Martial Champion Chapter 1470

The matter of Chu Feng defeating the Nie Ying’er sisters was still unknown, but there were two groups of disciples that gathered privately, and it was Chu Feng that was the one who was scheming.

At this moment, within the residence of the Curse Soil Sect’s disciples, there were twenty-one people, twenty disciples of the Curse Soil Sect, one and no less, were all here, and that extra person was a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, Qin Lingyun.

“What did you say? You want us to deal with your Greenwood Mountain’s disciple, Chu Feng?” The person who opened his mouth was called Yan Ghost, the strongest person among the twenty disciples of the Curse Earth Sect on this trip, and like Qin Lingyun, he was also a Ninth Grade Martial King.

However, compared to Qin Lingyun, the murderous aura on this person’s body was extremely heavy, not that he was unwilling to conceal it, but he couldn’t conceal it, and the murderous aura he carried was full of yin and evil, and he obviously cultivated abnormal Xuan Gong.

This could not be blamed on him, the Curse Earth Sect was like this from the Sect Master down to the disciples.

After all, before the Curse Earth Sect became the Nine Potentials, it wasn’t a prestigious sect in the first place, and even though it was restrained after being aligned with the Nine Potentials, many people knew that the Curse Earth Sect’s cultivation method was the most bizarre among the Nine Potentials.

“Here are the benefits.” Qin Lingyun threw a Qiankun bag, towards Yan Ghost.

Yan Ghost took the Qiankun bag and examined it before the corners of his mouth revealed a satisfied smile as he asked, “Why did you ask us to help, could it be that brat that you can’t deal with on your own?”

“It’s not that you can’t deal with it, it’s just that you can’t deal with it openly and honestly, you guys just need to help me catch him and then hand him over to me privately.” Qin Lingyun said.

“Don’t worry, this is a trivial matter.” Yan Ghost smiled faintly and pocketed that Qiankun bag.

Ancient relics, finally opened ……

Nine potential hunting, finally begins ……

This exciting moment, this war of strife between the disciples of the Nine Potentials also kicked off.

Right now, the disciples of the Nine Potentials, including other small sects, in groups of three or five, or acting alone, have all stepped into the ancient ruins.

They were all holding onto a map and watching it carefully, not that they were too cautious, but they were afraid. Afraid of taking the wrong path, afraid of falling into a crisis ……

Tens of thousands of years ago, the entire Sacred Land of Martial Arts was a place infested with ancient creatures, but there were not many places that could be called ancient ruins even today.

And ancient relics, as the name suggests, those are places infested with ancient relics. The creatures of the ancient times, just think about it, people will be afraid, where people dare to offend them?

Not to mention that apart from ancient relics, there were many powerful killing formations that could kill people invisibly.

That was why they carefully looked at the map, deeply afraid of going to the wrong place and stepping into the soil where the ancient creatures existed.

What’s more, this Ancient Remnant was huge, even the range of action prescribed by the Greenwood Mountain was a very vast soil, so it was even more important for them to memorise the map to avoid going to the wrong place.

“Worthy of being an ancient relic, this place is indeed different.”

Entering this place, Chu Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and for a split second, it was as if he had returned to the ancient times.

Seeing ancient beasts, gulping down the Qi of the heavens and the earth, seeing ancient powerhouses, battling against all things, that was an extremely perilous era, yet it was also an era in which powerful people emerged.

Unfortunately, however, time waited for no one, and Chu Feng could no longer return to that era, and the strong people of that era did not remain.

Although, this place was an Ancient Ruins, and there were creatures from the Ancient Era, yet they were only creatures from that era, and it did not mean that they had survived in that era.

In fact, the so-called ancient creatures here were just the descendants of those creatures, and were not really the powerful existences in the ancient times.

After all, tens of thousands of years, what kind of strong person can survive? Even if there were truly strong people, even if they were alive, how would they stay in such a place?

However, Chu Feng really hoped that a miracle would occur. By a miracle that would allow the strong people of that era to survive.

