Martial Champion Chapter 1458

Speechless, the crowd all felt speechless, they could not have imagined no matter what that someone as facetious as Lin Yezhou would take the initiative to admit his mistake to Chu Feng in order to seek reconciliation.

Moreover, he was not transmitting his voice, but was admitting his mistake to Chu Feng in front of the crowd, which was really too contrary to common sense and was unbelievable.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, if you are truly unwilling to forgive, then forget it.” Seeing that Chu Feng did not respond, Lin Yezhou was also somewhat embarrassed, and after saying those words, he prepared to turn around and return to his own position.

“Senior Brother Lin.” However, just as Lin Yezhou was about to leave, Chu Feng suddenly opened his mouth.

When Lin Yezhou turned his gaze back, he discovered that not only was Chu Feng smilingly looking at him, he had also extended his conciliatory hand.

“Senior Brother Lin, I believe that in the future, we will definitely get along very well.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

He was not an unreasonable person, and although Lin Yezhou had indeed made things difficult for him many times before, he had not actually caused too serious a consequence.

Now, since he was able to put down his stance in front of so many people and took the initiative to admit his mistakes in order to seek reconciliation, Chu Feng naturally had to give him a chance as well.

After all, as the saying goes, one more friend, one less enemy.

“Definitely.” Seeing that Chu Feng agreed to reconcile, Lin Yezhou was also overjoyed and hurriedly stretched out his hand and clasped Chu Feng’s palm tightly.

Even though, with regards to such a scene, the people all felt it was unbelievable, at this moment, they also all revealed joyful smiles, and they were all happy for the reconciliation between the two of them.

After this little episode, the disciples of the Realm Master Alliance had indeed gotten along much more harmoniously, and Chu Feng was a person who loved to talk and laugh, so everyone’s feelings could be said to have increased very quickly, or at the very least, had already been transformed from enemies, to brothers and sisters on a unified front.

After a rather long journey, the team of the Realm Master Alliance had finally arrived at the Cyanwood Domain, and at this moment, had already arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others were standing on top of the deck of the warship, and Chu Feng looked at the familiar people and scenery, the scenery had been things, and his heart actually had some ups and downs.

This kind of emotion, if one had to describe it, it would be four words, boiling blood.

Back then, when Chu Feng had left the Greenwood Mountain, it would not be too much to say that he had fled.

However, at that time, Chu Feng knew that one day, he, Chu Feng, would return to the Cyanwood Mountain once again.

He would make all those who had looked down on him, impress him, and those who had bullied him, he would even more so, doubly repay those people.

And right now, Chu Feng’s heart kept recalling a few words, that is, I, Chu Feng ……, have returned.

“This is the Greenwood Mountain.”

Su Mei, who had come to the Greenwood Mountain for the first time, knew that this was the power where Chu Feng was located, but she did not know about the trials and tribulations that Chu Feng had suffered here, so she had a favourable impression of this place.

Compared to the Realm Master Alliance, that independent space built deep underground, the Greenwood Mountain was the natural beauty carved by nature’s ghostly craftsmanship.

“Dog scum of the Greenwood Mountain, I, Sima Ying, am back again.” Compared to Su Mei, Sima Ying was filled with displeasure, after all, she had suffered a lot of bullying here.

“Don’t worry senior sister Ying, this Nine Potential Hunting is a great opportunity to avenge you, we will definitely make those scumbags who have bullied you, pay the price, we will let them know that the disciples of my Realm Master Alliance are not that easy to bully.” Fu Feiteng opened his mouth and said, at the same time, the other disciples nodded in agreement.

They had all heard about the bullying that Sima Ying had suffered within the Greenwood Mountain, so before they came here, they had already made preparations to avenge Sima Ying’s death.

“Although the Nine Potential Hunting, has always not restrained its disciples, but my Realm Master Alliance and the Greenwood Mountain, after all, are allied forces, not to mention, Senior Brother Chu Feng is also still a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, so we should still not go too far, or else wouldn’t we be making things difficult for Senior Brother Chu Feng.”

