Martial Champion Chapter 1115

Fixing their eyes, twenty-six old men stepped into the air.

These old men and women were both male and female, but all of them had white hair, and each one of them had a Taoist bone and immortal wind, their long runs fluttering in an extraordinary manner, and all of them possessed a powerful aura at the level of a Half-Emperor.

They stepped into the air together, that kind of aura, simply irresistible, don’t look at the tens of thousands of people in the square, but if we talk about the comprehensive strength, it could be far from being able to beat these twenty-six elders of the Greenwood Mountain.

Especially that twenty-six elders in the lead of the white bearded old man, strength is even more profound, I’m afraid that just he alone, will be present in all the forces of the sect leader, easily defeated in general.

This old man is not tall, the body is also dry and thin, look is also extremely ugly, and walk also bent a waist is a hunchback, a glance is like a refined white hair old monkeys, but for him no one dares to have disrespect, even if it is the three forests head teacher is also dare not.

Because he, but the green wood mountain of one of the elders, and because the face resembles an ape, so people send nickname white ape half emperor, this white ape half emperor is not only in the field of the green wood reputation, even in the entire martial arts holy land, are some reputation, the strength is quite horrible, and earlier spoke, it is him.

“Greetings to Elder White Ape, greetings to all the elders.”

At this moment, the Sect Leaders and disciples of the various forces, clasped their fists together and saluted, the voice filled with awe, like ten thousand thunderbolts, resounded through the sky, shaking the heavens, and thousands of miles away, they were able to clearly hear it.

“That’s just it, they are all old acquaintances, why are you guys still so polite, not to mention that behind me, they are all your old subordinates, I brought them here to catch up with you guys, what kind of salute are you giving to them, isn’t that messing up the seniority.” The White Ape Half-Emperor’s big mouth grinned, revealing a not-so-good, even somewhat obscene smile, but you had to admit, that laugh, indeed, was a very joyful laugh.

Seeing this, the Palmistresses present, also laughed along with them, indeed, apart from the White Ape Half-Emperor, those Elders behind him they all knew, and were basically all from the five first-class affiliated forces.

They were all disciples of the five first-class affiliated forces, and are the most outstanding disciples, after joining the green wood mountain is also prosperous, and in the past the term of the disciple, can choose to stay in the green wood mountain, or return to their respective forces, they chose to stay in the green wood mountain as elders.

Although stay in the green wood mountain, but also heart in their respective forces, thinking in the green wood mountain, more for their own forces of the younger generation, seek some benefits, in fact, even if they carry the title of the green wood mountain elder, but they still belong to the five affiliated forces, only where they are stationed, changed into the green wood mountain only.

“Don’t giggle, it’s not easy to see each other, go over and talk to your Sect Leader, catch up.” The White Ape Half Emperor waved his hand, seeing this, the twenty elders behind him, first gave a salute, which then each flew up and swept towards their respective forces, although it was just a simple action, but it was able to see that the White Ape Half Emperor’s identity of the nobility, the majesty of people dare not blaspheme.

Only, a full twenty-five half emperors, but all of them were divided by the East Forest, West Forest, North Forest, Samsara Observatory, Feathered Sect five first-class affiliated forces, and the other affiliated forces did not have half a penny to do with each other.

Moreover, of the twenty-five, eighteen were from the Three Forests, and of the remaining seven, three were from the Senate Stargazer, and four were from the Feathered Sect. Although these twenty-five elders were by no means the entire strength of the five affiliated forces in the Greenwood Mountain, they were able to side by side see the strength and weakness of the five affiliated forces within the Greenwood Mountain.

“It’s almost time, it’s the same old rules, those who are willing to participate will follow me, those who are not willing to participate will stay here, and an elder will naturally come here to arrange for you afterward.” Suddenly, the White Ape Half-Emperor rose up into the air, he carried his hands behind his back and bent his old waist as he traveled towards the depths of the Greenwood Mountain at an unhurried and unhurried speed.

Seeing this, the Elders Yu disciples of the five first-class affiliated forces moved together and followed, while at the same time the other affiliated forces, many of them also followed.

As for what they were going to do, it was to take part in a competition called “Taking Commander”.

As the disciples sent by the affiliated forces, they had all reached the standard of core disciples, so they could directly become core disciples without having to pass the examination.

However, this “Raiders of the Marshal” was to reward outstanding disciples, so everyone could participate, but could also choose not to participate.

As for what this marshal grabbing was, it was actually looking for a few flags within a vast array.

These several flags are the marshal flag, the general flag, and the soldier flag.

A marshal flag, three general flags, ninety soldier flags, get different flags, can inspire different visions, and later into the green wood mountain, can take the corresponding flag, in the green wood mountain in exchange for the corresponding reward.

As for this reward is fixed, handsome flag is the most difficult to find, so the reward is the highest, get the handsome flag, can get in the core area, get an independent door, the door inside the luxury palace several, and there are green wood mountain to provide quality servants wait, the ground forbidden martial arts casually cultivate, the very best king’s soldiers a hand, martial arts beads of 10,000, a thousand points of merit.

And get the general flag person, get the treatment will be quite different, can get servants to wait, but is not high quality, can get the king soldier a hand, although is also superior but is not the best quality, can cultivate the ground forbidden martial arts, but can only cultivate a book, martial arts bead only 500, merit virtue but also has a hundred points.

As for those who got the soldier flag, the other rewards were not there at all, and they could only get ten points of merit.

And that so-called merit points, can be considered within the Greenwood Mountain, a kind of universal currency, can only be used in the Greenwood Mountain, but can not not be used, because within the Greenwood Mountain, no matter whether you want to cultivate martial arts, or want to get the cultivation resources, or even to the special site to cultivate, all need to consume this merit points.

And the source of this merit points, in addition to the rewards given by the Greenwood Mountain, you need to do the appropriate tasks to complete, complete the tasks of different levels of difficulty, you will be able to get a different degree of merit points, in short, this merit points, for the disciples of the Greenwood Mountain, very important, can be said to be essential, the more the better.

And ten merit points, for just entered the green wood mountain disciples, has been very good, as for the handsome flag rewarded a thousand merit points, that can be said to be a huge harvest.

However, the main thing is that getting the marshal flag is an honor, after all, since ancient times, every year who can get the marshal flag, in the heart of the genius cluster, can mix the wind and water, and eventually become a generation of characters.

Therefore, the disciples of all forces, especially those talented disciples with great reputation, all take the marshal flag as their goal, because as long as they get this honor, not only can they get rewards, but they will also let the elders and disciples of the Greenwood Mountain have a high regard for them, and pave a good start for their own future.

After all, no matter what you have done before and how big your reputation is, that has nothing to do with the Greenwood Mountain, only the honor that you get in the Greenwood Mountain can truly be recognized by the Greenwood Mountain.