Martial Champion Chapter 1452

Outside the Realm Master Alliance, a pair of people were rushing along, with a very imposing and domineering aura, even mortals were not even qualified to see what they looked like, all of them were blocked by a layer of golden light, and on the top of the white clouds, just like a piece of golden streams of light, they were rapidly flying and swept along.

And this …… is naturally, leaving the boundary division alliance of the eastern emperor tribe army.

At this moment, within that most majestic mobile palace of the Eastern Imperial Clan, Dongfang Zexuan was sitting on the ground, his face was pale, and his lips were blue, as if he was suffering from a serious illness.

In the surroundings of Dongfang Zexuan, there were a number of elders of the Dongfang Emperor Clan sitting on the floor, and they were working together to set up a formation to heal Dongfang Zexuan’s injuries.

After a long time, Dongfang Ze Xuan’s tightly closed eyes slowly opened, first moving his muscles and bones, before saying, “This Demon Subduing Golden Body Formation, is really strong enough, I’ve only been using it for a period of time, but the power of this backlash still makes it difficult for me to endure.”

“Third Prince, are we just going to let it go? When has my Eastern Imperial Clan ever suffered such a loss.” An elder said with great reluctance.

“What else do you want? The Realm Master Alliance has the Left Heavenly Father in attendance, can you do anything about it?” Dongfang Zexuan asked in a cold voice.

“We ……” Several elders looked at each other and eventually all bowed their heads, they indeed had no way to fight against Zuo Tianzun.

“Don’t worry, this matter, I won’t let it go, no one can stand on my Dongfang Zexuan’s head and shit.”

“Feng Chu? If it wasn’t a competition of boundary arts, would I have lost to him? If it was a contest of force, I wouldn’t even have to move, I would be able to leave him in the dust.”

“Just wait, one day, I will let him know how powerful I, Dongfang Zexuan, am.” When Dongfang Zexuan spoke here, a cold light flashed in his eyes, icy cold to the extreme.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was within the Palace of the Realm Master Alliance and had just shown his true identity to the Elders, to all the Elders.

Shocked, after Chu Feng displayed his true identity, other than the left Heavenly Father, who was quite familiar with Chu Feng, all the others were shocked.

“Chu Feng, you’re really bold and daring, even posing as a disciple of my Realm Master Alliance, are you tired of living?!!!”

Suddenly, an angry roar rang out, this was an elder of the Greenwood Sacred Guild, but he also had another identity, that was Lin Yezhou’s grandfather, Lin Bittern.

This Lin Bitter Xing, within the Realm Master Sacred Society, was also a character with quite a seniority and high status, in front of him, even the Realm Master Alliance Alliance Master had to give in for three points, and his words were extremely powerful.

And this roar of Lin Bitterwalker also caused the other Elders to be taken aback, although it was true that Chu Feng had posed as a disciple of the Boundary Master Alliance, he had after all stood up for the Boundary Master Alliance, and guarded the honour of the Boundary Master Alliance.

Even if his merits and faults were balanced, Chu Feng’s merits far outweighed his faults, and what’s more, many people knew that the Boundary Master Alliance had invited Chu Feng to join the Boundary Master Alliance, but Chu Feng had always refused.

This time, Chu Feng had actually volunteered to stand up for the Boundary Master Alliance at a time when the Boundary Master Alliance was in crisis, and it could be seen that Chu Feng still cared very much about the Boundary Master Alliance, and at the very least, he was on the side of the Boundary Master Alliance.

Since that was the case, wasn’t this precisely a good time to invite Chu Feng to join the Boundary Master Alliance once again?

However, at such a moment, Lin Bittern, an extremely senior Greenwood Sacred Association Elder, had suddenly stood out and accused Chu Feng in such a mean manner.

This truly caused the Elders to neither be able to figure it out, nor did they know what to do, they could not figure out why Lin Bitterness was doing this, after all, this was not beneficial to the Realm Master Alliance at all.

