Martial Champion Chapter 1456

Little friend Chu Feng is not only a Boundary Spirit genius, but also a Boundary Spirit Master who has concluded a contract with the Cultivating Spirit Realm, his potential in Boundary Spirit arts is limitless.”

“However, what I wish to say is that even if the talent is good, if the character is not good, then even if he becomes a powerful Realm Spirit Master in the future, he will only be a scourge to the living world rather than a benefit to the living world.”

“Therefore, little friend Chu Feng, I’m going to advise you here, to be a good person, one must be a good person, and one must never do anything for the sake of an end.” Lin Bittern said to Chu Feng.

“This senior, Chu Feng does not understand what you mean by that.” Chu Feng’s face was calm, knowing that Lin Bittern was being sarcastic, but he still asked without being humble.

“What do I mean? Could it be that you are not clear yourself?”

“Back in the Seal Ancient Village, when you were competing with someone in the Realm Spirit Technique, in order to win, you cheated, this kind of behaviour, is simply shameless to the core.”

Lin Bittern suddenly pointed his finger at Chu Feng and roared out in an extremely loud voice. He just wanted everyone to know that Chu Feng had cheated in the Seal Seal Ancient Village.

“It can’t be, Chu Feng’s Realm Spirit Technique is so powerful, would he also cheat?”

“This must be a misunderstanding, right? How could a junior from the Indian Seal Ancient Village be stronger than Chu Feng?”

Hearing those words, a pot exploded amongst the crowd, and people were all talking, and even though those words were said by Lin Bittern, they still didn’t quite believe them.

After all, Chu Feng’s Boundary Technique was so strong that even Lin Ye Zhou was not his opponent, so how could he compete with the people of the Seal Ancient Village and cheat instead? This was definitely out of the ordinary ah.

Although, the crowd did not believe in this matter, Chu Feng’s gaze flickered slightly, his pupils contracted violently, and in his heart, he secretly said, this old fellow is really sinister enough to use this matter to discredit himself. In order to strike at himself, he really did use any means, going against his noble status.

“Lord Elder, could this be a misunderstanding?” The Alliance Leader of the Realm Master Alliance spoke up, he clearly didn’t believe in this matter either, nor was he willing to believe in it.

“Yes, Lord Elder, this must be a misunderstanding.” At the same time, numerous Elders chimed in, none of them believing in the matter either.

“I, Lin, never believe in anything, much less accuse people wrongly, this matter is something that really happened, that day in the Seal Ancient Village, there were not a few people who witnessed this matter.”

“It just so happens that the Ma Village Chief of the Indian Seal Ancient Village, is also a guest in my Realm Master Alliance today, whether this matter is true or false, everyone will know if they ask him.” Lin Bitter Sea, looked towards Village Chief Ma in the guest seat.

At this moment, everyone cast their gazes towards Old Village Chief Ma, they all knew that Old Village Chief Ma was also a senior Realm Spiritist, and that his character was very good, so they felt that Old Village Chief Ma shouldn’t be able to tell a lie.

And at this moment, Old Village Chief Ma acted rather calmly, he first picked up the teacup on the VIP table and placed it on his mouth and gently took a sip, before he stood up and said, “This is indeed true.”

“Gosh, it’s actually true?” Hearing this, the crowd, which was already calm, once again boiled over, with everyone acting unusually surprised.

And at that moment, Lin Bittern’s face was also overflowing with a smug smile, and he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng, he just wanted to see Chu Feng’s embarrassed and humiliated appearance.

However, to his disappointment, at that moment, Chu Feng was still acting very calmly, and had not been affected in the slightest because of this matter.

“This brat, doesn’t he know that he’s not afraid?”

“Or is his skin really so thick that he is fearless?”

Seeing this scene, Lin Bittern’s heart was also flooded with mutterings, if what he did was unable to affect Chu Feng, then wouldn’t he be doing something for nothing?

However, on second thought, he was frank again, even if Chu Feng had a thick skin and was unaffected by the attitudes of the outside world, after this matter was announced, at least letting Chu Feng’s image, in the hearts of the people of the Realm Master Alliance would be greatly reduced, which would be considered as successfully discrediting Chu Feng.

Moreover, not only did it strike Chu Feng, but it also indirectly fulfilled his grandson Lin Ye Zhou, after all, his grandson did not have much negative news, so this was two birds with one stone, Lin Bitterness was really the more he thought about it, the happier he became, so happy that he couldn’t wait to laugh out loud.

