Martial Champion Chapter 1450

At this moment, the ripples have already dissipated, and the appearance of that golden ball of light is also showing more and more clearly .

Golden ball of light, only six metres in diameter, but above the ball of light, all the spells, the spells as chains, glittering between the golden ball of light, blocked tightly, indestructible.

Click – suddenly, a crunching sound came, the ball of light unexpectedly cracked open, countless cracks are spreading, and getting bigger and bigger, soon it will be completely shattered.

“Oh my god, this ……”

And when that ball of light shattered, people were all brightened up, even Chu Feng was frowning slightly, and a hidden uneasiness was revealed within his gaze.

Because after that ball of light shattered, what emerged was naturally Dongfang Zexuan, and the current Dongfang Zexuan, compared to earlier, had produced a great change, his body was no longer covered with boundary armour, but his flesh, turning golden.

At this moment, his body, like gold casting general, not only the golden light, but also exudes an extremely powerful atmosphere, more powerful than before.

Not only that, even the flame twin swords in his hands were transformed into two golden twin swords that were even more powerful.

“Third Prince, finally still using this forbidden formation?”

“To be able to force the Third Prince to such a point, the kid from the Boundary Master Alliance is quite capable.”

“But since the Third Prince has used this move, then this competition is destined to end.”

At this moment, compared to the nervousness of the people of the Boundary Master Alliance, the corners of the mouths of the elders of the Eastern Imperial Clan, on the other hand, lifted up an identical arc, that of a confident smile, the joy of victory.

Bang – Suddenly, Dongfang Zexuan moved, his footsteps stepped forwards, and all of heaven and earth shook, a violent and invisible aura ravaged this part of heaven and earth, and pervaded the entire square.

Swish – after emitting this powerful aura, Dongfang Zexuan transformed into a golden stream of light, instantly arriving in front of Chu Feng, the golden double blades in his hands transformed into two half-moon shaped golden awns, just like the scythe of the God of Death, carrying a dangerous and deadly aura, cutting towards Chu Feng.

Bang – Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly swung the flame longsword in his hand and went forward to resist, but unexpectedly, the moment the two intertwined, it did not emit the sound of steel intertwining, but instead, it erupted into an ear-piercing rumble.

At the same time as that boom exploded, a powerful energy fluctuation was also transformed into a tangible air flame that swept away.

Most notably, that Qi Flame only swept towards Chu Feng, while Dongfang Zexuan was not affected in the slightest.

That Qi Flame was too strong, and even though Chu Feng’s strength was not weak, he was repelled by that Qi Flame.

“Damn it, this Qi Flame actually has the effect of delaying my movements.”

At that moment, Chu Feng let out a sigh of astonishment, and the moment he was struck by that Qi Flame, he felt that his limbs were somewhat numb, and his movements were restricted.

However, even so, Chu Feng did not panic, but instead, the pace of his feet changed, and the Flame Feather Cave behind him fiercely caved in, and began to retreat backwards explosively, as Chu Feng had to keep his distance from Dongfang Zexuan.

“Want to escape? It also depends on whether or not you have this opportunity.” Seeing Chu Feng retreating backwards, Dongfang Zexuan humiliated and chased after him at the same time, he would not let go, this was the best time to defeat Chu Feng.

“Escape? Then you’re thinking wrongly, it’s only a different way of exchanging blows.” While Chu Feng retreated explosively, his right hand gripped the flaming longsword in his hand tightly, and between swings, a fire dragon continuously swept out, encircling towards Dongfang Ze Xuan.

However, Dongfang Zexuan’s battle power at this moment had indeed been greatly enhanced, not only had his attacks become swifter, his hands had also become more agile.

Chu Feng’s attacks simply could not injure him, and not only could they not injure him, but he had also formed an absolute suppression of Chu Feng’s attacks.

For a moment, the battle situation between the two of them, underwent a dramatic transformation, and Chu Feng, who was in an advantageous position, unexpectedly turned around and was at an absolute disadvantage.

Moreover, at this moment, Dongfang Zexuan’s attack was exceptionally ferocious, and could be said to be ruthless and unforgiving.

The reason why he was like that was because he was angry, not to mention being humiliated by Chu Feng, but simply being suppressed by Chu Feng in front of everyone, that made him extremely unhappy, and he had to give Chu Feng a certain lesson.

“Senior Zuo.” Seeing that the matter was not good, Su Mei turned her gaze for help towards Zuo Tianzun, she did not wish for her brother Chu Feng to have any shortcomings for the sake of herself.

