Martial Champion Chapter 1122

In their view, Chu Feng’s move was really a death wish, not only merely grabbing Bai Ruochen’s luxuriant jade hand, and also touching back and forth on the luxuriant jade hand, which called them really hard to endure.

However, after all, at the moment their important task, is to quickly find the flag, this matter is about honor, absolutely more important than children’s love, so they also did not say anything, in the viciously glared at Chu Feng, then continue to observe those boulders, but in the heart has been this hatred, deeply remembered.

“Alright, go.” Finally, Chu Feng’s fingers and palm, together, withdrew from Bai Ruochen’s luxuriant jade hand.

At that moment, on top of Bai Ruochen’s stunningly beautiful little face, it was covered with a look of surprise, and when she looked towards Chu Feng, she could not help but add a few more points of scrutiny to her gaze.

At first, she was still somewhat skeptical, because this formation that Chu Feng had taught her was indeed somewhat odd and special. However, now, she was no longer skeptical, because she had already discovered that Chu Feng had set up this formidable formation, and that this Cracking Formation, which was practically a guardian boundary on that stone, was mutually exclusive, and was able to perfectly crack that stone.

“Good luck.” After saying those words with a slight sense of gratitude, Bai Ruochen’s body moved and swept in front of the stone that Chu Feng had pointed out, and began to set up the Boundary Formation that Chu Feng had taught her.

“Senior Sister Bai, you actually chose this stone?” Seeing that scene, Wang Yan, on the other hand, was astonished.

“Senior Sister Bai, it’s not that I’m talking about you, this stone can be considered to be the one that has the smallest chance of harboring a flag amongst these twenty stones, so you might as well switch to another one, or else it would be tantamount to Lang wasting your time for nothing ah.” At the same time, Jiang Hao even came directly to Bai Ruochen’s side to dissuade him.

They were serious, because in their view, this piece of stone indeed contained the smallest chance of harboring a flag, and didn’t want Bai Ruochen to Lang waste time, so they purposely came to be too attentive.

But what they could not have imagined was that Bai Ruochen simply ignored them and concentrated on condensing the formation, in which case, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao naturally would not make a fool of themselves, but left one after another.

As a matter of fact, after learning that Bai Ruochen, had chosen the smallest stone, even Huang Juan cast her gaze over, and seeing Bai Ruochen, really cracking that small stone, a bit of surprise and disbelief welled up on her face.

However, after all, it’s not a matter of concern, Bai Ruochen is very upset with her, naturally will not remind Bai Ruochen, instead, the corner of her mouth lifted up a cold smile, waiting for Bai Ruochen to make a fool of himself, at the same time, it is to accelerate the speed of cohesion formation, wanting to form a stark contrast with Bai Ruochen, to highlight her excellence.


However, right at this moment, Bai Ruochen’s formation had already coalesced successfully, and as the light shone in all directions, ripples swept through the eight directions, and even this side of the void was shaking along with it.

“How is it possible, to have coalesced a cracking formation so quickly, even if this stone, relatively speaking, is the easiest to crack, but it’s not that fast, this girl, what kind of formation did she coalesce? Surprisingly so powerful?”

At this moment, Huang Juan, who had wanted to wait for Bai Ruochen to make a fool of herself, her face changed drastically, not only her, even Wang Yan and Jiang Hao did the same.

Because, at this moment, Bai Ruochen wasn’t just coalescing out a formation as simple as that, the main thing was that the formation Bai Ruochen had coalesced had already begun to crack that stone, and at an extremely fast speed.