They didn’t know what to do because they didn’t dare to refute Lin Bittern because they didn’t have the qualifications, much less the guts.

With no other choice, all of them turned their gaze towards Zuo Tianzun, at this moment, the only one who was above Lin Bitterwalk was Zuo Tianzun.

However, people didn’t put too many expectations on Zuo Tianzun either, those here were all the top figures of the Realm Master Alliance.

Therefore, they all knew that the relationship between Zuo Tianzun and Lin Bitterness was very close and even somewhat special.

Lin Bittern and Zuo Tianzun, were characters from the same period of time, and the two had known each other when they were both disciples.

Although they were rivals when they were disciples, as Zuo Tianzun became stronger and stronger, Lin Bitterwalk and Zuo Tianzun turned their enemies into friends and began to follow Zuo Tianzun, and Lin Bitterwalk has always been one of Zuo Tianzun’s beloved.

As a matter of fact, after so many years, rather than being Zuo Tianzun’s beloved, Lin Bittern was more like Zuo Tianzun’s best friend.

Lin Bittern’s greatest dependence was Left Heavenly Father, and whatever Lin Bittern did, Left Heavenly Father only favoured it and never blamed it.

With such a close relationship between the two, how could people expect that Zuo Tianzun would go and accuse Lin Bitterwalk for the sake of an outsider like Chu Feng?

“Lin Bittern, have you been living for too long and have become confused?”

“Chu Feng, by winning over Dongfang Zexuan for my Sector Master Alliance, not only did he make the Dongfang Emperor Clan make a trip for nothing, but he also caused them to lose face.”

“And if Chu Feng hadn’t stepped in, then the one who would have suffered a defeat would have been my Realm Master Alliance, the one who would have lost all their face would have been my Realm Master Alliance, and the juniors of my Realm Master Alliance would have become a joke in the entire Sacred Land of Martial Arts.”

“And for all of this to be avoided, it was all thanks to little friend Chu Feng.”

“But you …… hallowed Elder of the Greenwood Sacred Association, to even say such words to Junior Friend Chu Feng, is your head kicked by a donkey?” Zuo Tianzun opened his mouth, and the moment he did so, he pointed at Lin Bittern and cursed without mercy.

At this moment, not only did Lin Bitterwalk freeze, even the others froze.

They could not have imagined, no matter what, that Zuo Tianzun would really, for the sake of such an outsider as Chu Feng, scold Lin Bitterwalk so bitterly, and his words were so fierce that it could be said that he had not left any face at all.

As for Lin Bitter Walker, he was as petrified as a general, frozen there, he had not thought that his master, who he had faithfully followed for so many years, and who would shelter him even if he were to cause a great deal of trouble, would actually rebuke him today because of an outsider, making him unable to get off the stage in front of so many people.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this time, my Realm Master Alliance is thanks to you, regardless of whether you are a disciple of my Realm Master Alliance or not, but I will reward you.”

As Zuo Tianzun spoke, he took out an object from within his Qiankun Pocket, it was a robe, but it was by no means an ordinary robe.

The golden light shone, the material was extraordinary, it was a Realm Spirit Imperial Robe, but it was not an ordinary Realm Spirit Imperial Robe, it was even more precious than an ordinary Realm Spirit Imperial Robe, even more precious.

Because on the top of this Realm Spirit Imperial Robe, there was a big word engraved, this big word, was an ancient script, people nowadays couldn’t read it, and didn’t know what it represented, but it was very much like the word king.

And this is like the ancient font of the word king, but also exudes a special power, this power makes this world spirit royal robe, looks different, just look at a glance to know, this is an extraordinary thing.

“This is the King’s Royal Robe?!!!”

Seeing this Realm Spirit Imperial Robe, not only Sima Ying and Lin Yezhou and the other disciples, even the Realm Master Alliance Alliance Leader, Miao Renlong, and even such a great figure as Lin Bitterness, all of them lit up and were astonished.