Martial Champion Chapter 1127

Branch? It is somewhat similar to my Green Dragon Sect’s alliance.” Hearing this, Chu Feng could not help but recall the time when he had just become an inner disciple of the Green Dragon Sect.

Merely, the Green Dragon Sect and this Greenwood Mountain were just like giant peaks and dust, not comparable.

Although, nowadays, Chu Feng was still worshipping this Greenwood Mountain as a disciple, in his heart, he knew how much he had already crossed over on the path of cultivating martial arts.

“Chu Feng, join the Feathering Division, although there will be elders who will shelter you after entering the Greenwood Mountain, after all, the elders cannot follow you all the time.”

“If you leave the Cyanwood Mountain to go on a mission in the future, it is inevitable that you will be targeted by enemies, but if you join the Feathered Department, you will be able to join the members of the Feathered Department and go on missions together, and in that way, you will be able to avoid a lot of dangers from occurring.”

“Because the Feathered Sect disciples, the Feathered Department that was established in the Greenwood Mountain, is also very powerful indeed, and they only accept people from the Feathered Sect, and other forces that want to join, don’t have a chance.”

“Now, it is the Feathering Sect’s Patriarch, who has specially greeted you, that is why the Feathering Department has agreed for you to join, don’t miss out on this great opportunity ah.” Seeing Chu Feng’s delayed speech, Sikong Zhixing thought that Chu Feng was unwilling to join the Feathering Department, and hurriedly secretly transmitted his voice to persuade him.

“En, I am willing to join the Feathering Ministry.” Chu Feng nodded.

In reality, he did not exclude the Feathering Department within his heart, after all, he had joined the Greenwood Southern Forest in the first place in order to look for some dependence that would allow him to have fewer obstacles within the Greenwood Mountain.

Now that not only did the Greenwood Southern Forest shelter him, but there was also the behemoth that was the Feathered Sect, Chu Feng was naturally happy to do so.

“Good, having little friend Chu Feng join the Feathering Sect, this is also a blessing for my Feathering Sect.” Seeing Chu Feng nod his head, the Feathering Sect’s Sectmaster, as well as the Feathering Sect’s various Elders in Charge, all nodded their heads in a rather delighted manner, and each of them smiled from ear to ear.

After all, they all knew that Chu Feng was very uncomplicated, and Chu Feng joining the Feathering Sect was indeed a good thing for the Feathering Sect.

“Then, after entering the Greenwood Mountain, I’ll look for you again.” Seeing Chu Feng agree, Bai Ruochen’s frost-like face also overflowed with a rare, shallow smile.

After that, the Feathered Sect Patriarch, personally contacted his own close friends within the Greenwood Mountain, and sent Chu Feng and the others into the core of the Greenwood Mountain first.

The core area of the Greenwood Mountain was very large, and almost every core disciple had their own territories, but most of those territories were next to each other, and only core disciples with special identities could monopolize a mountain range, or a vast region, isolated from the world.

Under the leadership of the elders, Chu Feng finally moved into his own territory, which was a territory that was not very luxurious, and not very large in size, but was definitely not shabby.

There were also a dozen or so palaces in it, only none of them were very large in area, but they were practical and exquisite.

And in addition to palaces, there are back gardens, rockeries, fountains, and small squares, which can really be described as a small sparrow with all its organs.

And those who moved into this territory together with Chu Feng were not only Chu Feng, but also Qing Mu Nanlin and the Feathered Sect, the slave girls who had prepared for him.

In fact, every core disciple was allowed to bring in a portion of slave girls to serve them, after all, they were all uncomplicated existences, regardless of their status.

However, the treatment Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen enjoyed was somewhat different, not to mention Sikong Zhixing’s, previously handpicked quality servant girls for Chu Feng.

Even the Feathering Sect Patriarch, the maidservant that he had prepared for Chu Feng was also of very high quality, or at least much higher quality than the maidservants of the Feathering Sect’s unusual disciples, and from that, it was evident that the Feathering Sect Patriarch, really liked Chu Feng very much.

After entering his own territory, the first thing Chu Feng did was to change into the Greenwood Mountain core disciple’s clothing, this Greenwood Mountain core disciple’s clothing, was dark green, not only was it atmospheric and beautiful, but it was even more extraordinary, it was a special material that was created to have a protective effect.

Chu Feng has already changed this disciple’s clothing, and will be the core disciple’s token, hung on the waist, and looked in the mirror, it is really good, at least it looks like, it is also considered to be heroic, elegant.

However, after carefully looking at himself, in contrast to the other core disciples that he saw before, Chu Feng always felt that there was something missing.

“Oh, right, there’s a hat missing.” Chu Feng smiled indistinctly and cast his gaze behind him, it turned out that this disciple’s clothing was very full and, in addition to the boot clothing, there was also a very beautiful hat.

Chu Feng opened his hand, and a suction force came from his hand, and directly sucked that green hat into his hand.

“Hey, you’re not really going to wear this hat, are you?” Seeing that Chu Feng was really preparing to, buckle that hat on his head, Egg finally couldn’t help but shout out, and had a rarely odd look on his face.

“What’s wrong my Queen-sama, could it be that there’s something wrong with this hat?” Chu Feng asked with a smile while fiddling with the hat in his hands.

“Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this hat, it’s just that if you really wear this hat, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help but laugh at you, haha, hahaha ……”

Seeing that Chu Feng didn’t seem to understand, Egg “pfft”, then began to laugh with a belly laugh, although she was very beautiful, laughing was even more flavorful and extremely moving, but had to admit that she was laughing at the moment, but there was really a little bit of a bitch.

“Why are you laughing at me?” Seeing Egg’s reaction to this, Chu Feng was even more confused, but had subconsciously realized that it was not good.

“Could it be that you haven’t heard the story of the green hat?” Egg forced a smile and asked with a smirk.

“The story of the green hat? Never heard of it.” Chu Feng shook his head, when he really didn’t understand it at all.

“Alas, what a lone voice, this story was at least passed down from your place, to our Cultivation Spirit Realm.” Egg said.

“I’ve never heard of it, just how is it a story, and what does it have to do with this hat of mine?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s just it, just it, who let you be this Queen’s master, this Queen naturally cannot let you suffer such a dumb loss and be laughed at by others, so she simply told you.”

“Legend has it that there is a merchant called Zhang San in your area, this Zhang San is very smart and has made a lot of money doing business, but nay married a wife who doesn’t abide by the ways of women.”

“This wife of hers, because Zhang San was always away and she was so empty that she couldn’t stand it, she colluded with her neighbor, Li Si, and did incestuous things that went against morality.”

“However, Li Si didn’t know when Zhang San went out to do business, wasn’t sure when it was appropriate to go to Zhang San’s wife, and was always afraid that his adulterous affair with Zhang San’s wife would be discovered by Zhang San, and was greatly distressed by it.”

“In the end, or Zhang San’s wife came up with an idea, she used a good fabric, hand-sewn a beautiful green hat for Zhang San, and every time Zhang San went out to do business, Zhang San was required to wear this hat, and not when doing business, it is not allowed to bring.”