Martial Champion Chapter 1465

Old me is betting on little friend Chu Feng of Greenwood Mountain.”

As soon as this voice rang out in surprise, it caused quite a few people present to be startled, they truly did not expect that someone would bet on such a weak disciple as Chu Feng.

After all, the stakes of this gamble were extremely high, just who was so brainy as to bet on such a wastrel, could it be that they had money to burn?

And following the sound and watching, people realised that it was Miao Renlong of the Sector Master Alliance, and it was he who had bet on Chu Feng.

“This …… Elder Miao, what’s wrong with him?”

He didn’t bet on the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan’s sisters, nor did he bet on the Boundary Master Alliance’s Su Mei and Lin Ye Zhou, but surprisingly, he bet on Chu Feng.

This, was truly unbelievable, after all, Miao Renlong’s reputation was not weak, if it was said that other people were hot-headed, that would still be justifiable, but Miao Renlong, how could he look at it, he did not look like that kind of person ah.

“Old me is also betting on Greenwood Mountain’s little friend Chu Feng.” And just as the crowd was shocked, another voice rang out.

This person, who was no one else, was the alliance leader of the Realm Master Alliance.

“He also bet on Chu Feng? What is going on here? Could it be that it’s because Chu Feng’s Boundary Technique is really powerful, that’s why they’re holding him in such high regard?”

At this moment, the crowd was speculating, but they could not guess a result, and only those who knew that Chu Feng was the titular disciple of the Boundary Master Alliance thought of a possibility.

“Chu Feng one bet.” But suddenly, another voice rang out, it was the White Ape Half-Emperor of the Greenwood Mountain, who had also placed his bet on Chu Feng.

Shocked, this could be too surprising, if the two from the Realm Master Alliance bet on Chu Feng, people could still think of a possibility, then if the one from the Cyanwood Mountain also bet on Chu Feng, they just couldn’t figure it out.

“Chu Feng.” Dugu Xingfeng also got up and spoke, and when he said those words, he even smiled and nodded his head towards Chu Feng, as if he was gesturing his goodwill towards Chu Feng.

Crazy, all of them were crazy.

The ones who were mad were not the four who had placed their bets, but the onlookers present.

What was the situation? This nine-seat power, the weakest amongst a total of one hundred and eighty disciples, had won four bets in a row in the blink of an eye, and tied with the strongest sister of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan for the highest bets, which was really hard for people to accept.

“I’ll bet on Qin Lingyun.” Qingmu Mountain’s Tuoba Killing Frenzy spoke up, and he decisively bet on Qin Lingyun.

“There’s finally a normal one, I was so scared that everyone’s betting on that loser.”

Only after Tuoba Killing Frenzy spoke did the people breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling that they weren’t living in a dream, they were still living in reality, it was just that the mind-boggling bet just now was something they still had trouble guessing.

At this moment, people turned their gaze, towards the Sword Casting Villa, in the end, who had gained the most bets, it was up to them, the Sword Casting Villa, after all, they were the only ones who had not yet placed any bets.

“Little friend Yan’er, I know you won’t let me down, keep betting on you.” The Sword Casting Villa’s Sect Leader was the first to speak up, and from his words, it could also be heard that when he placed his bets, he seemed to have been in love with Nie Yan’er.

And at this moment, Nie Yan’er also returned a kind and charming smile to the Sword Casting Villa’s Sectmaster, as she was thanking this big shot for his support.

“Lord Sect Master bet on Miss Yan’er, I’ll bet on Shier.” At the Sword Casting Villa, an elder spoke up, his strength was very strong, he was an eighth-grade Half-Emperor, stronger than the White Ape Half-Emperor and the Tuoba Killing Frenzy, and he was also one of the figures who possessed the betting money.

The dust settled, and although Chu Feng had miraculously, evened out the bet with the Strongest Sisters, he was still ultimately overtaken.

Now, only the initiator of this gamble, Old Taoist Unconscionable, was left without placing any bets.

And as everyone knew, he had also been in love with the Strongest Sisters, even more so than anyone else.

Six years ago, when the Strongest Sisters first appeared on the stage of the Nine Powers Hunt, and no one was yet favourable to them, Unconscionable Old Tao had bet on them, and that time, the Strongest Sisters had, indeed, become the dark horse.

Even though they didn’t come out on top with absolute strength like they did in the Nine Potentials Hunt three years ago, they did win first place that time six years ago.

Therefore, it was clear to the people that no matter who Old Taoist Wu Liang bet on, then the honour of this first place would be the Strongest Sisters’, because Old Taoist Wu Liang, would definitely bet on one of this pair of sisters.

“This little friend from the Greenwood Mountain is called Chu Feng, right?” However, Old Taoist Unconscionable did not rush to place his bet, but instead looked towards Chu Feng.

“Back to senior, junior is called Chu Feng.” Chu Feng cupped his fists and nodded.

“Not bad, it’s you, old man this time, bet on you.” The unscrupulous old Taoist said.

“What? It’s not? Did we hear it wrong? How is this possible!!!”

Shocked, unrivalled shock, if the people in front of them, betting on Chu Feng, people could still barely accept it, then the unscrupulous old Taoist’s bet could make it impossible for people to accept it.

What kind of person was Old Daoist Wuliang, this was a God of Gambling, he had almost never lost a single bet since he initiated this kind of bet.

But what was wrong with him this time, why was he betting on that Chu Feng from Greenwood Mountain, could it be that this Chu Feng, was another batch of dark horses?

But how could that be possible, a mere Sixth Grade Martial King, even if he was even stronger, how could he contend against a Ninth Grade Martial King?

“This old man, what is he doing here? Isn’t he betting recklessly?”

Qin Lingyun and the other disciples of Greenwood Mountain were so angry that their hearts were shaking.

They had thought that Chu Feng would lose face in this bet, but now that they took a look, where had Chu Feng lost face, he had just become the centre of attention, obtaining five people’s bets, and not only was he neck and neck with the Strongest Sisters, he was even more than twice as high as Qin Lingyun.

At this moment, their faces were green ah, just like drinking a thousand bowls of mung bean water, the whole person was bad.

“It’s finally over, this year’s gambling, it’s really a bit exciting.” The headmaster of the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy, said with a smile, but this dignified and beautiful great figure, smiled a little less comfortably. It was because she also felt a bit incredulous, unable to imagine that this year’s bet would be so un-stealable from the crowd.

But after all, it was only a five to five draw, which she was still able to reluctantly accept, after all, she knew that her Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan’s sisters would definitely be able to win in the end.

“Since it’s over, then disperse, tomorrow is the Nine Potentials Hunt, exactly which disciple will be able to win, which will be able to win the bets, and which ones will lose their blood, we’ll naturally see the results in the down time.”

The Jade Water Palace’s Sect Leader opened his mouth and said, his face was not very good and his words exuded a bit of resentment. It was because he hadn’t enjoyed himself as much as he could have this time around with the gambling.

It wasn’t that he didn’t bet on the person he wanted to bet on, but he felt that Dokgo Xingfeng, Old Taoist Wu Liang, Miao Renlong, and the others, were simply betting blindly and were messing around.

For him, without that kind of fair competition, the bet was meaningless, and even if he won, he would not be able to experience that kind of exhilaration.

As a matter of fact, like him, there were quite a few of them here, and they all felt that this year’s gambling was not as good as in the past, and it was a bit boring.

“Wait a minute, I want to bet as well.”

However, just as the crowd was about to disperse, a voice suddenly rang out.