Martial Champion Chapter 1481

Lin Ye Zhou, I hope you guys can honour your promise and hand over your keys.” Nie Yan’er, looked towards Lin Ye Zhou, compared to Nie Shier, she was much calmer and did not get angry at Lin Ye Zhou and the others.

“Nie Yan’er, it’s not that we’re not willing to hand over the key, but we didn’t even look for that war flag key, we didn’t even look for it, so how could we possibly have the key, we don’t even have the key, so what are we going to give it to you guys?” Lin Yezhou said.

“No, that’s simple, you guys go and find the rest of that key right now, then send it over and give it to Nie Ying’er isn’t it?” Qin Lingyun said with a bad smile on his face.

“Qin Lingyun, don’t go too far.” Fu Feiteng said.

“I’m going too far? I’m just abiding by the rules, since you guys participated in the scramble and lost, you deserve to hand over the key according to the rules, and if you don’t have the key and still participate in the scramble, aren’t you just empty-handed? This is unfair to us.”

“Everyone, am I right?” Qin Lingyun unexpectedly incited the crowd.

“What brother Qin said is not unreasonable.”

“That’s right, what Qin Lingyun said is correct, we all handed over our keys, how can you not?” After hearing Qin Lingyun’s words, the disciples of other forces also agreed, going so far as to threaten the disciples of their Realm Master Alliance together.

“Everyone, I think you’ve got one thing wrong, earlier when you guys were scrambling, we didn’t say we were going to participate and didn’t put up a fight, we just stood on the sidelines and watched, it’s you guys who think to yourselves, that we’ve also participated in this scramble.”

“So from the very beginning, we did not have an agreement with you guys, not to mention that we don’t have the key, even if we have the key, we don’t have to hand it over to come out.” Just then, Su Mei stood out.

“You girl, what a strong word, although you guys didn’t say you were participating in the scramble, you also didn’t say you weren’t participating, so we naturally assumed that you guys were participating.”

“Now, how dare you argue, do I have to give you some colour before you guys are willing to hand over the key?” Nie Shier pointed at Su Mei and threatened viciously.

She was already very angry because, Sima Ying had spoken out about Chu Feng being stronger than them, and now that Su Mei and the others were refusing to hand over the key, she was even more upset and wanted to take the opportunity to teach the people of the Realm Master Alliance a lesson.

“I would like to see who dares to give my Xiao Mei a look.” But right at this moment, a voice as piercing as thunder suddenly came from outside the crowd.

This voice, like an invisible blade, pierced through the souls of Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier as it rang out, and both sisters’ bodies trembled as if they were paralysed, and they took a step backwards in unison.

Especially Nie Shier, the dominance she had earlier was instantly dissipated, and what replaced it was actually panic and unease.

They all heard out that the voice was Chu Feng’s.

“Chu Feng!!!” The crowd watched in response to the voice, and sure enough, Chu Feng was slowly walking towards them.

At this moment, Su Mei, Sima Ying, including Lin Ye Zhou and the others, they were all overjoyed, they knew that their saviour had come, with Chu Feng here, even if those people united, so what? They were not afraid.

“Chu Feng, this fellow actually came back?”

“Then where are the people from the Curse Earth Sect?”

However, compared to Su Mei and the others, Qin Lingyun, as well as the disciples of the other forces, were somewhat surprised.

They all knew that the twenty disciples of the Curse Land Sect, all of whom had set out, had gone to deal with Chu Feng, but right now, Chu Feng had unexpectedly arrived here unharmed, but the disciples of the Curse Land Sect were nowhere to be seen. What exactly was happening here?

“Nie Ying’er, Nie Shier, I’m not going to talk nonsense with you, I’m going to take first place in this hunt.” Chu Feng walked closer to Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier and extended his palm.

“Heavens, this fellow what does he want to do? He even dares to blackmail Nie Ying’er and Nie Shier, is he crazy?”

“Crazy, crazy, more than crazy, he doesn’t want to die.”

Seeing this scene, the crowd was completely stunned because they all read Chu Feng’s meaning, Chu Feng was threatening Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, asking them to hand over the War Flag Key.

However, what kind of existence was Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, a terrifying existence that was capable of sweeping away all of them, for this Chu Feng, who was a mere Sixth Grade Martial King, to dare to do so, wasn’t that looking for death?

At this moment, Nie Ying’er and Nie Shier’s faces were very unsightly, especially Nie Shier, even her lips were trembling a little, she was truly afraid, she was afraid that she had angered Chu Feng by threatening Su Mei and the others earlier, so she didn’t even have the courage to speak, and instead, she looked towards her sister.

As for Nie Ying’er, she also did not speak, but placed the eight battle flag keys in her hand into Chu Feng’s hand. Afterwards, he brought Nie Shier and retreated to the side.

“My gods, what in the world is going on here? Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, actually compromised?”

