Martial Champion Chapter 1129

“Chu Feng senior brother, this is something you don’t know, before it’s okay, but in recent years the East, West, and North three forests created by the Three Forests Department, the power is growing day by day, has become the core of the Greenwood Mountain, one of the ten strongest divisions .”

“And has been to my green wood south forest hatred of them, then began to suppress our south forest disciples, although it is not so bad that we can not mix, but compared to other disciples, my green wood south forest disciples, is indeed miserable.”

“Yes, east, west, north three forest disciples formed three forest department, now in the core zone power is very big, other divisions of the people, in order to show them favor, also like to suppress my green wood south forest your disciples, now my green wood south forest disciples, is simply a street rat in general, really is in the depths of the fire in the core zone, over a very tired. ”

“However, the Feathering Department, the same as one of the ten major divisions, although it is only ranked tenth, but with the ninth-ranked Three Forests Department, the strength of the difference is actually not too much, especially with Long Chenyi sitting in the town, the Three Forests Department of the Feathering Department is also a little bit scrupulous.”

“So, as long as we join the Feathering Ministry, I believe that the people from the Three Forests Ministry won’t dare to bully us too much.” Wang Wei, the three of them, narrated together.

“Whew~~~, I went through all this trouble to join the Greenwood Southern Forest, but it turns out that I almost fell into the fire pit.” And after hearing Wang Wei’s trio’s narration, Chu Feng could not help but let out a long breath of relief.

When he thought about it, what did he join the Greenwood Southern Forest for, wasn’t it just to have something to rely on after entering the Greenwood Mountain?

After half a day, the disciples of the Greenwood Southern Forest were the most unpopular ones within this Greenwood Mountain, especially those three forests, who had even joined forces to suppress the disciples of the Greenwood Southern Forest.

If not now Qingmu Nanlin, and Fei Hua Sect alliance, then he entered the Qingmu Mountain, is not equal to the Qingmu Nanlin above, can not get any benefits, but also be implicated by its suppression?

However, after all, this was not what it used to be, under Chu Feng’s efforts, today’s Greenwood South Forest, was no longer the Greenwood South Forest from back then, and at least had the Feathering Sect as an ally.

Coupled with the fact that Chu Feng, had always been outwardly unfriendly, no matter how much unhappiness he had with Zhao Genshuo and the others before, now after all, he was on the same wear, so Chu Feng nodded his head and said, “I can mention this matter to Senior Sister Bai, but whether or not it can come to pass, I can’t guarantee it.”

“Excellent, many thanks to Senior Brother Chu Feng, your great kindness, we will never forget it.”

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, we are truly fortunate to have you here, you are truly our reliance.” Seeing Chu Feng’s promise, the three of them, Wang Wei, were excited.

Although, even if they were unable to join the Feathering Department, they might not really be unable to mix in the Greenwood Southern Forest, if they joined the Feathering Department, it would be the same as having a huge umbrella of refuge, and their path of cultivation here would be superior and much smoother.

Prior to that, they simply did not have such an opportunity, but now, because of Chu Feng, they actually had the opportunity to join the Feathering Department, and naturally, they were excited.

“By the way, you guys said that the Three Forests Department created by the disciples of the Three Forests, as well as the Feathering Department created by the disciples of the Feathering Sect, were only ranked ninth and tenth amongst the divisions in the core of this area, so what about the other eight divisions? What kind of people created them that they are even more powerful than the divisions of the Feathering Sect and the Three Forests disciples?” Suddenly, Chu Feng asked curiously.

After all, the other Three Forests, as well as the Feathered Sect, were the five first-class affiliated forces, their strength was extremely strong, and almost every year, they would send the top geniuses to the Cyanwood Mountain, so they should be the strongest existences in the core zone.

But looking at it now, it didn’t seem to be the case, at least besides them, there were eight other powerful divisions, and all ranked above them.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, this is something you don’t know, the Three Forests and the Feathered Sect are naturally powerful, that’s something that’s undoubtedly true, but they aren’t truly the hegemony, and in the end, they’re only affiliated forces.”

“A behemoth like the Cyanwood Mountain, every year tens of millions more worship in it, and apart from the disciples who actively worship in the Cyanwood Mountain, the elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, they also travel around, looking for outstanding juniors to be included in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“These people, from a young age, receive the highest quality cultivation within the Cyanwood Mountain, and are truly the pride of the heavens.”

“That’s why, in the core of the Cyanwood Mountain, such as the Three Forests and also the Feathered Sect’s Samsara View, the disciples of these first-class affiliated forces, although they have a place, they are not the strongest existences.”

“The core area, the strongest existence, are all disciples trained by the Greenwood Mountain, those guys are very powerful, it can be said that successive generations to take over the position of Sect Master, when the Elder of the family position, are also them.”

“And the division they created, naturally, is also strong and terrifying, if not for the three forests joining forces, the Feathered Sect came out in recent years, a genius called Long Chenyi, I’m afraid that the three forests and the Feathered Sect, even the last two of the top ten divisions, can’t even be ranked it.”

“Yeah, in fact, even the disciples of the Feathering Sect, the Senate Stargazer, and the Three Forests, many of them didn’t join the divisions created by their fellow seniors, but chose to join those more powerful divisions.” The three Wang Wei recounted.

“So that’s how it is, it seems that I was overestimating the first-class affiliated forces.” Hearing this, Chu Feng had already understood everything, and at this moment, he also deeply understood what it meant to be a true Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

This Greenwood Mountain’s core area was definitely a true place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

“Master, the Feathered Sect’s Senior Sister, Bai Ruochen, has come to pay a visit.” Suddenly, a maidservant ran in.

“Whoops? Sister Ruochen has come, please quickly.” Between his words, Chu Feng had already moved, preparing to personally greet Bai Ruochen, and seeing that, Wang Wei’s three people also hurriedly followed.

Just as they walked out of the living room, they really saw Bai Ruochen traveling, she was wearing the same green long skirt as Wang Wei, although it was equally spotless, it was completely two different feelings.

Although Wang Wei is beautiful, but is still mortal flesh and blood, but Bai Ruochen is completely different, she is just like from the top of the iceberg, down a lotus fairy, the beauty of the man for the heartbeat accelerated, let the woman sigh than.

However, at this moment, she is expressionless, absolutely beautiful face, as if covered by ice and snow, all body exudes a distant sense of distance, the only time to see Chu Feng, her beautiful eyes, only emerged a touch of imperceptible softness.

“Underneath Wang Wei ……”

“My name is Zhao Genshuo……”

“My name is Kong Lianfeng. ……”

“Greetings to Senior Sister Bai Ruochen.”

Seeing Bai Ruochen, the three of them, Wang Wei, were not calm anymore, after all, a great genius such as Bai Ruochen was a very frightening existence to them.

So the three of them didn’t dare to be slow, rushed forward to salute, as if the subordinate saw the master in general, obviously the age generation, are bigger than Bai Ruochen, but thought of the Feathered Sect’s disciples, all called Bai Ruochen big senior sister, they also didn’t dare to call Bai Ruochen as senior sister, but called Bai Ruochen senior sister.

Regarding the greetings of the three of them, Bai Ruochen did not have any expression, much less did she return the salute, she just nodded casually and walked straight towards Chu Feng, almost ignoring Wang Wei’s three people.