Martial Champion Chapter 1441

Humph.” And Dongfang Zexuan’s mockery clearly provoked Lin Yezhou’s anger, and with a cold snort, he changed his hands and quickly formed seals.

As his hands formed seals, the boundary power that lingered around him became more and more pure, and eventually it even coalesced into a golden lance that lay across the void.

The lance, ten metres long, thick and powerful, as if it could pierce through everything, the power contained in this lance was definitely no less than a human forbidden martial art.

Looking at the golden lance that Lin Ye Zhou had condensed, many disciples of the Realm Master Alliance couldn’t help but cheer, even the Realm Master Alliance Alliance Master, as well as the elders of the Realm Master Sacred Guild on top of the grandstand, were quite satisfied and nodded their heads.

They could all see that this golden lance that Lin Yezhou had condensed was indeed very uncomplicated, it was a masterful means that was not something that an ordinary person could achieve.


Suddenly, Lin Yezhou let out an explosive shout, his finger pointed at Dongfang Zexuan, and that golden lance, then swept up an air ripple and shot towards Dongfang Zexuan.

Clang – the lance shot into the shield, emitting a loud sound of intertwined steel, but as that loud sound came, the crowd of the Realm Master Alliance, however, all of them turned blue in the face, astonished.

Because at this moment, the shield that was in front of Dongfang Ze Xuan was still intact, but Lin Ye Zhou’s golden lance had broken in inches and scattered all over the place.

“Heavens, this Dongfang Zexuan’s boundary art is actually so strong?” At this moment, everyone in the Boundary Master Alliance was feeling bad, they all seemed to have underestimated, this opponent from the Eastern Imperial Clan.

“My turn.” However, just as the crowd was shocked, Dongfang Zexuan poked out his right hand and then twisted it up.

And under the manipulation of his hand gesture, the giant shield that was blocking him unexpectedly began to melt, transforming from a solid into a gas, and at this moment, it was rushing towards Lin Yezhou.

This scene, once again stunned the crowd of the Boundary Master Alliance, as Boundary Spirit Masters they all knew very well that the solid form of the Boundary Technique was the strongest, and the loose form was weaker.

And this Dongfang Zexuan’s shield, it was clearly a solid body, but he transformed into a loose body, making the strength of the boundary power weaken before attacking Lin Yezhou, what does this mean?

This showed that Dongfang Zexuan very much looked down on Lin Yezhou, looked down on the arrival to weaken his attack before launching his attack on him.

“Dare to underestimate me?”

And being belittled like this, Lin Yezhou was also furious, exerting his full strength, in front of him, he condensed three boundary walls, and each one of them, was exceptionally strong.

Lin Ye Zhou really put up a fight, this time he had no reservations, he wanted to rely on this time to prove himself, to prove that his name as the first disciple of the Realm Master Alliance was well deserved.

Boom – oooh wow – however, as a loud sound rang out, a miserable scream was also heard.

The three boundary walls that Lin Yezhou had condensed were not only all destroyed in an instant, but even Lin Yezhou was caught in the aftershock, bouncing several metres before landing firmly on the ground.

Although, Lin Yezhou was not seriously injured, but he also suffered some external injuries, this duel, the winner has been divided.

“This ……”

At this moment, the higher echelons of the Realm Master Alliance on top of the high platform were all dumbfounded, they did not expect that Lin Yezhou would lose, and lose so miserably.

As for the emotions of the disciples of the Realm Master Alliance, they were even more complicated, their self-esteem had been dealt a serious blow, they who thought that the Realm Spirit Art was unrivalled were now slapped so hard that their hearts were trembling in pain.

However, compared to the male disciples, the female disciples were much better, and there were even some female disciples, who pretended to be hurt on the surface, but their gazes blossomed with adoration.

They had already been charmed by Dongfang Zexuan’s absolute strength, even though they were from the Realm Master Alliance, and even though they were in a hostile camp with Dongfang Zexuan, if Dongfang Zexuan was willing, they were definitely willing to leave everything behind and throw themselves into Dongfang Zexuan’s embrace, even if they were to be slaves and maidservants, they were willing to do so.

And this is the charm of a powerful man ……

Some men, to a woman all kinds of love all kinds of good, but also can not let the woman to its heart.

But some men, do not have to do anything, only need to show their own strength, can let countless women for its heart, and even dead heart.

This is the gap, has nothing to do with the status, has nothing to do with the appearance, and even has nothing to do with the character, simply is the gap in strength.

Worshiping the powerful, this was the nature of individual women, although most women, would still be moved to those men who were truly devoted to him, and even pay.

But there is indeed such a part of the woman, for those who give their heart to the men do not care, only think of climbing those strong men, and even for this, they can stop at nothing, by any means necessary.

And right now, there were some such women in the Realm Master Alliance, who had already moved towards Dongfang Zexuan.

But unfortunately, they are such women, simply can not enter the eyes of the East Zexuan, to know from beginning to end, the East Zexuan did not look at any of the people present.

“Heh ……” At this moment, Chu Feng let out a cold laugh, he felt those gazes that adored Dongfang Ze Xuan, that’s why he felt ridiculous.

However, at the time of the cold laugh, Chu Feng also felt a trace of gratitude, because the more he compared himself to these profit-oriented women, the more Chu Feng realised that the woman beside him was so excellent, so perfect.

“The Boundary Master Alliance’s Boundary Technique is nothing more than that, in my opinion, the outside world is overestimating you all.” Right at this moment, Dongfang Zexuan once again opened his mouth, and in his utterance, he was full of mocking fannish intent.

“Dongfang Zexuan, one should keep a low profile, are you not afraid of flashing your tongue or getting retribution for being so arrogant?” An elder of the Realm Master Sacred Society said with great dissatisfaction.

“This elder, I’m not looking down on your Boundary Master Alliance, I’m just stating the facts, after all, the Boundary Technique I’ve seen really isn’t very good.”

“If you want me to be impressed with your Boundary Master Alliance, that’s fine too, send out a disciple with strength and let me see it, then it won’t be enough.” Dongfang Zexuan said.

“Don’t worry, there will be something for you to suffer right away, a disciple of my Realm Master Alliance will let you know what the true art of boundary formation is.” That elder said.

“Really, then I really can’t wait to see what the real art of boundary formation is.” Dongfang Zexuan laughed lightly.

Regarding Dongfang Zexuan, who was behaving so wildly, the top echelons of the Boundary Master Alliance above the stands all had their brows furrowed, showing some displeasure to a greater or lesser extent.

But other than that, they had no other choice, after all, this was a duel between juniors, and other than sending out strong disciples, all they could do was just watch the action.

“Miao Renlong, why hasn’t that girl called Xiao Mei come yet?”

“If this continues, my Sector Master Alliance will truly become a stepping stone to this Dongfang Zexuan’s fame, and be ridiculed by the world.” That elder of the Realm Master Sacred Association was a little anxious.

After all, Lin Yezhou had already lost, Xiao Mei was the only one who was able to defeat Dongfang Zexuan, so Xiao Mei had become the key to this competition, and it could be said that whether or not the reputation of the Boundary Master Alliance could be preserved depended on Xiao Mei, but right now, Xiao Mei did not show up, so he was naturally anxious.

“I’ll go take a look.” As Miao Renlong spoke, his figure moved and quietly left the stands.

“I’ll go as well.” Seeing this, Sima Ying, who was originally sitting behind Miao Renlong, also moved his body and chased after him.