Martial Champion Chapter 1460

You …… “Hearing this, Bai Yunxiao’s face turned green with anger, after all, it was a fact that he had been defeated by Chu Feng back then, but it was also this try that had become his eternal pain.

It was that defeat that caused him to lose the Greenwood Ranking, the fourth title.

It was that defeat that caused him to bear the mark of being inferior to Chu Feng, becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of many people.

So he hated, hated himself, hated Chu Feng even more, he had been cultivating diligently during those days, just wanted to increase his strength, to be able to meet Chu Feng when he snowed his former shame.

However, when at this moment, he really encountered Chu Feng again, but did not have the courage to challenge Chu Feng.

He was afraid, not only was he afraid of failure, he was even more afraid of Chu Feng, it turned out that after that defeat, he had already been deeply afraid of Chu Feng from the depths of his heart, only that he was unwilling to admit it.

“Hmph, we’ll see.” Bai Yunxiao also just dropped such a sentence and turned around to leave, other than that, he had no other choice.

“It’s still Chu Feng who is powerful, blocking them speechless with a single sentence.” Seeing Chu Feng force Bai Yunxiao and the others to leave, Sima Yingmei clapped her hands.

Looking at Bai Yunxiao and the others’ ugly faces as they left, her heart was more than happy, and it was all thanks to Chu Feng.

“Little friends, we have already prepared good guest rooms for you and the others, follow us.” Right after Bai Yunxiao and the others left, a few elders of the Greenwood Mountain walked over, they were responsible for arranging accommodation for Lin Yezhou and the others, and had been waiting here for a long time.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, are you sure that you can obtain an invitation to this Nine Potential Hunting?” However, just as they were about to part ways, Fu Feiteng asked with some concern.

For the Nine Potentials Hunt, this time, for each power, only twenty invitations had been sent out, and according to the rules, Greenwood Mountain could only send twenty disciples to participate.

Chu Feng hadn’t been at the Greenwood Mountain for a long time, and no one could be sure if Chu Feng would be able to receive an invitation, and if he didn’t have an invitation, there was no way to participate in the Nine Potentials Hunt.

“Yes Chu Feng, if you can’t participate, then wouldn’t we be bored as well?” On Su Mei’s small face, a look of worry also appeared, she didn’t care about the Nine Potentials Hunt, she only wished to be able to spend more time with Chu Feng.

“This all of you don’t worry, as far as I know, after the invitations are sent out, if there are disciples who did not receive the invitations, and are displeased with those who received the invitations, it is possible to issue a challenge.”

“And as long as the challenge is successful, then the winner, will have the right to receive the invitation.”

“If, for example, the Greenwood Mountain did not leave me an invitation, then I would be able to obtain an invitation as well, because there are simply too many disciples here that I am not convinced by.” Chu Feng smiled blandly with an ulterior motive.

“Haha, got it, then Senior Brother Chu Feng, we will take our leave first, and later on, we will pay a visit to the residence.” Lin Yezhou and the others said.

“Be sure to come.” On his way here, Chu Feng had invited Lin Yezhou and the others, to be guests at his residence, after all, the Greenwood Mountain was also his territory, and coming here, he needed to do his landlord’s honour.

“Don’t worry, definitely definitely.” Lin Ye Zhou and the others, nodded their heads, and then each followed the elders to leave.

Chu Feng returned to his mansion, and then closed his eyes to recuperate, and in the afternoon, Lin Yezhou and the others, under the guidance of the Elder, also came to the mansion one after another, and this gathering among friends began.

Although, now that Bai Ruochen was gone and the Cultivation Ministry had been disbanded, those loyal old subordinates of the Cultivation Ministry were also Chu Feng’s friends from the Greenwood Mountain, so now that he had returned, he naturally invited Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai, and the others over.

Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai, and the others, seeing that Chu Feng had returned unharmed, could not mention how excited they were.

Moreover, they had actually heard that Chu Feng had become a titular disciple of the Realm Master Alliance, and each of them was even more excited, and were all proud of Chu Feng.

After all, in their hearts, Chu Feng could have always been their boss, and for mediocre disciples like them to be able to have such a terrific boss was indeed something to be proud of.

Regarding this matter, Chu Feng did not do anything but smile faintly, but he also had to sigh, the speed at which this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples passed on news was truly getting faster and faster.

He believed that he was afraid that soon, the entire Greenwood Mountain would know that he, Chu Feng, was now not only a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, but also a titular disciple of the Realm Master Alliance.

Chu Feng didn’t know what those people would think of him after this news spread, but it didn’t matter, he, Chu Feng, didn’t care about other people’s opinions, he only sought to do well for himself.

And on top of the party, besides eating food and drinking wine, the most important thing was naturally to gossip and talk, to promote relationships and bring friendships closer.

Su Mei, that girl, was even using the guise of drinking, deliberately pretending to be drunk, making love with Chu Feng, pestering Chu Feng and not letting go.

