue, will be a formidable enemy of mine.”After observing, Chu Feng included this Leng Yue, among the opponents he cared about the most.

Swish swish swish – right at that moment, suddenly, two figures descended from the sky and landed in front of Chu Feng.

These were two men that looked exactly the same, clearly twins, and their cultivation levels were also not weak, both being Seventh Grade Half-Emperors.

These two, were the other two Heavenly Generals of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, other than Leng Yue.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard about you for a long time, and when I see you today, you really are extraordinary.”

“Our brothers saw the means you used just now, and for a moment, our hands were itching to play, I wonder if you would be able to accompany the two of my brothers?”The two Heavenly Generals from the Heavenly Dao Palace said with smiles, although they were smiling, in actuality, they were smiling, they didn’t look like it was as simple as a simple sparring match.

“Are you guys challenging me?”Chu Feng asked with a smile, although the duo’s strength was very strong, they could not enter Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Precisely.”The two said together.