Martial Champion Chapter 1447

Thirty-three fierce beasts, taking turns to launch an attack on Chu Feng, were exceptionally appalling.

Such thirty-three fierce beasts, with open teeth and claws and roaring, even Chu Feng did not dare to confront them head-on.

Unable to do so, Chu Feng executed a formation that could increase his speed, and with that formation, Chu Feng began to flee.

Thus, such a scene occurred in the square, as thirty-three behemoths as large as mountains began to use all sorts of means to chase after Chu Feng, who was dressed in a black robe and as thin as an ant.

Even though, with that speed-enhancing formation, Chu Feng was running extremely fast, under the pursuit of the thirty-three fierce beasts, he also appeared to be in a bit of a sorry state.

Such a scene caused the crowd of the Realm Master Alliance, each and every one of them to be on tenterhooks, which could be described as tense to the extreme, and their tightly clenched palms gripped out a handful of cold sweat.

Chu Feng, no, in the eyes of the people of the Boundary Master Alliance, this was not Chu Feng, but Feng Chu, and this Feng Chu was the last hope of the Boundary Master Alliance to hold on to its honour.

However, the current situation could not be optimistic, and if this Feng Chu were to lose, then this time, their Boundary Master Alliance would truly be defeated.

But what was unexpected was that even though Chu Feng had long since fallen into a disadvantage, he was able to hold on, and in the midst of this adversity, he had been holding on with his opponent, and this hold on, was a full three hours.

After a full three hours of time, the red sun, which was shining brightly, had already fallen into the west, and even the sky …… was almost dark.

“It’s truly incredible, I can’t imagine that this Feng Chu has persisted for such a long time.” At this moment, the people who were originally worried about Chu Feng all had colours of admiration more or less welling up on their faces.

Miracle, this was definitely a miracle, to be able to persist for so long in that kind of disadvantage, what was it if not a miracle? At least if it was anyone else, it was something that was simply impossible to do.

“You coward, don’t you have any other skills besides fleeing?”

“Previously shouting so arrogantly, I thought you were so good, but it turns out that you are such a shrunken head turtle that only escapes.” Dongfang Zexuan, finally couldn’t help but curse.

Such a guy, even with him a stalemate for a full three hours, and no matter how he catalysed the thirty-three beasts, no matter how to use how to use the means of clamping down, but can not catch this guy, this called always conceited Dongfang Zexuan, how can not be angry, he is simply about to explode.

“What? Shrinking head turtle? Heh ……” However, for Dongfang Zexuan’s curse, Chu Feng let out a sound of disdain, and even had a few points of mocking Fan Yi.

“How? Saying that you’re a shrunken head turtle doesn’t convince you? Fleeing around like a bastard, not daring to fight me head on at all, you’re not a shrunken head turtle, what is it?” Dongfang Zexuan said.

“It’s true that I’ve been fleeing all this time, but after I’ve been fleeing for so long, have you ever injured me in the slightest?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“This ……” The moment Chu Feng’s words came out, the people present were all stunned, and they looked carefully at Chu Feng and then at Dongfang Zexuan, and then they were all shocked.

Although, from the moment Dongfang Zexuan had sacrificed thirty-three gigantic beasts to appear, Chu Feng had fallen into a disadvantage and was being chased around, and this fleeing was a full three hours.

However, Chu Feng’s clothes were intact, and indeed he had not received half a bit of damage. Those thirty-three gigantic beasts, within those three hours, had unleashed all sorts of means, all sorts of attacks, but none of them had been able to injure Chu Feng in the slightest.

However, looking at Dongfang Zexuan again, although he had always had the upper hand, right now, his face was also covered with bean-sized beads of sweat, which indicated that after fully catalysing the array formation for three hours, he had also expended quite a lot of physical strength.

If it is said that earlier to see, this competition is Dongfang Zexuan occupies the absolute advantage, then now look again, this three hours of war of attrition, the two of them in the end who is superior and who is inferior, it is really not easy to say.

“Less nonsense, say so much what’s the use, if you really have the ability, but with my opposite confrontation ah.” Dongfang Zexuan, angrily roared.

“Hehe, at least you are also the third prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, come to my sector division alliance is a guest, I delayed to make a move, just give you a few points of face, let you just.”

“But I didn’t expect, you are so uneducated, I kindly let you, but you don’t appreciate it, instead, you humiliate me, it’s really too unqualified, in vain, your Eastern Imperial Clan inheritance has lasted for such a long time, could it be that your elders, didn’t they ever teach you how to be a human being?” Speaking here, Chu Feng sighed and shook his head, actually filled with the flavour of hatred.

“You fart, do I need you to let me? What do you think you are that you also want to be compared to me.” Hearing Chu Feng say this, Dongfang Zexuan was even more furious and his face turned green.

Thinking to himself that he was clearly chased by me and fled, but he still had the nerve to say such words, how shameless is this?

This was also in the Sector Master Alliance, if it were anywhere else, he wouldn’t have wasted so much time, he would have used force, used his true cultivation, and slapped this shameless little brute to death.

“Good, that’s what you said, since that’s the case, there’s no need for me to give in to you anymore.” However, unexpectedly, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his pace and stopped fleeing.

And the moment he stopped his pace, he crossed his palms, and then he violently opened them again, and a golden formation emerged in front of him.

Swish swish swish – once that formation came out, it was like an armoury, countless golden weapons shot out from it.

The weapons were all condensed from the boundary, but they contained extremely terrifying power, and after they came out, they swept towards the thirty-three giant beasts.

Clang, clang, clang – in an instant, a roar like steel intertwining, like firecrackers exploding in succession, more piercing than thunder.

And at the time of this roar, those thirty-three murderous beasts were actually disintegrated by Cunxu, and were soon broken into pieces, transforming into a wisp of golden boundary power that floated away in the air.

After shattering the thirty-three gigantic beasts, those tens of thousands of weapons were also like guards, neatly falling back in Chu Feng’s surroundings.

“Heavens, this ……”

Shocked, incomparably shocked, after seeing the scene just now, the shock caused everyone present to hold their breath, and even this vast square became silent.

They were truly stunned, clearly that terrifying giant beast was completely destroyed in the blink of an eye.

This Feng Chu had such strength, so why did he keep it? Was it really as he said, that he had deliberately given way to Dongfang Zexuan?

The third prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, a supreme genius, even needed someone to let him?

No, this was not the crux of the matter, the crux of the matter was that the Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, using these thirty-three gigantic beasts, had chased after Feng Chu for a full three hours, but had failed to injure Feng Chu in the slightest.

However, Feng Chu, in only a few moments, had made the Third Prince’s thirty-three Boundary Giant Beasts, fly into oblivion.

The gap, whether people wanted to admit it or not, but this was indeed the gap between the two.

“Cough cough ……”

However, just as everyone, was immersed in that shock, two light coughs suddenly woke people up.

That was the sound made by Chu Feng, and at this moment, he was still standing in the same place, only a pair of arms, however, were placed behind him as he looked at Dongfang Zexuan and said:

“Well? Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, are you still satisfied with the result of my strike?”