At this moment, the most calm one was actually Lin Ye Zhou, in fact, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to avenge Sima Ying, he just didn’t want to destroy the relationship that had just been established with Chu Feng.

“Senior brother Lin, although I am a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, but I have no relationship with them, I, Chu Feng …… am on Sima senior sister’s side.” Chu Feng said.

“Understood, since that’s the case, then this time, we must make those dog scum, pay the price.” Hearing those words, Lin Yezhou was instantly overjoyed, he already knew that Chu Feng would not intervene, in the matter of them dealing with the disciples of the Greenwood Mountain.

And even Lin Ye Zhou was so happy, that Sima Ying and the other disciples, naturally, were even happier, as long as they thought that they would be avenging Sima Ying, they also became both nervous and excited.

Under this feverish emotion, Chu Feng and the others, had already entered the core area of the Greenwood Mountain.

At this moment, on top of a vast square, there were quite a number of people gathered, and other than the people of the Cyanwood Mountain, there were also some people that did not belong to the Cyanwood Mountain.

These people were those from the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Palace, the Curse Earth Sect, the Golden Armour City, the Eight Desolate Ridges, the Sword Casting Villa, and the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan.

Although there were mostly elders, there were also disciples present, they came here, ostensibly out of etiquette, but in reality, they wanted to explore the realities of the Realm Master Alliance.

Mainly, they wanted to see what level the disciples sent by the Realm Master Alliance for this Nine Potentials Hunt were at.

At the same time that the crowd was with observing the Realm Master Alliance, Chu Feng and the others were also observing them.

Chu Feng discovered that the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Temple, the Curse Earth Sect, the Golden Armour City, the Eight Desolate Ridges, the Sword Casting Villa, and the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan, the dress of these powers were all distinctive to each bureau.

There was no need to mention the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Palace, and the Eight Desolate Ridge;before arriving here, Chu Feng had already seen them in the Realm Master Alliance, and their elders.

The dress of the Jade Water Palace was rather plain, like that of a Taoist priest, and it was rather similar to that of the Greenwood Mountain, only it was not as unassuming as that of the Greenwood Mountain.

As for the Fire Lin Palace, they wore yellow clothes but were covered in red flame patterns, at first glance, they were eye-catching, but Chu Feng felt that they were dressed like a cult, or at least he did not like it.

As for the other forces besides the Jade Water Palace Fire Lin Palace, the other forces were dressed in their own ways, and compared to their iconic costumes, Chu Feng cared more about their strength.

However, after observing carefully, whether it was a disciple or an elder, their strengths were actually similar, and among the nine forces, it was indeed difficult to distinguish between obvious strengths and weaknesses.

However, it was worth mentioning that the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiuyuan, whether it was the elders or the disciples, they were all women, and each of them looked as beautiful as a flower, with an elegant temperament, just like a fairy.

Chu Feng didn’t need to think about it to know that this Ten Thousand Flowers Xiuyuan must be a force that only accepts women, otherwise it wouldn’t even have a man.

Although they were all women, their strength could not be underestimated, at least not weaker than other forces.

However, of the forces that appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight at this moment, the one Chu Feng was most concerned about was the Curse Earth Sect.

Chu Feng would not forget that back then, in the Eastern Seas, the strongest enemies he had faced were not those old monsters that could call the shots in the Eastern Seas.

Rather, it was those several young, yet powerful to the point of being like monsters, that was the several young people led by Jiang Qi Killer, and they …… were precisely the disciples of the Curse Earth Sect.

“The enemies are narrow ah, this is also good, the new account old account, can be put together, and liquidated together.” Looking at the faces of the people of the Curse Earth Sect, the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted into a shallow smile.

Although, the sins committed by Jiang Qijian and the others were actually not too related to the Cursed Earth Sect, when he was in the Eastern Sea Region, Chu Feng had already decided that he would be at loggerheads with this Cursed Earth Sect.

Now, having finally encountered the people of the Cursed Earth Sect, Chu Feng naturally had to honour his promise and properly entertain the disciples of the Cursed Earth Sect.