Martial Champion Chapter 1453

Chu Feng might not know yet, the origin of this King’s Imperial Robe, but they were very clear about how precious this King’s Imperial Robe’s was.

In the Holy Land of Martial Arts, there were many ancient relics, and back then, the Nine Powers had jointly opened up one of them.

And this King’s Royal Robe, is that relic, one of the most precious treasures, in order to get this King’s Royal Robe, the left Heavenly Father was killing, I do not know how many, want to snatch this thing with it’s people and beasts.

In the end, it is with the Eight Desolate Ridge of a Martial Emperor powerhouse for a fierce duel, that battle can be described as a tragic incomparable, that piece of the ruins, were two people to make a mess.

In the end, Zuo Tianzun won over the other party by a narrow margin, and only then did he snatch this treasure.

Over the years, I do not know how many people out of the high price, want to exchange the left Tianzun hands of the king of the royal robe, the left Tianzun did not agree, and even his own, can not wear.

But now, the Left Heavenly Father actually wanted to give this priceless King’s Imperial Robe to Chu Feng, which really made it difficult for people to not be surprised.

“Lord Heavenly Father, are you really going to give it to Chu Feng? This is the King’s Imperial Robe.” At the time of the shock, it was still Lin Bittern that spoke up.

When he thought about it, how many people had taken out supreme treasures and wanted to exchange it for this King’s Imperial Robe of the Left Heavenly Father, but they had all been rejected, and Lin Bittern was actually one of them.

Thinking that he had followed Zuo Tianzun for so many years, he was loyal, and Zuo Tianzun treated him well, as long as he wanted, what Zuo Tianzun had, he would give it to him.

But this King’s Royal Robe, Left Heavenly Father has refused him time and time again, at that time he felt that Left Heavenly Father could not possibly give the King’s Royal Robe to anyone, it is to stay by his side all the time.

However, now, Zuo Tianzun had actually given the King’s Imperial Robe to Chu Feng, which really made him somewhat unable to accept it.

“My things, I can give them to whomever I wish to give them to, is there a need for you to care?” Zuo Tianzun snorted coldly, impatience filling his attitude.

“I …… “Once again being reprimanded by Zuo Tianzun, Lin Bittern’s face had long since turned iron blue, he was truly embarrassed to the extreme this time, and was indeed unable to get off the stage.

“You what you, you have an opinion?” But unexpectedly, Zuo Tianzun remained unforgiving, and even glared at Lin Bittern with that cold, oppressive gaze.

“I don’t dare, my subordinate doesn’t dare.” Even if Lin Bitterness was no longer upset, even if he was depressed, he didn’t dare to refute Zuo Tianzun, so he could only endure it, even if he was slapped in the face in public.

It was just that he did not understand how the Left Heavenly Father, who usually treated him extremely well, could treat him like this because of a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain like Chu Feng, he was truly unwilling, very unwilling.

“Senior Zuo Tianzun, I ……” Chu Feng opened his mouth, even though Zuo Tianzun had lectured Lin Yezhou’s grandfather, which made Chu Feng secretly happy, but as a Realm Spiritist, he was able to see that this King’s Imperial Robe was definitely not trivial, and he was not able to accept such a heavy gift.

After all, he had not struck out purely for the Realm Master Alliance, the main reason was for Su Mei, Chu Feng was standing up for his woman.

“Little friend Chu Feng, don’t push it away, listen to me.” However, before Chu Feng could finish his words, Heavenly Father Zuo interrupted Chu Feng.

“The origin of this King’s Imperial Robe is indeed extraordinary, it was obtained by me at an ancient relic, and it is something that was left behind by a Realm Spiritist of the Ancient Era.”

“It took me quite a bit of effort to obtain it back then, but I took it into my possession not because I wanted it for myself, I just did not want it to fall into the hands of incompetent people.”

“The real purpose of me taking it into my bag was that I wanted to let help it find an owner worthy of it.”

