Martial Champion Chapter 1478

The closer the distance to the vortex, the killing chance in it was also getting heavier and heavier, like an invisible mountain, an invisible giant wave, pressing in one after another, making it hard for people to not want to be afraid.

But Chu Feng, but resolutely forward, without fear ……

This Ancient Life Killing Array, should be the most difficult barrier to break through here, which concealed countless killing opportunities, but was the barrier that Chu Feng was most unafraid of.

Chu Feng’s self-confidence was definitely not empty talk, and the map in his mind clearly told Chu Feng how to break open this Life Killing Formation.

Even, Chu Feng did not need to break the formation at all, and by merely walking, he was able to break through this Ancient Life-Slaying Formation that had devoured countless experts.

Kirikiri Kirikiri Kirikiri – A burst of strange cries came, and a figure landed beside Chu Feng’s body, it was Medicine Child.

“Medicine Child, why have you come?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“I have not been able to change you, but you have changed me, and since you refuse to leave, then I will break into this formation with you.” As Pill Child spoke, she travelled forward, wanting to open the way for Chu Feng.

Pah – But suddenly, Chu Feng grabbed Medicine Er’s wrist.

Medicine Child’s body, but the body of a Martial Emperor, if a normal person suddenly grabbed it like that, she would only need to move her mind to shatter it into smithereens, the body of a Martial Emperor was not to be offended.

But at this moment, the one who grabbed Medicine Child was Chu Feng, so she did not make any movements of resistance, and even deliberately controlled her instinctive resistance, but instead looked towards Chu Feng in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s better for me to open the way.” Chu Feng faintly smiled, and then walked to the front end of Medicine Child.

Seeing that Chu Feng insisted on doing so, Medicine Child was not in front of him, but followed Chu Feng closely, wanting to step in to rescue Chu Feng when he encountered danger.

However, after following Chu Feng forward for a period of time, Medicine Child suddenly realised that she had not only underestimated this young man in front of her, she had really underestimated this young man too much.

Along the way, they had encountered countless organs, invisible scythes, swords in the shadows, and even violent storms, thunder and lightning flames, all of which were extraordinary, all of which were dangerous, not to mention Chu Feng’s body of a Martial King, even if it was her who was a dignified Martial Emperor, if she were to touch one of the same, she would be injured without dying.

However, she had followed Chu Feng, yet she had safely avoided one perilous organ after another, and if it were her, she would not have been able to do so.

Because, if it was her who made a path, she would only use her absolute strength to cleave out a path, which would be the most direct and the simplest, but would also consume her own strength and energy.

However, Chu Feng, not even using the Art of Linking Boundaries, just by virtue of his dashing pace and magical walk, he easily dodged all the organs, just like taking a walk.

To think that in the midst of a walk, one had dodged countless dangers, how powerful was that?

One must know that the organs here had strangled countless experts, and even powerful Martial Emperors had been buried in them, but Chu Feng, relying on his walk, had broken through the formations with ease.

If those many experts who had been buried here before were to be immediately resurrected, and saw this scene, would they not vomit blood on the spot and die again?

This gap between people and people, it was also too great!!!!

“Chu Feng, how do you know so much about this formation?” Finally, Pill couldn’t help but inquire, she knew that Chu Feng was able to avoid the danger so skilfully, and although it was related to his sharp perception, he must have known something as well, otherwise it would be impossible for him to avoid it with such precision.

“I had obtained a map by chance, and that map recorded all the mechanisms and traps here, so not to mention that I am a Realm Spiritist, even if I am not a Realm Spiritist, as long as I am a bit more careful, I would still be able to pass through this Ancient Life Killing Formation peacefully.” Chu Feng did not hide it from Pill, pointing to his head and smilingly said.

“No wonder you are so confident.” At this moment, Pill Child’s suspicions as well were confirmed, yet she still admired Chu Feng.

There were so many organs here, and if Chu Feng took a single wrong step, it would be an abyss of ten thousand feet, and he would surely die.

