Martial Champion Chapter 1454

At this moment, most of the people, including Miao Renlong, also became nervous.

At this point in time, they had all seen how powerful Chu Feng was, and who wouldn’t hope that Chu Feng would be able to join his Realm Master Alliance?

Merely, they were all afraid as well, afraid that Chu Feng would refuse, afraid that the Realm Master Alliance would miss out on such a marvellous genius.

And between the entanglement of fear and hope, it naturally became incredibly tense.

“You can’t be thinking that you want little friend Chu Feng, to join my Realm Master Alliance, right?” However, just as the crowd knew that in their hearts, there was someone who knowingly asked.

That was a black-haired man who had also lived for nearly a thousand years, yet still kept his appearance at a middle-aged appearance.

However, no matter how young he looked, the sneer on his face at the moment was obvious, and the one who dared to treat the alliance master like this was naturally the elder of the Realm Master Sacred Guild.

But in reality, not only was he an elder of the Boundary Master Sacred Society, he was also the son of Lin Bitterness, Lin Ye Zhou’s father.

“Hehe, truth be told, I do wish to invite little friend Chu Feng, to join my Realm Master Alliance.” The Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance smiled and nodded, then he looked towards Chu Feng and continued:

“Little friend Chu Feng, the Realm Masters are a special group of people, a group of people who wield great power and are both respected and hostile, but there is no doubt that the Realm Masters are a group of the same people.”

“And in my opinion, we should have all been a family, we should be united and friendly, helping each other without abandoning or giving up.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, I also know why you are hesitant to join my Realm Spiritist Alliance, that must be because you are a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, and in your opinion, if you joined my Realm Spiritist Alliance, it would be a betrayal of the Greenwood Mountain.”

“But in fact, that’s not the case, you can completely join my Realm Master Alliance as a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, it’s not a betrayal, it’s just one more home.”

“Don’t worry, even if it’s that side of the Greenwood Mountain, it definitely won’t blame you, as long as you’re willing, I can personally write a letter to your Greenwood Mountain’s Sect Leader, and explain this matter to him.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, join us, I have never forced anyone in the past, to join my Boundary Master Alliance, but you are truly different, my Boundary Master Alliance’s big family, needs you as a family member.”

The Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance, this time, it could be said that he had said all of his words and was sincere, speaking from the bottom of his heart.

He was truly hoping that Chu Feng would be able to join his Realm Master Alliance, he truly did not want to miss out on, such a marvellous Realm Spirit genius.

At that moment, Chu Feng was also moved, although in the Realm Master Alliance, there were quite a few people who hated themselves, the Realm Master Alliance Alliance Master, as well as Miao Renlong, and even Zuo Tianzun, were truly not mean to him.

Not to mention, his lover, Su Mei, was also here now, and had to rely on it.

Honestly speaking, compared to the Greenwood Mountain, the Realm Master Alliance, did give him a sense of home.

“Snap snap snap snap ……”

And just as Chu Feng hesitated, a burst of applause suddenly rang out, it was Lin Yezhou’s father, and at this moment, his face was wearing an odd smile as he clapped his hands while still saying:

“What a wonderful thing to say, it can be seen that you really do want Chu Feng to join us from the bottom of your heart.”

“But it’s a pity, little friend Chu Feng doesn’t see us as the Realm Master Alliance, even if you say the words out of your heart, he will likewise not join us.”

Sarcasm, too much sarcasm, his words were not sarcastic towards Chu Feng, but rather, they were sarcastic towards the Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance.

However, anyone who was intelligent would also be able to hear that the reason why this Lin Yezhou’s father was like this was actually because he did not want Chu Feng to join the Realm Master Alliance.

And if one were to think about why he did not want Chu Feng to join the Boundary Master Alliance, it was actually not difficult, after all, his son, Lin Yezhou, was still the Boundary Master Alliance’s number one disciple today, or at least the number one male disciple.

However, if Chu Feng also joined the Boundary Master Alliance, then Lin Yezhou’s position would be in jeopardy, and it would even be difficult for him to defend himself.

In the end, this was selfishness. Not only Lin Yezhou’s father, but even Lin Yezhou’s grandfather, Lin Bitterwalker, the reason why they had targeted Chu Feng like that earlier was all because they had selfishness.

