Martial Champion Chapter 1473

Outside the ancient ruins, the Nine Powers Sect Leader, as well as the elders, all stayed here and did not disperse, but rather chatted idly.

“I don’t know if this time, there will be disciples, who will take the wrong path and fall into a treacherous place, while using a teleportation talisman.” The Eight Desolate Ridge Sect Leader said with a smile.

“There will definitely be, even though for disciples to use a teleportation talisman to escape from a menacing place is a sign of shame, but in the face of death, there will always be people who are timid, this phenomenon has been seen in every Nine Potentials Hunt, so how could there be an accident this time around.” The unscrupulous old Taoist said.

“Then I wonder, which sect’s disciple will be the first to use the teleportation talisman this time.” The Golden Armour City Sectmaster, said with a smile.

At this moment, everyone was silent, if it was a shame for a disciple to crush a teleportation talisman, then it was also a shame for the sect that disciple belonged to, no one wanted this to happen to their own sect.

“I think that it must be the disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, Chu Feng.” The Curse Earth Sect’s Sectmaster said.

Hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng’s gaze narrowed slightly, and a flash of cold light passed by, but he did not speak.

“I wonder what this remark is about?” Instead, it was the Sector Master Alliance Sectmaster who asked curiously.

“His strength is not strong, yet he is held so high by you guys that you even pressed six bets on him, this inevitably makes him conceited.”

“Conceit requires strength, and with his lack of strength, it’s inevitable that he’ll take the wrong path, or mess with someone he can’t afford to mess with. Both of these possibilities will cause him to encounter danger, and if it’s a danger he can’t fight against, they only way for him to retreat is to use a teleportation talisman.” The Curse Earth Sect Sectmaster, analysed with reason.

“Although it’s a bit one-sided, it’s not unreasonable.” After hearing the words of the Curse Earth Sect Sectmaster, there were quite a few people who nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Dugu Xingfeng remained silent, but it was the Sector Master Alliance Sectmaster, as well as Miao Renlong and that unscrupulous old Taoist from the Hidden Sword Villa who laughed.

“Lord Sect Master, someone has used a teleportation talisman.” Suddenly, within the ancient ruins, several Greenwood Mountain elders walked out.

“Wow? Surprisingly, someone used a teleportation talisman so quickly, who is it?” Hearing this, even the Sect Masters were quite surprised.

Although every time the Nine Potentials Hunt was conducted, someone would use a teleportation talisman, but that was also after the Nine Potentials Hunt had started for some time, and like today, when the Nine Potentials Hunt had only just begun, those who had used a teleportation talisman were still few and far between.

If using a teleportation talisman was a disgrace, then using a teleportation talisman so quickly was definitely the disgrace of disgraces.

At the time of the accident, people all turned their gazes, in the direction of the Ancient Ruins, and they all wanted to know which disciple of which sect had used the teleportation talisman so quickly.

And under the eyes of all, Yan Ghost and the other twenty disciples of the Curse Earth Sect, led by a few Greenwood Mountain Elders, appeared in the sight of the crowd.

“Yan Ghost? How is it you guys?” At this moment, the Curse Earth Sect’s suddenly stood up, he couldn’t sit still, and it could be said that he was shocked.

Because no matter how they thought about it, they wouldn’t have thought that this disciple who used the teleportation talisman would be from his Curse Earth Sect, and it was still twenty disciples, all of them using the teleportation talisman.

“Master Sect Leader, it is the disciples who are incompetent.” Yan Ghost and the others, knowing that they had made a big mistake, hurriedly fell to their knees and knelt down to beg for forgiveness.

“What the hell is going on here? Who injured you all?” The Curse Earth Sect Sectmaster asked angrily.

He could already tell that amongst his twenty disciples, not only were some of them injured, but there was also someone who had their cultivation nullified; they had definitely been attacked, otherwise they wouldn’t be in such a sorry state.

“It’s Chu Feng, it’s a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, Chu Feng.” Yan Ghost did not hide anything regarding this matter.

“What? Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, many of the people present were quite surprised, and even Dugu Xingfeng Miao Renlong and the others were quite surprised.