Such a scene could envy all the male disciples present, after all, a beauty like Su Mei was something that a man would like, not to mention that she was also the Holy Daughter of the Realm Master Alliance.

However, even though they were envious, people did not show their displeasure, because in their hearts, they were also all clear that the only person who could be worthy of a girl like Su Mei was a man like Chu Feng.

However, probably because the ones present were Lin Yezhou, Su Mei, Fu Feiteng, Sima Ying, and such highest level disciples of the distant past, Wang Wei Fang Tuo Hai and the others, they appeared to be somewhat afraid to speak.

“I wonder if they have made things difficult for you guys again during the time I was gone?” If they didn’t say anything, then only Chu Feng took the initiative to ask, when Chu Feng left, in fact, the most assured thing that he couldn’t do was Wang Wei and the other old disciples, after all, they could be said to be loyal to themselves.

“No, with Elder White Ape being there, they don’t dare to deal with us.” Wang Wei returned.

“That’s good.” Chu Feng nodded, in the entire Greenwood Mountain, as long as Wang Wei and the others were fine, he would be relieved, but even so, Chu Feng would still not let go of those, who had bullied him.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, now that you have returned, is it possible for our Cultivation Department to reorganise, many of our brethren are waiting.” Fang Tuohai interjected, mentioning this matter with an excited expression on his face.

“It will reorganise, but now is not the time.” Chu Feng laughed.

“When will the reorganisation take place, you can inform me of it, and I can send a congratulatory gift.” Suddenly, a laughing voice resounded outside the hall.

And since the door to the hall was not closed, so people watching along with the sound could see the figure of an old man, who was stepping from outside the hall.

“Disciple, greetings to Elder White Ape.” Seeing that, Chu Feng and the other disciples hurriedly got up and went forward to salute.

Even Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the Realm Master Alliance also went forward to salute, although the cultivation of the White Ape Half-Emperor had not yet reached the peak of a Half-Emperor, and could not be talked about as being top-notch, his reputation had always been very good, and was very much loved by the people.

“There’s no need to be formal, it’s rare for you all to get together, all of you return to your seats.” The White Ape Half-Emperor wore a smile on his face and did not have the stance of an Elder, and actually joined Chu Feng and the other disciples, sitting on top of the dining table and raising their cups to drink.

“Chu Feng, today I came here because I actually wanted to make sure, have you really joined the Realm Master Alliance?” The White Ape Half-Emperor asked.

“En, Chu Feng is now, indeed, a titular disciple of the Realm Master Alliance.” Chu Feng nodded.

“Oh, heh, good.” The White Ape Half-Emperor smiled, but it was a somewhat forced smile.

“Elder White Ape, is it possible that Lord Sect Leader, is somewhat dissatisfied with the matter of me joining the Realm Master Alliance?”

Chu Feng was clear-sighted and naturally noticed the unnatural expression on Dugu Xingfeng’s face when he learnt that he had joined the Realm Master Alliance.

“Hehe ……” The White Ape Half-Emperor continued to smile, not answering, but in an invisible manner, giving the answer.

“What a disappointment to me, I’ve heard that Dugu Zhenzhen, is a legendary figure of his generation, but I never thought that he would be so small-minded.”

“My sector master alliance, long ago with the other eight forces set the rules, if the eight forces, there are disciples who are good at the art of boundary spirit, can become the titular disciple of the sector master alliance, this is a well-known thing, and the eight forces also have disciples who can become the titular disciple of my sector master alliance, and feel proud, after all, this can also highlight, they cultivate disciples of the ability. ”

“But, how can the hallowed Dugu Realist be so petty?” Sima Ying spoke with an unhappy face.

“Heh …… Sima girl, this you don’t know, the more you love, the more exclusive you are, other disciples are even so, but Chu Feng is special.”

“As for where he is special, I think you all know clearly, if not, your Realm Master Alliance wouldn’t have invited him repeatedly, right?” The White Ape Half-Emperor explained.

“This ……” Hearing this, Sima Ying and the others did not know what to say.

Indeed, Chu Feng was simply too outstanding, and if it was said that Chu Feng had been his Sector Master Alliance’s disciple from the very beginning, then he, the Sector Master Alliance, was afraid that he would not be willing for Chu Feng, to have anything to do with any other forces again.

Therefore, when they thought about it like that, they were able to understand Dugu Xingfeng, people all have selfishness, especially when it comes to things that they love, people all want to be able to belong exclusively to themselves.

“However, Chu Feng, the Lord Sect Leader has not blamed you either, today I came here, although I was entrusted by him, I was not questioning you about this matter.”

“Rather, the Lord Sect Leader, asked me to pass this on to you.” The White Ape Half-Emperor, as he spoke, passed an invitation to Chu Feng, and that was precisely the invitation to the Nine Potentials Hunt.

At that moment, a reassuring smile spread across the faces of Lin Ye Zhou Su Mei and the others, they were previously worried that Chu Feng did not have the qualifications to participate in the Nine Potentials Hunt, but now that they looked at it, their worries were clearly redundant.