The crowd was speechless, completely confused by the scene in front of them, especially Qin Lingyun and the other disciples of Greenwood Mountain, who were even more depressed.

They were all eager for Chu Feng to have a conflict with the Nie Ying’er sisters, so that they could use the Nie Ying’er sisters’ hands to deal with Chu Feng.

However, right now, Chu Feng openly provoked the two Nie Yan’er sisters, and not only did the two Nie Yan’er sisters not put up a fight, they instead chose to step back, which was simply beyond imagination, and did not make sense.

“Qin Lingyun, I know, you still have a battle flag key hidden in your hand, hand it over.” After obtaining the eight battle flag keys, Chu Feng looked towards Qin Lingyun again.

“Chu Feng, you’re less likely to contain blood, I, Qin Lingyun, did not hide the battle flag key privately.” Qin Lingyun hurriedly retorted, he felt that Chu Feng was stirring up trouble, and was causing the Nie Ying’er sisters, to resent him, so he had to retort because he was not a match for the Nie Ying’er sisters.

Swish – but right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly waved his big sleeve, a golden aura flashed by, a boundary fell on Qin Lingyun’s face with a “snap” sound, and then he slapped Qin Lingyun over on the ground.

“Heavens, how is this possible?”

At this moment, the crowd was dumbstruck, incomparably surprised, and some even kept rubbing their eyes, thinking that they hadn’t seen clearly.

Chu Feng, a mere Sixth Grade Martial King, had actually slapped Qin Lingyun to the ground with a single slap from across the air, this was not a dream, was it?

“Chu Feng, you little brute, to think that you should strike out at me, you’re impatient with life.”

“I was able to blow you to death with a single breath back then, and I can do the same now.” Qin Lingyun became furious, and after rising as a monk, he fiercely inhaled, then opened his mouth and blew at Chu Feng.

Hoooow – when this Qi came out, it was several times better than a hurricane, this was not an ordinary wind, but the mouth wind of a Ninth Grade Martial King, capable of blowing mountain ranges into flat ground, capable of blowing the oceans dry.

However, it was such an attack, but Chu Feng did not flash or dodge, and rose to the challenge, and against the gale, he took one step at a time and walked to Qin Lingyun’s near front.

Snapping – Chu Feng landed another slap, once again slapping Qin Lingyun to the ground.

“Asshole, I’m going to kill you.” Unwilling to be humiliated, Qin Lingyun got up and attacked once again, slamming his fist into the face of Chu Feng, who was close at hand.

But a fist fell, Chu Feng was intact, Qin Lingyun was screaming miserably, and then look at his fist, it was already bloody, even the bones, were broken by inches “You …… you …… “At this moment, Qin Lingyun back and forth, looking at that Chu Feng in front of him for a long time, he finally woke up.

He discovered that this Chu Feng standing in front of him, was simply not the Chu Feng of that year.

This Chu Feng, was no longer the Chu Feng that, back then, he could not stand up because he was suppressed only by virtue of his mighty pressure, and the current him …… no longer had the power to suppress Chu Feng.

On the contrary, this current Chu Feng, standing in front of him, is like an impenetrable high wall, and he …… is not Chu Feng’s opponent.

But Chu Feng had only left not long ago, but it had changed so much, what a cruel fact, it really made Qin Lingyun unable to accept it.

“Haha, no wonder, no wonder you were able to obtain the bets of the six lords, no wonder even the Nie Yan’er sisters had to give in to you, so you have become stronger, is it by virtue of the art of the boundary? But so what.

“Chu Feng, I can clearly tell you now, that last battle flag key is right here with me, if I don’t give it to you, you won’t be able to get the battle flag, and even if you tire yourself to death, you won’t be able to obtain the first place in this Nine Potentials Hunt.”

“And I, death will not give you the war flag key, haha, Chu Feng, even if you have become stronger, you still can’t fight me, I, Qin Lingyun …… was born to restrain you.” Qin Lingyun suddenly laughed out loud, laughed crazily, nearly going insane as he laughed out loud.

“Kneel down for me.” Chu Feng drank in a cold voice.

“Make me kneel? You’re not worthy!” Qin Lingyun returned ……

Swish – Suddenly, Chu Feng’s palm fell violently, like an eagle’s claw, and pressed on the top of Qin Lingyun’s head, and at the same time, layer after layer of ferocious Boundary Force began to continuously surge into Qin Lingyun’s body.

”Well – at this moment, Qin Lingyun only felt dizzy and his legs were softening, and he was about to fall to his knees, but he stubbornly resisted against Chu Feng’s absolute power.

Plop – But in the end, he was unable to resist Chu Feng’s oppression and knelt in front of Chu Feng in front of everyone.

“If I want you to kneel, you must kneel, and if you don’t, you must kneel.” Chu Feng looked at Qin Lingyun, who was kneeling in front of him, and his gaze was ice-cold.