“Don’t worry, with me here, Dongfang Zexuan will never want to injure Chu Feng.” Zuo Tianzun understood Su Mei’s meaning and gave a look that reassured him.

Seeing that Zuo Tianzun, had already made preparations to preserve Chu Feng, Su Mei’s hanging heart, only then did half of it fall, but only half of it fell, this competition did not end, her heart had no way to be absolutely solid.

“What’s wrong, where did your earlier wild energy go?”

“Come on, fight with me head on again, are you afraid of the end and only know how to run around?”

“Is this the extent of the disciples of the Realm Master Alliance?”

Dongfang Zexuan, while suppressing Chu Feng, humiliated to his heart’s content, the only way he could release the stifled feelings in his heart, the only way he could show off his strength.

“See, this is that brat’s strength, it’s not that he’s weak, it’s that his opponent is too strong, in front of my family’s Third Prince, no matter who it is, as long as they fight with him, then there’s only one result, they will definitely lose.” The situation was reversed, and the Eastern Imperial Clan’s elder, began to boast proudly.

“Yes, yes, yes, the strength of the Third Prince, we are all witnesses to it, and those among the juniors who can fight against him simply do not exist.” The Jade Water Palace’s elder said with an attentive face.

“No, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just that this Realm Master Alliance doesn’t exist.” That Eastern Emperor Clan’s elder corrected.

He knew that although the Third Prince was strong, he wasn’t the strongest genius in the Eastern Imperial Clan, and that there were several, not inferior to the Third Prince, geniuses in the Western Sect, Southern Palace, and Northern Hall Imperial Clans.

The four great imperial clans are already so, that stands at the peak of the Eastern Imperial Clan’s three houses, naturally also has a more powerful genius.

However, even if the Third Prince wasn’t the strongest genius in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts, they were confident that there was absolutely no one within this Realm Master Alliance that could compete with his family’s Third Prince.

“Dare you not to run away, dare you fight me head on? You shrinking head turtle.”

Dongfang Zexuan, roared angrily, despite the fact that he held an absolute advantage, he had so far failed to injure Chu Feng by the slightest bit, which caused him to be extremely upset, and he couldn’t wait to slash at Chu Feng’s body.

“Hey …… it’s time, to end this.”

And just as this voice of humiliation from Dongfang Zexuan fell, Chu Feng then let out such a voice, and when that voice was let out, Chu Feng’s left hand suddenly opened.

Swish – the moment Chu Feng’s left hand opened, a golden aura also exploded out like lightning, shooting straight towards Dongfang Zexuan.

Pfft – that golden aura was simply too fast, and in a flash, it actually penetrated Dongfang Zexuan’s body.


After being penetrated by the golden mango, Dongfang Zexuan was as petrified as a general, stood still, after a while, he only came to his senses, looked down, only to find that his left shoulder, was actually already drenched in blood, was pierced with a bloody hole.

“Third Prince.”

Seeing this scene, the crowd of the Eastern Imperial Clan, all of them were suddenly startled, and all of them leapt up and swept towards Dongfang Ze Xuan.

Swish, swish, swish – Seeing that, Zuo Tianzun and the others also leapt up, like ghosts, and stood behind Chu Feng.

They were afraid of what the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan would do to Chu Feng, so they had come to protect Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng had injured Dongfang Zexuan, this Third Imperial Highness of the Eastern Imperial Clan.

“Heavens, Feng Chu he… he… he… he actually defeated Dongfang Zexuan.”

At that moment, the other onlookers also finally realised that Dongfang Zexuan’s left shoulder was injured, but Chu Feng was intact.

This competition was over, but this result was so surprising, the one who had won was actually a disciple of the Realm Master Alliance, Feng Chu.

“Impossible, this is impossible, how could I lose to you.” Suddenly, Dongfang Zexuan roared with extreme unwillingness.

“Heh ……,” However, in response to Dongfang Zexuan’s roar, Chu Feng let out a light laugh, then said to Dongfang Zexuan:

“This Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, you think that you have absolutely suppressed me, yet you do not know what it means to be false and what it means to be fake.”

“When two soldiers are fighting, absolute strength is needed, but there is also a need for trickery, strength is one aspect, and trickery is also one aspect, Third Prince, you have your strength.”

“But here …… you are much worse.” At those words, Chu Feng raised his left hand and pointed to his head.

“You ……”

As soon as Chu Feng’s words fell, the crowd of the Eastern Imperial Clan were all furious, their faces turning white and their lips turning blue.

It was because Chu Feng’s words were precisely the words of Dongfang Zexuan, who had previously humiliated Su Mei, but at this moment, Chu Feng was returning all of them word for word, unchanged.