Martial Champion Chapter 1125

Bai Ruochen’s insight was strong, and because of the reason why she had suspicions from the beginning, she had been watching Yuan Qing’s change in demeanor.

And under her close observation, despite Yuan Qing’s good disguise, Bai Ruochen still found some breaks, that is, Yuan Qing’s reaction was not right and he was hiding the truth.

“Ruochen sister, congratulations on getting the general flag yo.” But just at that moment, suddenly a voice transmission was reflected within Bai Ruochen’s ears, hearing that voice, Bai Ruochen could not help but be delighted, because that voice was none other than Chu Feng’s.

Looking along the direction where the voice came from, Bai Ruochen really found Chu Feng’s figure outside of the scurrying crowd.

Her delicate body moved, and between the fluttering of her white skirt, like a fairy, she landed beside Chu Feng’s body, her beautiful eyes turned, her face full of puzzlement, and she even asked in a questioning tone, “What’s going on, is it you that’s messing with the ghost.”

“Hey, sure enough, nothing can be hidden from you, come with me, I’ll show you something.”

Chu Feng helplessly laughed, then he executed his Body Technique Martial Skill, bypassing the do-it-yourself boulder, and vanished into the distance, seeing this, Bai Ruochen also followed closely behind.

Due to the fact that the crowd’s attention was firmly attracted by Yuan Qing, no one noticed the movements of the two of them.

Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen avoided the crowds of people and came to a remote place, Chu Feng first set up a hidden boundary, and then touched his hand to his Qiankun Pocket.

“Buzz,” and between the flashes of light, a large flag with golden light on its surface and the word Shuai engraved on its face appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

That flag was very overbearing, and was even a few times taller than Chu Feng, but holding on to Chu Feng was simply a perfect match, as if this large flag, was made for Chu Feng.

“This is the …… handsome flag!” Although it had long been guessed that this matter might be related to Chu Feng, after seeing the handsome flag in Chu Feng’s hands, Bai Ruochen still found it difficult to suppress her astonishment, and her pair of beautiful eyes were like a starry river blooming and flickering.

The Handsome Flag, this was the ultimate goal of seizing the Handsome Flag, and even though she had expected it and felt that Chu Feng was the person most likely to seize the Handsome Flag, when everything had truly happened, in her heart, she still could not help but experience some changes.

“What exactly is going on here, was it you who intentionally gave this honor, to that Yuan Qing?”

“If I’m not wrong, you didn’t simply teach Yuan Qing a lesson before as simple as that, that thing you were carrying, it was Yuan Qing that was inside, right?” After being surprised, Bai Ruochen asked sternly.

“How clever, you guessed it all right.” Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders and nodded undeniably.

“Then what is this for, what is your purpose? So many people are vying for this honor, it naturally has a considerable benefit, how can you take this honor and give it away? Not to mention it’s still someone you don’t like.” Bai Ruochen had a puzzled look on her face, and even some resentment, she had a very bad impression of that Yuan Qing, and did not want this honor, to be taken by Yuan Qing.

“When the marquee is in my hands, all the benefits are in my hands, how can you say that you are giving it away?”

“But since you asked, I can tell you, because I believe in you.” Chu Feng looked at Bai Ruochen and said with a smile, “In fact, I have long had a grudge with this Yuan Qing, and both he and I want to settle this grudge within the Greenwood Mountain.”

“What I’m doing today is just a pretext for when I settle the score in the future.”

“Paving the way?” Bai Ruochen’s eyes were still flickering, and it was clear that he was still somewhat confused, not understanding Chu Feng’s intentions.

“I want to kill him, it’s actually very simple, but I don’t want him to die so painfully, to put it more simply, I am preparing to make him lose his reputation and suffer from spurning, so that even those who hold him in the highest regard will see him as a thorn in their side in the future, so that he will experience true pain.” Chu Feng said those words very casually, but in his eyes, a flash of sinister color flashed through.

At that point in the conversation, Bai Ruochen finally understood what Chu Feng meant, but a flash of complex emotions surged above her small, cold-as-ice-cream face as she asked, “How great of a grudge is this between you two, to be able to allow you to use all your means like this, to force him into the path of doom and gloom?”

“Ruochen sister, this you are overthinking, using means doesn’t mean that there has to be a great grudge, it’s just that those who are enemies of me, I won’t let them have a good time, this is the style of acting, it has nothing to do with the depth of the grudge.”

“Let’s go, what should be obtained has already been obtained, there is no need to linger here, go back and say goodbye to the seniors.” Chu Feng put away the Handsome Flag as he spoke, and unlocked the Hidden Boundary, traveling in the direction from which he had come, this was preparing to leave the Stone Forest.

Looking at Chu Feng’s back, Bai Ruochen’s willow eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, her face was grave, her beautiful eyes flickered, and only after a long time did she sigh softly “Fortunately, I’ve long since turned my enemy into a friend with this guy, otherwise ……”

Once she said this, all the emotions on her face, all of them could be explained, it turned out that it was scorn, a kind of scorn for Chu Feng, scorn from the heart.

However, this scorn, right now was not strong, because she felt that Chu Feng was a person whose enemy-friend relationship was clearly distinguishable, if she said that she was glad that she was not Chu Feng’s enemy, then she was even more glad that she was Chu Feng’s friend.

In short, no matter how, she was already once again impressed with Chu Feng, and this youth who was but a little older than herself really made her, who was extremely conceited, feel inferior to herself.

It could be said that he was among his peers, and so far, she felt that she had seen the most outstanding person.

After that, Bai Ruochen also caught up with Chu Feng, and the two of them left the stone forest together.

The moment the two of them walked out of the stone forest, a burst of cheers rang out, and it was not only from the Feathered Sect, there were also cheers from other forces, and even the Elders of the Greenwood Mountain, who also applauded for it.

This was a kind of recognition, as the first person to get the general’s flag, Bai Ruochen, a genius who was completely unknown before this, had now been recognized.

Many people even felt that Bai Ruochen was someone who could compete with Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan, and even Yuan Qing, and with this genius of hers, the Feathered Sect was not one of the five first-class affiliated forces, the existence of the bottom.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen was surrounded by the elders and disciples of the Feihua Sect, like stars surrounding the moon.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, was ignored by the crowd, not only did he appear to be alone, but at a closer look he was also a bit pathetic, and the only person who came to greet him was Sikong Zhixing.

“Chu Feng ah, you will soon be entering the Cyanwood Mountain, I have already notified my Cyanwood South Forest, the elders in the Cyanwood Mountain, they will defend you with all their might.”

“But to put in a discouraging word, there are some things that can be endured, do not be too sharp, after all, within the Cyanwood Mountain, the ones that you can truly rely on, are not my Cyanwood South Forest’s Elders, but rather, the Feathered Sect’s Elders, but even the Feathered Sect’s forces may not be able to keep you in peace, and even I cannot guarantee that, whether or not they will defend you with all of their might.”

“So, you and Bai Ruochen must get along well. This girl, she’s quite something, not only is she the jewel in the palm of the Feathered Sect’s Patriarch, but she’s also the future hope of the Feathered Sect.”

“If you get along well with her, the Feathered Sect will definitely protect you with all their might, which will also make my Greenwood South Forest, this alliance with the Feathered Sect, even more secure.” After sweeping a glance at Bai Ruochen, who was surrounded and cheered by the crowd, Sikong Zhixing said to Chu Feng in a voice transmission.

“Hey, Senior Sikong, you don’t think that you’re trying to, let me pick up Bai Ruochen, right?” The corner of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted up an immodestly bad smile