Martial Champion Chapter 1444

“What’s going on, are we still competing or not?”

“If there’s no one who can fight me, then I’ll leave, I don’t have that much time to waste here.” Above the square, Dongfang Zexuan stood with his hands in the air, speaking in a lofty, yet impatient tone.

And in fact, ever since Miao Renlong and the others had left, this Dongfang Zexuan’s mouth had never stopped, and the words he spoke were naturally all words of sarcasm and mockery.

The most helpless thing was that, for Dongfang Ze Xuan’s sneering and mocking, the people of the Realm Master Alliance, despite being very upset, there was not much they could do, after all, what they said was also the truth, right now, they really couldn’t take out anyone to fight with Dongfang Ze Xuan, even if they were to be sarcastic, what can you do about it?

“The boundary division alliance is so far away from the Eastern Imperial Clan, for this competition, you have travelled a long way to come over, how can you wait for such a short time, you can’t wait?” Right at this moment, a majestic voice suddenly rang out from the distant sky.

And along with the sound of that voice, a group of people also appeared from the place where that voice came from, and those few people were none other than Chu Feng and the others with Zuo Tianzun as their leader, and that sentence from earlier was issued by Zuo Tianzun.

“Greetings to Lord Zuo Tianzun.”

Seeing Zuo Tianzun, not to mention the people of the Realm Master Alliance, even the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Palace, the Eight Desolate Ridges, and even the numerous experts of the Eastern Imperial Race hurriedly saluted.

After all, Zuo Tianzun was a Martial Emperor powerhouse, in the entire Sacred Land of Martial Arts, he was a big shot with a big name, and none of them, not a single one of them, had dared to flaunt their arms in front of Zuo Tianzun.

“Late generation, greetings to Senior Zuo Tianzun.” As a matter of fact, even the unruly Dongfang Zexuan, after seeing Zuo Tianzun, also hurriedly clasped his fists and saluted, showing a rare respectful demeanour.

He could look down on everyone, but he didn’t dare to look down on Martial Emperors, Martial Emperor powerhouses, that was still an existence that he couldn’t compare to, and with his small cultivation, if he dared to look down on Martial Emperors, he would be committing a death wish as he didn’t possess the qualifications to do so.

“Forget it, just don’t even come to these falsehoods, what is it that you Eastern Imperial Clan, Jade Water Palace, Fire Lin Palace, Eight Desolate Ridge, are raising a large number of people to come to my Realm Master Alliance for? You yourselves know best.” However, in the face of the crowd’s respect, Zuo Tianzun was unappreciative and instead spoke out in ridicule.

“…… “Regarding what Zuo Tianzun said, the crowd all bowed their heads, their faces full of embarrassment.

Not to mention, what this great man said was right, and most importantly, in front of this great man, they didn’t dare to refute it.

“Xiao Mei, go, people have been waiting for so long, don’t tell him to wait in vain.” Zuo Tianzun said to Xiao Mei.

Swish – under Zuo Tianzun’s gesture, Su Mei also had a delicate body and landed in the centre of the square like a heavenly maiden.

“Realm Master Alliance Su Mei, please enlighten me.” Su Mei announced her name.

“Su Mei? So Little Miss Mei’s big name, is it called Su Mei?” The crowd of the Realm Master Alliance was quite joyful, although they knew that Su Mei was powerful, they didn’t know Su Mei’s big name yet.

Now that they had learnt about it, they were naturally happy, after all, Su Mei was the Boundary Master Alliance, the strongest genius, a true heavenly pride, and the Boundary Master Alliance’s trump card today.

“So the ace that made me wait for a long time is still a girl, this girl, I don’t know why you are covering your face, is it that you are too ugly to see others?”

Dongfang Zexuan, although he was respectful to Zuo Tianzun, he could be mean to others, especially to his opponents.

“Right, why has junior sister Xiao Mei been covering her face, could it be that there is some hidden agenda?”

“It couldn’t really be an ugly woman as that Dongfang Zexuan said, could it?”