“A little brat like you is really too tender, if old man wants to play with you, he can play with you to death anytime.” While being happy, Lin Bitterwalker secretly satirised Chu Feng.

However, in the next moment, after Old Village Chief Ma said something else, all of his superiority, all of his joy, all of it evaporated, and what replaced it was extreme displeasure.

“Everyone, listen to me, that day in the Seal Ancient Village, it was I who declared that little friend Chu Feng won by cheating.”

“This matter is absolutely true, there were quite a few witnesses that day who could testify that the old man had indeed announced this matter.”

“But today, I would like to take this opportunity to announce a fact to all of you, to unveil a truth, and that is that …… that day, it was I who wronged little friend Chu Feng.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, did not cheat at all, it was me who wronged little friend Chu Feng for the sake of the honour of the Seal Ancient Village.” Old Village Chief Ma, said in a loud voice.

“Old Village Chief Ma, wronged Chu Feng?” The moment Ma Lao Village Chief’s words came out, amongst the crowd, an uproar immediately arose, this matter was simply too explosive, it was simply like a thunderbolt, exploding in people’s hearts, making people’s emotions, difficult to calm down.

But to say that the most complex emotions, that is naturally Lin Bitter line, how could he not expect, Ma Lao village head would say such words.

“Village Chief Ma, you are the head of a village, don’t talk nonsense with your eyes open.” At the time of displeasure, Lin Bittern spoke in a cold voice, and there was even a bit of threatening intent in his words.

“I, Ma, have been open and honest all my life, I have never lied, the only time I lied was when I wronged little friend Chu Feng.” Old Village Chief Ma was not afraid of Lin Bitterwalk’s threats, and after saying those words, he looked towards Chu Feng and said:

“Little friend Chu Feng, I’m sorry, it was old me who was selfish and wronged you.”

“I know that I am not qualified to pray for your forgiveness, but I still have to apologise to you.”

“Today, I must return justice to you and clear your name.”

As these words fell, he even fell to his knees with a “plop” sound, and in front of everyone, he knelt down and admitted his mistake to Chu Feng.

“Old Village Chief Ma, what are you doing, this is just a small matter, Chu Feng did not really put it on his mind, why do you have to be like this.” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly arrived in front of Old Village Chief Ma and helped him up.

At first, Chu Feng had indeed blamed Old Village Chief Ma, but with the contact with Old Village Chief Ma, Chu Feng already knew what kind of person he was, and knew that he was not a bad person, rather, he was a very good person, so Chu Feng truly took him as a senior.

As things stood now, for Chu Feng, it did not matter if Ma Lao Village Chief did not clarify this matter, after all, clarifying this matter would be the same as ruining Ma Lao Village Chief’s reputation, Chu Feng did not wish for that.

But he did not expect, Ma Lao Village Chief for the sake of Chu Feng’s reputation, still told the truth, not only that, but also admitted his mistake in front of everyone, which made him touched at the same time, but also heartbroken Ma Lao Village Chief, really did not know what to do.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I know that you are generous and won’t be bothered with the old man, but I must return your innocence, this is what I promised you in the beginning, and I must do what I say, or else in this life, it will be difficult for the old man to have peace of mind.”

Ma old village chief, at this moment is already old tears, obviously this matter, also has been the stone in his heart, pressure him very difficult, and now finally able to put down.

Although, the truth of this matter coming out would preserve Chu Feng’s reputation, but it had also ruined his reputation, but even so, he had no complaints or regrets.

Because for him, only by telling the truth would he be relieved, otherwise, this matter would always be pressed in his heart, making it impossible for him to raise his head as a human being for the rest of his life.

“This ……”

And at the same time when Old Village Chief Ma said those words, everyone present was also stunned, not only did they know a truth, but they also saw Chu Feng’s personal charisma.

A charm that could make the village chief of the Seal Ancient Village willingly give up his own reputation for his sake, and kneel down in public to admit his mistake.

Such charisma might be innate, or it might be cultivated, but there was no doubt that it was something that many of the people present, did not possess, but Chu Feng did.

At that moment, everyone’s gazes towards Chu Feng changed, and not only did they not have a bad impression of Chu Feng because of this matter, but instead, they became more and more impressed with Chu Feng, and their goodwill towards Chu Feng multiplied again.

They all knew that this time, the Realm Master Alliance had truly picked up a treasure, and Chu Feng’s joining was definitely a great blessing for the Realm Master Alliance.