Martial Champion Chapter 1112

To the south of the square, nearly a thousand huge warships slowly came, and around that warship, there were gigantic beasts with thousands of characters, and on each of those beasts, there stood valiant human figures.

And from that one big swinging flag, it could be seen that it was the Samsonite Stargazer who had come, and compared to previous years, the Samsonite Stargazer’s row this year was extraordinarily big, at least compared to previous years, it was much bigger, and not even the slightest bit weaker than the Three Forests’ row.

“Sen Xing Guan, it’s really something, isn’t it just a Yuan Qing that came out, but it dares to be so arrogant.” Seeing this scene, among the disciples of the Greenwood Three Forests, someone skewered and sarcastically spoke up.

As people of the Three Forests, they felt in their hearts that they were the bosses of the ten million affiliated forces, and even though the Senxing Guan and the Feathered Sect were also the same as first-class affiliated forces, they were simply incomparable to them.

But now, Sen Xing Guan had produced a Yuan Qing, which made many people feel that even geniuses like Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, and Huang Juan from their Three Forests could not be compared to Yuan Qing, which made them very upset.

Right now, Sen Xing Guan’s appearance, surprisingly such a big row, actually completely not lose to them, such an obvious change, it was like blatantly telling the crowd that he Sen Xing Guan was the boss of the many affiliated forces, which naturally made the disciples of the three forests feel upset.

“Shhh, keep your voice down, Yuan Qing’s reputation, has already been spread into the Greenwood Mountain, according to reliable sources, the Greenwood Mountain has already prepared to focus on cultivating Yuan Qing, the three Sect Masters have already sent out an order together, that all the disciples and Elders, must not clash with the people of the Samsara Guan, and that they must do their utmost to maintain their relationship with the Samsara Guan.” A disciple whispered.

“I know about this matter, but I still look unhappy, a small Sen Xing Guan, just out of a disciple who triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, but even want to ride on our heads, this is also too arrogant.” That disciple, was still full of displeasure.

“Ancient Immortal Pool, we’ve all been there, the pressure in the depths, you should know, how many geniuses have descended into it since ancient times, and were unable to trigger the Ancient Immortal Pool, but that Yuan Qing did it, which shows that this son is very accomplished.”

“After all, it is rumored that before Yuan Qing, only one person had ever triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, and that was the strongest Martial Emperor Qing Xuan Tian ten thousand years ago… Yuan Qing has done what only Qing Xuan Tian could do, doesn’t this show that he has the potential to become the second Qing Xuan Tian?”

“It would be just as well if he can’t rise to power, if he can rise to power, not to mention our Greenwood East Forest, I’m afraid that the Greenwood Mountain would have to provide for him like a treasure, so it’s no wonder that even the three Sect Masters’ attitudes towards the Senate Stargazer’s Concepts have made a hundred and eighty-degree turnaround.” That disciple continued.

“Alas ~~~~” Even though the disciple of the Three Forests was very reluctant, he also knew the importance of the matter, so even if he was more reluctant, he could only honor the orders of the Sect Leader.

After all, the three Sect Leaders’ meaning was very clear, Yuan Qing had the possibility of becoming the second Qing Xuan Tian, but he might not be able to become the second Qing Xuan Tian, if he rose then befriending the Senate Stargazer would naturally be a good thing to do.

If Yuan Qing can’t rise, then with the three Sect Masters’ style of behavior, I’m afraid that they won’t always be on good terms with the Stargazer’s Guan, on the contrary, they will trample the Stargazer’s Guan under their feet once again, and even let the Stargazer’s Guan fall into ruins, which is also not impossible.

Therefore, the disciples of the three forests all held a hope that Yuan Qing would not be able to rise, and all they needed to do now was to hold back, as long as Yuan Qing was unable to rise within a few years, then they would be able to frantically retaliate against the Sen Xing Guan.

And at this moment, under the attention of all the people, the Senate Star View’s battleship had slowly landed, and the Senate Star View’s Sect Leader, as well as many of the Elders in Charge, as well as the Core Disciples had made their appearances.

However, right now, the one who attracted the most attention was not the Sect Leader of the Stargazer, but the young man standing beside the Sect Leader, because that young man was Yuan Qing.

