Martial Champion Chapter 1474

Here, regular people must be incomparably cautious, lifting up two per cent of their spirit, or else a single slip of the tongue is bound to cost them their lives.

However, Chu Feng, was walking as if he was walking on the ground, moving forward as quickly as ever.

The reason why he was unconcerned was because, in his mind …… there was a map.

When he had just stepped into the Eastern Seas, Chu Feng knew a Grandpa Luo. This Grandpa Luo’s cultivation was not very high, but he liked to travel the rivers and mountains, and with his entire life, he had travelled to many places in the Holy Land of Martial Arts.

And it was not for nothing that he had spent so many years, he had once captured a treasure chest in the western part of the Sacred Land of Martial Arts.

In that treasure chest, there were three treasures, one was a fruit with heaven and earth energy, there was also a dark golden item that appeared to be a dagger that appeared to be a cane, and the last one was a map.

And that map not only recorded that the treasure was located in the Greenwood Mountain, within the ancient ruins.

At the same time, it also recorded where the dangerous place was and where the mechanism was.

Chu Feng realised at that time that the map was very precious, so after recording the contents of the map in his mind, he destroyed it.

Now, everything on that map was in Chu Feng’s mind, and even though there were many crises here, Chu Feng knew it in his heart and knew how he should go.

Stepping – But suddenly, after a footstep fell, Chu Feng’s pupils instantly shrank, his body trembled, and even his face changed slightly as he secretly said, “Not good.”

This was bad, the map in Chu Feng’s mind, although it recorded the Ancient Formations here, the various organs, as well as the Ruins Ancient Fierce Beasts, the places they were accustomed to inhabiting, it did not record the situation that Chu Feng was currently encountering.

Here, there was a formation that covered a very wide area, was very secretive, and was definitely not arranged by an ordinary Realm Spiritist, otherwise it was impossible for Chu Feng to not have discovered it.

This, at the very least, was the masterpiece of a Serpentine Grade Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist, and it should have been set up by the Greenwood Mountain, because Chu Feng could sense that even though this formation, which lurked here, was at least a few thousand years old, a few thousand years ago was still a very, very long way away from the Ancient Era, and so if this was not a formation from the Ancient Era, then it must have been the one that was set up by the Greenwood Mountain.

And Chu Feng could also perceive that this formation was not actually a life-killing formation, it was only a sensing formation, and now that Chu Feng had triggered it, the people of the Greenwood Mountain would sense that they had come here.

And this was not an ordinary induction formation, an induction formation that had the function of locking the soul, as long as this formation was triggered, no matter if Chu Feng travelled in the air, but instead travelled in hiding, he would be sensed by the people of the Greenwood Mountain.

Next, Chu Feng’s every move would be exposed within the line of sight of the people of the Greenwood Mountain, unless… unless Chu Feng was able to break open the …… tracking formation that had been buried within his body.

Swish, swish, swish, swish – Therefore, Chu Feng did not continue to walk, but instead, he sat in midair, his hands continuously forming seals, and layers of boundary power began to pour up in a turning river within his body, he wanted to break the formation.


At the same time, in one of the most mysterious zones of the Greenwood Mountain, there were many ancient towers, and in the depths of one of the ancient towers, there was a golden formation that was in operation.

What surged in that formation was all serpentine patterns, indicating that the one who set up this formation was a serpentine-grade royal-robed Realm Spirit Master.

At this moment, this formation was flickering with light, in which a blurred figure emerged faintly, flickering and flickering, constantly appearing in the formation, and becoming clearer and clearer.

At the same time, at the same time, in the formation’s surroundings, there were also eight old figures sitting on the plate, they were both male and female, but all of them had grey hair, and their faces were marked with the oldness of having gone through countless years, and watching the changes of the years quietly.

The most important thing is that, putting aside their age, their breath, actually every one of them is the peak of the half emperor, every one of them is not weaker than the nine potential Sect Leader, and all of them are also, the imperial robe sector spirit master.

Swish – Suddenly, one of them opened his eyes and blossomed with a gaze that was even more severe than an eagle’s, and when he saw the flickering figure in the formation, he instantly became furious: “Damn it, there are actually people who have trespassed into the forbidden area.”

“What kind of person is so bold?” Hearing this, the remaining seven also opened their eyes, and seeing the figure in the formation, killing intent more or less surged in their gazes.

“Right now, it should be the time when the Nine Potentials Hunt is taking place, so I think it must be a disciple of some family who doesn’t know the rules and has trespassed there.”

“No harm, let him go, a place like that, it’s not something he can break into, if he is bent on having his own way, the only thing waiting for him is death, no one can save him.” An old woman said.

“No, rules are rules, this is the forbidden area of my Cyanwood Mountain, no matter who is not allowed to enter, not to mention the outer disciples, even if my Cyanwood Mountain disciples, as long as they enter it is also a capital offence.”

“As we are guarding here by the Lord President, we should do as he commands, should we let the other party act recklessly within the forbidden area just because he is weak?” The elder who initially spoke, said sternly.

“This ……” The old woman was somewhat speechless, the Lord President’s order, they should indeed absolutely obey, otherwise the eight Elders of the Greenwood Sacred Society, instead of cultivating properly within the Greenwood Sacred Society, they are sitting guard here, for what?

“Elder Xue is right, I will go and capture this ignorant brat over here.” The old woman, as she spoke, suddenly got up and prepared to leave.

“There’s no need to capture it back, the Lord President said that those who trespass the forbidden zone die, you can just behead it on the spot.” That Elder Xue said.

“What if it’s one of my Greenwood Mountain disciples?” The old woman asked.

“Same, shoot on sight.” Elder Xue’s statement was cold, without a trace of emotion.

“Understood.” Hearing these words, an ice-cold killing intent also surged out of the old woman’s eyes once again.

Lord President, was the true ruler of Greenwood Mountain, and they had to obey his old man’s orders.

Bang – but at this moment, suddenly a loud bang came, this ancient tower was also shaking left and right, it was actually the closed door of the ancient tower that had been forcibly broken.


That purple gas flame, not only had life, but also exuded a terrifying aura that devoured heaven and earth, even though the eight Elders of the Greenwood Sacred Society were all peak Half-Emperor existences, in front of this aura, their brows were furrowed and they were shivering.

They who were previously imposing and lofty, at this moment, the look of fear that would only appear on a mortal’s face surged out.

“In this matter, you cannot intervene.”

Suddenly, within the purple aura flame, such a voice came out, cold, merciless, it was an absolute command.