Martial Champion Chapter 1461

Chu Feng, remember, you are different from them.”

“I’ll say a bad word, even if a disciple like Lin Yezhou is even more outstanding, within a hundred years, a few of them will definitely appear.”

“But a disciple like you, not to mention a thousand years, even ten thousand years may not produce one.”

“I know this, that’s why I value you, Lord Sect Leader is even more aware of this, that’s why he asked me to take care of you.”

“So, you must not blame the Sect Leader, he also just cares about you too much.”

The moment Chu Feng received the invitation, the White Ape Half-Emperor’s secret voice transmission was also reflected into Chu Feng’s ears.

“Late generation understands.”

Chu Feng did not blame Dugu Xingfeng, he understood the meaning of what the White Ape Half-Emperor had said, and it was precisely because Dugu Xingfeng valued himself that he did not want Chu Feng to be involved with the Realm Master Alliance, and he wished for Chu Feng to completely belong to the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, right now, Chu Feng had already become involved with the Realm Master Alliance, and that was already the nail in the coffin, and could no longer be changed, so even though Dugu Xingfeng was unhappy, he could only resign himself to his fate.

From the fact that he had asked the White Ape Half-Emperor, to come and deliver an invitation to Chu Feng, it could be seen that Dugu Xingfeng still accepted this fact, and that he still valued Chu Feng.

How could Chu Feng, how could he possibly blame someone, who valued him?

Just like, if a person who cared about you chastised you, but did so for your own good, could it be that you would hold a grudge against him?

“Little friends, old me still has things to do, so I will leave first.”

“By the way, tomorrow is the time to announce, this nine potential hunting rules, you several can must be there, maybe who among you, will become the flag bearer.” After saying these words, the White Ape Half-Emperor left with a smile.

And hearing the three words flag bearer, Lin Yezhou and the others looked at each other, a flash of anticipation surged on their faces.

Flag bearer, this was an honour of the Nine Potential Hunting.

For the nine powers, if there were twenty people, then for each power, two flag bearers would have to be elected.

These two flag bearers had the right to lead the other disciples, and who would be the flag bearers would be chosen by the Sect Leader of each power.

But no matter what, everyone wants to get this honour, this is the affirmation of the ability, and as Lin Yezhou such, is even more confident certainly can become a flag bearer.

As a matter of fact, he had always been the first choice for the flag bearer of the Realm Master Alliance, but this year had changed, with the presence of Su Mei, he knew that he was no longer the first choice.

But even if Su Mei was the first choice, but the flag bearer was two places, he was confident that the second place would definitely be his.

However, he also had to thank Chu Feng, he thanked Chu Feng for representing the Greenwood Mountain and not the Realm Master Alliance.

If Chu Feng had fought on behalf of the Realm Master Alliance, then obviously, the second flag bearer slot would have nothing to do with him.

“I really don’t know how this Nine Potentials Hunt will play out.”

“I heard that the location of this Nine Potential Hunting is an ancient relic, and ancient relics can be quite dangerous places.”

The rules of the Nine Potential Hunts were different every time, so thinking that the rules of this Nine Potential Hunts would be announced, Sima Ying and the others became both curious and excited.

“Chu Feng, you don’t seem to care, about the rules of this Nine Potential Hunting, are you so confident that you will definitely be able to obtain first place?”

Seeing that the crowd’s discussion was unusually heated, but Chu Feng did not interject, as if he were an onlooker, Sima Ying curiously asked.

“First place? I don’t really care about that.” Chu Feng smiled, what he said was the truth, what was the main purpose of Chu Feng’s participation in the Nine Potentials Hunt this time? That was the treasure within the Ancient Ruins.

What Chu Feng was thinking about was how to obtain that treasure, not obtaining first place in the Nine Potential Hunting.

Therefore, the rules of the Nine Potentials Hunt, who was the flag bearer, were all irrelevant to Chu Feng, what he cared about the most was whether he could succeed in obtaining that treasure, after all, for him, the first place in the Nine Potentials Hunt was a false name, whereas that treasure was the key to being able to enhance his cultivation, after all, that was the purpose of Chu Feng joining the Cyanwood Mountain in the first place.

And now, that destination was finally not far from Chu Feng.