“Honestly speaking, even I myself felt that I was not worthy of it, but little friend Chu Feng, after I met you, I knew that I had not waited in vain for so many years, and that I had finally found a master for the King’s Imperial Robe.”

“Therefore, you must not refuse, because no matter what, this King’s Imperial Robe is going to be yours.”

“I’m not joking with you at all, this King’s Imperial Robe, today you have to take it or leave it.” Zuo Tianzun said with a smile on his face, but in a very domineering manner.

At this moment, Lin Bitterness, as well as Lin Ye Zhou and the other people of the Lin Family, all had the feeling of being knocked out by shit, the taste was too unbearable.

Especially Lin Bitterness, the thing he had dreamed of getting, was now being given away by Zuo Tianzun, compulsorily, to someone else, and it was still a disciple of the Greenwood Mountain, this really made him feel crazy.

As for Ru Realm Master Alliance Alliance Master, Miao Renlong and the others, they all sucked in a mouthful of cool air, and then the gazes they looked at Chu Feng with became more and more wonderful.

Although Zuo Tianzun’s last sentence was indeed a bit too overbearing, what he had said earlier, especially that sentence about the King’s Imperial Robe not belonging to Chu Feng, such an appraisal was also truly a bit too high.

However, they who had seen Chu Feng’s Boundary Technique with their own eyes also all felt that Chu Feng deserved such an evaluation.

Chu Feng was, indeed, a Boundary Spirit genius, and even a genius that the Holy Land of Martial Arts today did not possess.

“Chu Feng ah, it’s the first time that the Heavenly Sovereign has been so favourable towards a person, not to mention that he has already said this, so don’t put it off, accept it, sooner or later, you’ll be a family anyway.” Right at that moment, the Alliance Master Alliance’s Alliance Master secretly transmitted his voice to Chu Feng.

He was saying something in his words, urging Chu Feng to accept the gift while allowing Chu Feng to join the Realm Master Alliance earlier.

“Since that’s the case, then senior will respectfully accept the gift, but since I have accepted this King’s Imperial Robe, then senior will definitely not let senior Zuo Tianzun down.” Chu Feng said with a confident expression.

“I believe in you.” As for Chu Feng’s assurance, the Left Heavenly Sovereign also nodded with a smile, and he did not feel that Chu Feng was too crazy because of his words, instead, he was very appreciative.

“However, senior, the current junior is still too weak, and does not think that he has the ability to keep this King’s Imperial Robe safe, so I would also like to ask Senior Heavenly Exalt to help me keep this King’s Imperial Robe safe.”

“When senior late in life has the ability to guard the King’s Imperial Robe, then I will take it away.” Chu Feng said very seriously.

In fact, if Heavenly Exalt Zuo had given him this King’s Imperial Robe alone, Chu Feng might have accepted it, but right now, there were quite a number of people present, and even though they were all people of the Realm Master Alliance, Chu Feng did not know which one of them would be harbouring evil intentions.

If, because of this King’s Imperial Robe, they were thinking of Chu Feng, then Chu Feng would inevitably have to get into trouble because of this King’s Imperial Robe.

Therefore, right now, it would be most appropriate for him to hand over this King’s Royal Robe to Zuo Tianzun for safekeeping. At the very least, he would be able to keep those people with evil intentions from hitting him.

“Good, I’ll wait for that day.” Zuo Tianzun had lived for so many years and was a true human savant, what was it that he didn’t understand?

He had thought of what Chu Feng was thinking at the first moment, so he did not force Chu Feng to do so, and instead, he put away this King’s Imperial Robe, temporarily keeping it for Chu Feng.

“Today is truly a good day, and on such a good day, I have an unkind request, and I hope that it will not make things difficult for little friend Chu Feng.” And right at that moment, the Alliance Master Alliance’s Alliance Master suddenly smiled and opened his mouth.

And as soon as he spoke those words, almost everyone present guessed what he wanted to say, next.