Even if they knew that Chu Feng was very strong, they had not expected that Chu Feng would be so quick to eliminate all of the disciples of the Curse Earth Sect.

“Chu Feng of the Greenwood Mountain? Who else is there besides him? Why are they dealing with you?” The Curse Earth Sect’s Sectmaster asked.

“He was the only one, and because of a conflict over words, we had no choice but to hide when we were outmatched.” Yan Ghost did not give a truthful account, how could he tell people that they were the ones who had received benefits from Qin Lingyun to deal with Chu Feng, and as a result, they were forced out by Chu Feng? That would be too humiliating, and he was really embarrassed to say it.

“This ……” At this moment, the people present were all speechless, especially that Curse Earth Sect’s Sectmaster, it was as if he had eaten a dead rat, his face was pale and he could not say anything.

There was no need to ask anymore, just Chu Feng alone had forced all twenty disciples of the Cursed Earth Sect to use the teleportation talisman at the very first moment. That already explained everything.

Although, it was unbelievable, and even difficult to accept, Yan Ghost and the others’ words had already informed everyone how powerful Chu Feng was, and they had to believe it even if they did not, after all, it was the truth.

“Chu Feng really doesn’t know any better, just a disagreement over words, how could he force someone to use a teleportation talisman and lose an opportunity for nothing.”

“Sect Leaders, in my opinion, why don’t we do it this way, anyway, this Nine Potentials Hunt has only just begun, why don’t we give the Curse Earth Sect’s little friends another chance to return to the Ancient Ruins, what do you think?” Dokuro Xingfeng said with a smile.

Humiliation, absolute humiliation, this was simply slapping the face of the Curse Earth Sect’s Sectmaster in front of everyone.

In an invisible manner, telling him that your Curse Earth Sect’s disciples were far inferior to my Greenwood Mountain’s disciples, and that giving you guys another chance would just be pitying you.

“No need, let’s go.” The Curse Earth Sect Sectmaster, furious and gnashing his teeth, at this moment, he no longer had the poise of a generation of Sectmasters, and even directly got up, wanting to leave.

“White Ape, Killing Frenzy, quickly order someone to heal the injuries of the Curse Earth Sect’s several little friends.” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“No need, my Curse Earth Sect is not so weak that I don’t even know the method of healing, farewell.” The Curse Earth Sect’s Sectmaster was very ungrateful and led the crowd and left.

“Congratulations brother Dugu, it seems that you, Greenwood Mountain, have emerged a heavenly genius.” After the Cursed Earth Sect Sectmaster left, the Eight Desolate Ridge Sectmaster, rushed to congratulate him.

“Yes, this son is deeply hidden, even able to one against twenty, absolutely not to be underestimated, this time the nine potential hunting, ten thousand flowers show courtyard’s Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier two little friends, I’m afraid there is a rival.” The other Sect Masters, too, chimed in.

Regarding the praises of the crowd, Dugu Xingfeng wore a smile on his face, one could tell that he was very happy, he had long known that Chu Feng was a dragon amongst men, but he had not thought that Chu Feng was progressing even faster than he had thought, this time, he really had a light on his face.

However, the Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Academy, was expressionless and bitter, because she already knew that her Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Academy’s Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier were in fact far from being Chu Feng’s opponents.

This time, in the Nine Potentials Hunt, as long as there were no accidents, the one who reached the top would definitely be Chu Feng.

At the same time, within the Ancient Ruins, Chu Feng did not know about the outside world, and he was searching for the treasure filled with cultivation resources according to the map in his mind.

Right now, Chu Feng had long since surpassed, the range of activities set forth by the Greenwood Mountain, and had entered a desolate and eerie region.

The yellow mist here, drifted everywhere, even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, the visible distance was limited, even in the distance, there was also the sound of strange roars constantly coming from the distance, seeming like wolves, seeming like tigers, seeming like birds, seeming like worms, it was very bizarre.

In short, a menacing aura, pervaded everywhere around, as if the time of danger, at any time will come, this… is the real ancient relics.