Nowadays, Yuan Qing was already at the cultivation level of a Third Grade Martial King, and being able to raise his cultivation level by one grade in a short period of time was naturally due to the fact that Samsara Guan had sacrificed its blood.

Although Yuan Qing was strong, but almost every year, the Senate Star View was able to cultivate one or two such disciples, but when Yuan Qing triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, it was a completely different story.

Therefore, the Senate Star View had already made up its mind to train Yuan Qing as a superpower at all costs, seeing Yuan Qing as his hope for the rise of the Senate Star View.

“This is Yuan Qing? Sure enough, he’s a talented person.”

“It is rumored that since ancient times, the strongest person of my Human Race, Qing Xuantian, also triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, but since him, no one has been able to trigger the Ancient Immortal Needle, not to mention my Human Race, even the Demon Race was unable to do so.”

“And now, Yuan Qing actually did it, this is enough to show that this son is gifted, absolutely extraordinary, and will most likely become the second Qing Xuan Tian, it seems that the Senate Star View is going to rise from now on because of this son.”

After Yuan Qing appeared, the crowd was abuzz, all forces were discussing over him, other than the people from the Three Forests who were skeptical, and those who were offended, most of them believed that Yuan Qing had truly triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle.

Moreover, the gazes they looked at Yuan Qing were quite special, surprisingly, they had some admiration and worship, which could not be blamed on them, after all, triggering the Ancient Immortal Needle, it was the honor of the entire Human Race, so a lot of people, they all felt that it was Yuan Qing who had fought for their glory, and were proud of Yuan Qing.

As a matter of fact, at this moment, the Sect Leaders of the Three Forests of the Green Wood had each led their respective Elders in charge, as well as Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, and Huang Juan, three outstanding disciples, who had taken the initiative to come on top of the warship of the Senate Stargazer, to make friends with the Senate Stargazer.

Looking at the previous high and mighty Sect Leader of the Three Forests, as well as the disciples of the Three Forests, at this moment, even with a smile on their faces, talking with the Sect Leader and disciples of the Stargazer’s Guan, people knew that the rise of the Stargazer’s Guan would be unstoppable, and this was all because they had a good disciple, that is, Yuan Qing.

“Rumble Rumble Rumble ~~~~”

“Ow ~~~~~~~~~~”

And just as the debut of the Senate Stargazer caused the square to boil, in the distant sky above, there suddenly came a roaring sound and the piercing chirps of birds.

Fixing their eyes to watch, another group of behemoths preemptively came, neat warships, each one so large that it covered the sky, and there were several hundred of them, although not as good as the Senate Star View’s platoon, but not much weaker either.

And in the surroundings of that warship, there were also countless huge birds, that bird was very beautiful, people recognized at a glance that it was the Feathered Bird, which was unique to the Feathered Sect.

“The Feathered Harmony Sect is really late this time.” Seeing the Feathering Sect’s group arrive, the corner of the mouth of the Sect Leader of the Greenwood Three Forests lifted up a faint smile.

However, compared to them, the Sensei of the Stargazer’s Sect, the smile on his face can become complicated, in the past, the five first-class affiliated forces, the three forests are the strongest, this is an unquestionable thing, and the Sensei of the Stargazer and the Feathering Sect, before it is also similar, so among the first-class affiliated forces, the Sensei of the Stargazer’s rivals there is only one, and that is the Feathering Sect.

However, in the past two years, the Feathering Sect has become stronger and stronger, whether it is the strength of the disciples, or the number of disciples transported, have surpassed his Sen Xing Guan, have overpowered his Sen Xing Guan, let it Sen Xing Guan become the bottom of the five affiliated forces of the existence of the trend.

But now, it is different, he Sen Xing Guan out of a demon level disciple Yuan Qing, even in the past, high above, think of themselves as the boss of the three forests, have taken the initiative to befriend his Sen Xing Guan, that Fei Hua Sect naturally can not be compared with his Sen Xing Guan.

Therefore, the Samsara View’s Sectmaster was looking forward to it, he was looking forward to the way the Feathered Harmony Sect’s Sectmaster, this old rival for many years, would grovel to him.

However, he could not have imagined that the Yu Hua Sect, which he had completely disregarded nowadays, actually had a marvelous ace, and this ace, however, had real skills.