If there was such a person, by all means, Chu Feng would want to meet with him and personally hear him tell the truth about the Ancient Era.

“Chu Feng, let’s go together.” Suddenly, a voice broke Chu Feng’s thoughts, and it was Lin Yezhou, Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the Realm Master Alliance, inviting Chu Feng to accompany them.

“No, I still have things to do, so I won’t be travelling with you all, good luck to you all.” As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly swept into the depths of the Ancient Ruins with a single vertical movement of his body, like an arrow off a string.

“That bastard, he ran away really fast, he’s afraid that Senior Brother Qin will clean him up, right?” Seeing Chu Feng disappear in the blink of an eye, Bai Yunxiao said in a cold voice.

“Don’t worry, he can’t escape.” Qin Lingyun said confidently.

“Senior Brother Qin, what is the explanation for this statement?” Peach Fragrant Rain and the others were a little puzzled.


“Not good, they are going to deal with Chu Feng.” When Su Mei discovered that something was wrong, she wanted to go after them.

“There’s no need to chase, Senior Brother Chu Feng should be able to handle it.” Instead, it was Lin Yezhou and the others who were full of confidence.

Only after hearing those words did Su Mei react, she was only too worried about Chu Feng, but she had forgotten about Chu Feng’s strength, among these disciples, who was able to injure Chu Feng?

“Senior Brother Qin is truly brilliant.” At that moment, Bai Yunxiao and the others also came to a realisation and understood everything.

“Such a loser, there’s no need for me to even make a move to defeat him. Do you really think that after going out for a walk and linking up with the guys from the Realm Master Alliance, you’re my opponent? Hehe… fighting me, he’s still too young.” Qin Lingyun was smug and even gave Lin Yezhou and the others a provocative glance.

He knew that Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the Realm Master Alliance were close to Chu Feng and were in the same group.

That was why he wanted the Curse Earth Sect’s disciples to help, so that it would be equal to two against one, and even if Lin Yezhou and the other disciples they made a move, they would just be looking for death.

Right now, when Qin Lingyun saw that Lin Yezhou and the others did not make a move, he assumed to himself that Lin Yezhou and the others were afraid and were not daring to make a move.

“As expected, this kid is going to be in bad luck, with a cultivation like his, he actually obtained six bets, surpassing the two fairies of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Academy, there must be many people who can’t look past it, and it’s only right that he should be in bad luck.”

Many people could tell that the Cursed Earth Sect was rushing towards Chu Feng, and even more so, they even took this opportunity to pat the two sisters, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, on the back.

Regarding this kind of people, the Nie Ying’er sisters all disdained them, and did not even bother to look at them, they felt that these people were pathetic, and they also felt that the twenty disciples of the Curse Earth Sect were pathetic.

After all, they already knew how terrifying Chu Feng was.

Swish, swish, swish – at this moment, the twenty disciples of the Curse Soil Sect were still chasing after Chu Feng and had already maintained a certain distance, but what they could not have imagined was that Chu Feng’s speed was unexpectedly so fast, and if they did not exert their full strength, it was really difficult to catch up.

At that moment, Yan Ghost’s eyes flickered with coldness, he had already moved with anger, and was prepared to execute his body martial arts to catch Chu Feng as soon as possible.

Tread – However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his forward pace, and he, who was faster than lightning, was actually like an iron clock, standing there steadily.

“This ……”

Seeing Chu Feng suddenly stopping his steps, the Curse Earth Sect’s disciples were also startled, and with the exception of Yan Gong, they were all a little flustered, but in the end, they still stopped.

However, they did not understand that Chu Feng knew that they had come to deal with him, so why did he not continue to flee, but instead suddenly stopped, this was simply not reasonable.

“Why aren’t you running, is it because you know that you can’t run away?” Yan Ghost asked.

“Heh ……” Chu Feng let out a light laugh, turned around, moved his muscles and bones, all over his body, all issued “click click click click” like firecrackers chirping like sound, only then said: “How do you want to die?”