Martial Champion Chapter 1449


Seeing Chu Feng attacking head-on, although Dongfang Zexuan was also surprised, he was not afraid, instead, he gave a cold snort of disdain, in his opinion, Chu Feng daring to take the lead in striking out at him was striking a stone with an egg.

Clang – Dongfang Zexuan’s single blade in his left hand was raised upwards and across his head, while Chu Feng’s longsword also roared, and between the two intertwining, it swung up a gorgeous spark.

As for Dongfang Zexuan, he also managed to block Chu Feng’s longsword with this block.

However, he was clearly not satisfied with that, while resisting Chu Feng’s attack, Dongfang Zexuan’s feet moved forward, and the single blade of his right hand was also like a dragon emerging from the sea, and stabbed towards Chu Feng’s heart.

The swiftness of the speed, the decisiveness of the attack, caused all the people present to light up and be quite surprised, and only in this instant, they had already seen, the absolute strength of the Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan.

This was the Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, the entire Holy Land of Martial Arts, all ranked as a super genius.


However, in the face of Dongfang Ze Xuan’s vicious counterattack, Chu Feng was faintly smiling, not flickering or dodging, only seeing the longsword in his hand slightly shaking, and then, with a “bang” sound, the flames entwined on top of the longsword were taken out of the sword, and, just like the fire Lang, swooped over to Dongfang Ze Xuan.


Dongfang Zexuan was horrified, he did not expect that the flame longsword in Chu Feng’s hand that was evolved by the formation was not only able to enhance his battle power, but that entangled flame was also able to be transformed into a long-range attack.

Such a situation caused him to give up his attack on Chu Feng, retrieve his single sword, and flash back to the side.

However, that Flame Lang was actually controlled by Chu Feng, trailing the route that Dongfang Zexuan had dodged and chasing after him.

Swish – Seeing that it was no longer possible to dodge, Dongfang Zexuan then rotated the single blade in his hand, causing it to transform into a flaming shield, blocking that Fire Lang.

“It’s not over yet.”

However, at the same time that the fire Lang was blocked, a chill came from behind Dongfang Zexuan’s back.

It was Chu Feng, Chu Feng followed like a shadow, and as he catalysed the Fire Lang to launch an attack towards Dongfang Zexuan, he himself was also catching up, so it could be said that he was pressing on step by step.


Dongfang Zexuan, at this moment, had the feeling that there was a vicious wolf in front of him and a fierce tiger behind him, and was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.

However, Dongfang Zexuan, indeed, was not a simple character, at this critical moment, he still made a choice.

Since he was in a dilemma, he would not flash or hide, and fight Chu Feng head on.

Swish swish swish swish – thinking of this, Dongfang Zexuan, was also decisive, the dual swords in his hands danced, as if they were two fire dragons, blocking the fire Lang on one side, blocking Chu Feng on the other side, and engaging Chu Feng in a battle.

“Not bad, this Dongfang Zexuan has a lot of combat experience, and is the strongest person I have encountered among my peers.”

“Luckily, it was only a competition of boundary techniques, if it was a competition of battle power, with his cultivation, I would definitely not be his opponent, unless I am at the same level of cultivation as him, I would be able to fight with him.”

“However, if you dare to humiliate my Xiao Mei, no matter where you come from, I will defeat you.”

Chu Feng also realised how powerful Dongfang Zexuan was, and knew that this was an opponent that could not be underestimated, and was indeed a super genius that was unknown how much stronger than Qin Lingyun, Lin Yezhou, and the others.

However, Chu Feng was not discouraged, he worshipped the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram, and his Boundary Technique had already reached a rather strong height, and under the same level, he was almost invincible, so Chu Feng was naturally not afraid of Dongfang Zexuan.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had gone from the Continent of the Nine States, to the Eastern Seas, and then to this Sacred Land of Martial Arts, how many killings had he experienced, and how many powerful opponents had he faced.

In terms of fighting methods, Chu Feng was originally not weaker than Dongfang Zexuan, and coupled with Chu Feng’s current formation, which was more powerful than Dongfang Zexuan’s, so from the moment the two of them began to exchange blows, it was already destined for Chu Feng to have an absolute advantage.