“Who said that I would refuse.” But unexpectedly, right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

“What?” Hearing those words, Lin Yezhou, as well as his father and mother, and grandfather, all froze.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what do you mean?” And at that moment, the Alliance Master Alliance’s Alliance Master also became agitated, and he even, did not dare to determine the meaning of Chu Feng’s previous words.

“Lord Alliance Master, Chu Feng’s previous refusal was because Chu Feng felt that his own abilities were insufficient, and that he did not yet possess the qualifications to become a member of the Boundary Master Alliance.”

“But since Lord Alliance Master has shown such great love and does not dislike Chu Feng for being weak nowadays, Chu Feng also really cannot find a reason to refuse.”

“If Lord Alliance Master, still does not dislike Chu Feng now, then Chu Feng is willing to join the Boundary Master Alliance and become a member of the Boundary Master Alliance.” Chu Feng said with a serious expression.

“Not disdaining, how could one possibly disdain, haha, little friend Chu Feng’s willingness to join my Boundary Master Alliance, this is a happy event, a great event.”

“Pass the order down, tomorrow I will host a large banquet at the Boundary Spirit Square to celebrate little friend Chu Feng’s joining my Boundary Master Alliance.” The Boundary Master Alliance Alliance Master was truly overjoyed, and was actually going to host a banquet for Chu Feng’s joining alone.

“It’s not wise to be so high-profile, at least we can’t let outsiders know that little friend Chu Feng, is the Feng Chu who defeated Dongfang Zexuan, if not, I’m afraid that it would invite disaster for Chu Feng.” Zuo Tianzun said cautiously.

“What Lord Heavenly Sovereign said is true, tomorrow when we set up the banquet, I will use the victory over the Eastern Imperial Clan as the theme, but likewise I will also publicly announce that little friend Chu Feng, has joined my Boundary Master Alliance, after all, little friend Chu Feng, is the first Cultivation Realm Spiritist that my Boundary Master Alliance, has ever had.”

“And as for the matter of Feng Chu, if I shut up and don’t mention it, I think that no one would dare to ask.” The Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance said.

“En, this is good.” Zuo Tianzun nodded approvingly.

“Haha, Chu Feng, you finally joined us after all, this time we are a family.” Suddenly, Sima Ying jumped to Chu Feng’s near front, and also ignoring the gazes of the elders, he grabbed Chu Feng’s hand and jumped and jumped, celebrating happily again.

“Senior apprentice brother Chu Feng, it is unexpected that you are so powerful, in the future, you must take care of yo more.” And seeing Sima Ying, who dared to get close to her man in front of her, Su Mei was also not willing to show weakness.

She not only walked forward and grabbed Chu Feng’s other hand, but also pretended to be ambiguous and put her petite body close to Chu Feng’s embrace, that was called an intimacy, and even Sima Ying looked silly.

“Haha, these two little nieces, actually also know how to compete for jealousy ……”

And at this moment, the crowd was in a great mood, even though they were both surprised by Sima Ying and Su Mei’s behaviour, no one cared, instead, they laughed out loud even more happily, and they even all thought that the two of them both liked Chu Feng, and so they were competing to be jealous.

However, as the saying goes, some people were happy and some people were sad, just as most people were happy for Chu Feng’s joining, Lin Yezhou’s heart was dripping blood.

The fact that it was so difficult for him was not just because Chu Feng had joined the Realm Master Alliance, but the fact that his two sweethearts, at this moment, were actually competing over Chu Feng and vying to get close to him, which was really difficult for him to endure.

As for those who were as difficult as Lin Yezhou, there was naturally his grandfather, his father and mother.

They had known for a long time that Lin Yezhou had his heart set on Sima Ying and Su Mei. However, they could all see now that Sima Ying and Su Mei’s hearts could not be in Lin Ye Zhou’s body at all.

Those two girls, they could be said to be talking and laughing to Chu Feng, and they were all sorts of close to each other. But to Lin Ye Zhou, they didn’t even bother to look at them, this huge contrast, it was almost like two heavens of ice and fire, Chu Feng was standing on fire, while Lin Ye Zhou was sitting in ice.

Such a situation, fools understand, Lin Yezhou is afraid that there is no chance, at least in this aspect of the woman’s edge, he simply can not be compared to Chu Feng.

“Alas~~~” under the helplessness, Lin Bitterwalk could only let out a sigh, today not only did he plant in Chu Feng’s hands, even his grandson was also loaded in Chu Feng’s hands, the grandparents and grandchildren were defeated together, it was really sad.