“How could it be, with Little Miss Mei’s boundary art, isn’t it just a game to try to disguise yourself?”

“You’re silly, although the art of conjunction to change the appearance is easy, but after all, it’s a fake, in the eyes of an expert, a glance can be seen.”

“In that case, little beauty senior sister, it really might be because she’s too ugly, that she doesn’t dare to meet people?”

Although, Dongfang Zexuan was intentionally humiliating Su Mei, which was something that was very much another thing that the people of the Realm Master Alliance resented, they were nonetheless curious as to why Su Mei had been covering up her appearance.

“Heh ……” However, in response to the crowd’s scepticism, Su Mei let out a light laugh with a mean but very pleasant breath.

And, after that, she made a shocking move as she took off the robe that covered her entire body, revealing her sweet and adorable face.

“Wow ~~~~”

Seeing Su Mei’s true face, there was a chorus of shocked voices present, especially those who were already in love with Su Mei, they were all the more snickering, their hearts incomparably joyful.

Su Mei’s face, although it can’t be said that she is a beautiful woman, it can’t be said that she is an absolute beauty, but in the entire Realm Master Alliance, she is one of the best, especially her pure and sweet delectable appearance, which makes people from the bottom of their hearts, want to spoil and want to feel heartbroken.

“I never thought that junior sister Xiao Mei, so beautiful, is even more appealing than Ying Er.” And at this moment, the corner of Lin Yezhou’s mouth, also lifted up a smile.

Originally, he was very depressed after losing miserably to Dongfang Zexuan, but seeing that the girl of his dreams was actually so beautiful, that depression of his dissolved quite a bit, as if Su Mei was already her person.

“Yo, so it’s a beautiful woman, but I’m a person who isn’t interested in beautiful women, so you mustn’t think that just because you’re a beautiful woman, I’m going to be merciful to you.” Dongfang Zexuan sneered.

“There’s no need to be merciful, because I won’t be polite to you either.” Su Mei smiled blandly, then even violently struck out.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish – this strike of Su Mei’s was just astonishing, she was using the attacking and killing method of the Boundary Technique and it was quite appalling in its power.

“There are two moves.”

At this moment, Dongfang Zexuan also did not dare to take it lightly, between his hands dancing, the majestic boundary power was already emanating out, and under his catalysing, it transformed into layers of attacking and killing formations, intertwining with Su Mei’s formations in one place.

Boom Boom Boom Boom – for a moment, the roar of the four, ripples across the two, although the two are in the boundary of the art of fighting, but that the battlefield is exceptionally ferocious, and see the people can not stop.

The power of the boundary, which was claimed to be the strongest defensive power, at this moment, in the hands of the two of them, it had turned into the most terrifying means of attack.

The boundary power that was full of insect patterns changed in a thousand ways, sometimes dark clouds rolled, sometimes electricity flashed and thunder roared, sometimes fierce beasts roared, sometimes thousands of divine soldiers.

Two identical boundary powers were attacking each other, the scene was quite spectacular, not to mention the boundary spirit masters of the same generation, even the strongest of the older generation could not stop watching.

Strong, really too strong, the attacking means used by the two of them had already exceeded their peers by a number of levels, even the older generation present, many of them said that they were ashamed to be inferior.

However, even if the two are strong, there is always a winner and a loser, at first Su Mei pressed step by step, has been pressing the East Zexuan play, and the more pressure the more stable, has occupied the absolute upper hand.

This made the people of the Realm Master Alliance, glowing and smiling.

However, it also made the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan frown and worry.

However, no one expected that just as everyone felt that Dongfang Zexuan was bound to lose, he suddenly launched a surprise attack.

Whoosh – Suddenly, with a flash of silver light, a handful of darts that were less than an inch in length, came out of Dongfang Zexuan’s palm and shot towards Su Mei like light.

Everything was too fast, many people present didn’t see it clearly, and even if Su Mei reflected on it, she couldn’t dodge it.

Pfft – so, under a muffled sound, a splash of blood poured out above the square, and Su Mei also collapsed in response.

Su Mei, the ace, had unexpectedly lost.