“Too unbelievable, this Feng Chu actually masters such a powerful formation, where did he acquire this formation from? I’ve simply never seen or heard of it, this is simply not the formation of my Realm Master Alliance.”

“Yes, that flame armour and flame longsword, to be able to enhance his battle power is already quite extraordinary, but the flames on the longsword can actually transform into long range attacks, and the flame wings of the armour can also increase the speed of movement, this is just too astonishing.”

The people of the Realm Master Alliance were stunned, their faces covered in shock.

The flames on Dongfang Zexuan’s dual blade formations and armour formations were just decorations, but this Feng Chu’s was not, it was a means that could play an actual role.

Such a formation was simply too powerful, not to mention mastery, they had simply never seen it before.

“Unexpectedly, my Realm Master Alliance has hidden such a remarkable disciple, putting aside the strange formations he has mastered, his means of engaging in this close combat is also extremely strong, it is actually not weaker than Dongfang Zexuan at all.”

“What exactly is the origin of this son, and what kind of background does he have behind him, why have I never heard of him before?”

“My Realm Master Alliance, the sudden appearance of such a deeply hidden disciple, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

At this moment, not to mention the unusual elders and disciples of the Realm Master Alliance, even the Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance, as well as the elders of the Realm Master Sacred Guild, were stunned.

And while the people of the Boundary Master Alliance were rejoicing, the depressed ones were naturally the Eastern Imperial Clan, who would never have thought that the Boundary Master Alliance would have such a formidable genius who was able to suppress their Third Prince with the art of Boundary Technique no matter what.

However, although a little depressed, the Eastern Imperial Clan did not show too much concern, as if they had absolute confidence in their Third Prince.

In fact, compared to the Eastern Imperial Clan, the people from the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Palace, and the Eight Desolate Mountains were even more worried.

One Su Mei was fine, but now that the Boundary Master Alliance had produced another, such a powerful genius, this was not good news for them, who were also one of the Nine Powers.

After all, the strength of the disciples of the nine powers was something that would affect the balance of the nine powers in the future.

“Elder Dongfang, the Third Prince, he, won’t lose to this kid from the Realm Master Alliance, right?” Worried, an elder from the Jade Water Palace cautiously asked an elder from the Eastern Imperial Clan.

“Hmph, my family’s Third Prince, would he lose to this kind of guy?” That elder of the Eastern Imperial Clan grunted coldly in a very unpleasant manner.

“Yes, yes, yes, how could the Third Prince lose to such a fellow, I was overthinking it.” Seeing that person’s displeasure, that Elder of the Jade Water Palace hurriedly compensated with a smile.

Although, he was also a peak Half-Emperor, and that Eastern Imperial Clan elder was also a peak Half-Emperor, yet he was respectful to the other party, just like a lackey.

In fact, it wasn’t just the Jade Water Palace’s elder, the Eight Desolate Ridges, and the Fire Lin Palace’s elder, who similarly didn’t dare to be disrespectful to the Eastern Imperial Clan’s elder.

Boom – right at that moment, suddenly, a loud noise rang out violently, and at the same time, a ferocious ripple also swept out like a hurricane, and the place where that originated from was precisely the battle circle between Chu Feng and Dongfang Zexuan.

To be precise, that was from Dongfang Zexuan’s means, at this moment, Dongfang Zexuan was being wrapped in a golden ball of light, that ball of light was shining, especially at this moment when the sky was already dark, that golden ball of light, it appeared even more dazzling.

This golden ball of light, not only dazzling, is constantly emitting, layer after layer of energy ripples.

The power of the ripples was different, sweeping across the sky, unstoppable, even Chu Feng was knocked back to thousands of metres away.

And many of the disciples who were present with weaker cultivation levels were even blown by the ripples and rolled around, and even had their flesh split open and spat out blood.

If it wasn’t for the elders of the Boundary Master Alliance, who had hurriedly arranged defensive boundaries, just this ripple would have caused many of the disciples of the Boundary Master Alliance to be killed or injured.