“That’s right senior brothers and sisters, you have just arrived today, you must not know that this time, within my Cyanwood Mountain, there has come an extraordinary character, right?” Suddenly, Fang Tuohai interjected.

“Unbelievable character? Who is it?” Wang Wei’s words successfully whetted the appetite of the crowd, they were young and curious, and liked this kind of gossip topic the most.

“Remarkable character? The Sect Leaders of the Nine Potentials have all come, in front of them, what other person is there, to be called a remarkable figure? Could it be that a Martial Emperor powerhouse has come?” Fu Feiteng spoke with disdain.

He knew that there were Martial Emperor powerhouses in all the nine powers, but they were high up in the world, concentrating on their cultivation and pursuing that stronger realm, and seldom paid attention to this kind of mundane matter, so naturally they wouldn’t come to participate in this kind of thing.

In addition to the Martial Emperor powerhouses, there were also very few people who could raise his interest in Lin Ye Zhou, so compared to others, he was not a fan of this topic.

“Not a Martial Emperor powerhouse, but also not someone from the Nine Powers, but this person, he beat up one of the Nine Powers’ head elders.” Fang Tuohai obviously didn’t realise, Lin Yezhou’s disdain, and continued talking to himself.

“An outsider, beating up the Nine Potentials’ head elder, how big of a nerve must that be?” Hearing this, some people understood.

Every time the Nine Potentials Hunting, although the Nine Potentials were the main protagonists, they would also invite some other forces, to come and join in the fun, and even some of the disciples of the forces, would also participate in the competition.

And hearing Fang Tuohai say this, they could all associate it with the fact that there must be people from other forces, who had beaten up the Nine Potentials.

However, those forces, compared to the nine potentials, are small sects, and the nine potentials have a big gap, even their disciples do not dare to mess with the disciples of the nine potentials, how can there be someone who dares to hit the nine potentials of the head elders?

“What the hell is going on, tell me quickly?” At this moment, Sima Ying and the others became even more curious, even Lin Ye Zhou, who had previously been dismissive, also raised his interest and brought his ears over.

“The matter is like this, the Jade Water Palace’s Silver Serpent Realist, in a great show of kindness, called many of the sect masters and elders of the outer sect forces together to teach them the way of martial arts cultivation, but one of the sect masters of the outer sect forces pointed out on the spot that what the Silver Serpent Realist had said was incorrect, and that it was a misrepresentation of what was said to the children of the people.”

“Hearing this, the Silver Snake Realist became furious on the spot and wanted to teach that person a lesson, but unbeknownst to him, in just one round, the Silver Snake Realist was knocked to the ground by the other party.” Fang Tuohai said.

“Are you sure that it was the Jade Water Palace’s Silver Snake Realist who was knocked to the ground by an outer sect power’s Sect Leader in just one round?” Fu Feiteng asked.

The Silver Snake Realist, was not trivial, although he was not a peak Half-Emperor, he was still an expert, he was an existence that could be compared to the White Ape Half-Emperor of the Greenwood Mountain in terms of both his strength and reputation, and he was quite famous among the Nine Powers.

How could an expert like him be knocked to the ground in a single round by the headmaster of an outer sect power?

“It’s true, it was indeed the Silver Snake Realist who was beaten up, and later on, the matter alarmed quite a few people, and the Sect Leader of the Jade Water Palace even came out personally, but for some unknown reason, in the end, it turned out to be a big deal, and a small deal, and no one was able to do anything to that person.”

“Most importantly, before that person left, he also told the Jade Water Palace’s Sect Leader to keep his own elders in check, and not to mislead people with his words.”

“You guys say, is that person a dick?” Fang Tuohai said with a face of adoration.

“Awesome, this is too awesome, there must be an unearthly high person who came to Qingmu Mountain, otherwise it’s impossible that even the Jade Water Palace’s Sect Leader, can’t help him.”

“This senior brother, quickly tell me, which power’s Sect Leader is that person, and what is his name?”

“Yes, you quickly say.” Fu Feiteng and the others, very curious, pursued the question.

“Coincidentally, he’s from the same Alliance Domain as you all.”

“As for what his name is, I don’t know, but his power, it seems to be called the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest.” Fang Tuohai said.