However, Chu Feng had not made a single wrong step, and even if he had a map in order to do so, his own memory, as well as his sensing power, and discernment power, were all crucial, and ordinary people simply could not do so.

Therefore, even if she was a generation of Martial Emperors, she was unable to not admire Chu Feng, and she knew very well that if it was not for Chu Feng leading the way, even if she were to break through with absolute strength, she would not be able to make it this far at all.

Under Chu Feng’s leading the way, they had safely avoided the numerous organs, but what surfaced before them right now was a barrier that could not be avoided.

The door, the door to the heavens, was cast from special materials, and also concealed boundary patterns.

Such a door, unbreakable, just one look to know, how strong it is, blocking the front, is an impassable barrier.

“I think it’s time to use it.” Chu Feng, took out an item from within his Qiankun Bag, this item was the item that was hidden within the treasure chest along with the map and the fruit in the first place.

Chu Feng had been wondering what use it had, and then it realised that this item was not a weapon, but mostly a key.

And it just so happened that on the door that was in front of him at the moment, there was that one keyhole, so this further verified Chu Feng’s guess that this thing was the key, used to open this door.

Clang – However, just as Chu Feng was preparing to open this door by virtue of the key, Medicine Child suddenly struck out and blasted a fist on top of that door.

After this punch of hers, ripples raged, and that gate trembled violently along with it, and even at the place where she had thrown her fist, a large pit had appeared, with countless tiny cracks spreading all around that were expanding and spreading.

Clang – Before Chu Feng had the chance to speak, Pill Child blasted down with another punch, and after this punch, the trembling of the gate became even more severe, and the cracks also became even thicker.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng looked at the key in his hand and suddenly smiled.

He felt that there was no longer a need to use this key, the power of a Martial Emperor was truly heaven-defying, and with this gate blocking Chu Feng’s way, if Chu Feng did not have the key, he simply did not have even the slightest hope of breaking through.

But Pill, this Martial Emperor, with only his fists, with his absolute strength, he had beaten this gate to pieces and was able to break through it.

Boom – Suddenly, another fist fell, and that impenetrable gate then completely cracked open in front of that absolute power of Medicine’s, and was shattered by Medicine’s.


The moment the gate shattered, Medicine Er hurriedly grabbed Chu Feng and quickly leapt over.

At first, Chu Feng was still somewhat puzzled by Medicine Child’s actions, and it was only when he heard the odd sounds coming from behind him and turned back to watch that he came to a realisation.

The remnants of the gate that had been blasted to pieces by Medicine Child were actually falling back, and in the blink of an eye, they had re-coalesced into the gate, intact, and had blocked off the path of retreat, and it was not at all apparent that it had been destroyed.

“Ancient Life Killing Formation, truly magical, I wonder what kind of person the one who laid down this formation was.” Chu Feng could not help but sigh in admiration at the power of this Ancient Slaughtering Life Formation.

“Chu Feng, look quickly.” Suddenly, Pill Child exclaimed in astonishment.

Chu Feng turned around to watch, and immediately, his eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily lifted in an upward arc.

At that moment, nine thousand metres away from Chu Feng, a heavenly tree appeared, a large tree that was as high as a hundred metres, and which was very different, with branches that resembled a dragon’s horns, and with a body surface that was also filled with pale blue scales.

But the most important thing is, this sky-high tree above, hung with dense fruit, the fruit is only the size of a walnut, also for the light blue, each one exudes a rich heaven and earth energy.

This fruit, was precisely the cultivation resources found within the treasure chest back then, and this large tree, was clearly the large tree inscribed on that map.

“The large tree is there, so there should also be a weapon as well as a treasure chest.”

Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the lower part of the large tree, and was instantly overjoyed, in the lower part of the large tree, there was indeed a weapon inserted.

And beside that weapon, there was also a huge treasure chest with a shining light that was extraordinary at a glance.

Treasure, is already close at hand!!!!