Martial Boss Chapter 744

On the first hill not far from the Flying Cloud Pass, twelve formation flags emblazoned with dark purple runes and embroidered with different images of demon gods fluttered in the wind, emitting a thin stream of black gas that blended into the air.

These were the culprits of the battlefield’s deadly transformation, the ones who had stolen the spoils of war from Qing Yu.

In the centre of the formation flag, two figures, one black and one white, were silently exercising their true power, and all kinds of ghostly chants were heard around them, making the place look like a ghost.

Suddenly, the white figure frowned slightly and said, “Someone is collecting essence blood, and it looks like they are from the Blood Demon Cult.”

In the jianghu, only the Blood Demon Sect would seek for essence blood, as it was the source of their strength.

The black figure thought the same thing, “Continue to transform and collect the dead qi, or go ahead and kill the Blood Demon Cult’s people?”

The idea of retreating was not something they had, not to mention the importance of collecting dead qi, but also because of their great strength.

“The Blood Demon Sect is mainly making trouble in Jeju nowadays, those who come to the border should only be some guys who are not up to par. Let’s do our own thing for now, and if they don’t look long enough to find us, we’ll kill them.”

Seeing that the black figure was a bit indignant, the white figure advised, “The Ten Kings are all in seclusion right now, so it’s better for us to keep a low profile.”

When the black figure heard this, he said with relief, “Then I’ll let you be. We are collecting the dead qi to help the king, so we can’t let the king leave his retreat early because of us.”

Although he didn’t care about the Blood Demon Sect’s clay chickens and dogs, it was better to keep a low profile at this time.

“The Ten Kings? It seems that you are from the Ten Houses of the Underworld.”

At some point, the white-haired Daoist was already standing outside the formation flag. From the tone of his voice, he had been here for a long time.

“Northern Zhou Demon Dao!” The white figure’s pupils shrank slightly as he recited the white-haired Daoist’s name word by word.

His heart, unconsciously, sank. Although the Northern Zhou Demon Daoist was a newcomer to the Tong Shen realm, he had first executed Hefeng Sa and then fought the two Grassland Tong Shen in Fang just now, his strength performance was not at all like that of a newcomer to the Tong Shen realm.

However, when he saw the charred black palm mark on Qing Yu’s chest, the white figure breathed a sigh of relief.

The golden-pupiled silver wolf’s divine power had affected him here, and he did not believe that Qing Yu, who was at the centre, would remain intact.

The scorched black palm marks proved his suspicions and emboldened the two of them.

“We brothers are only collecting dead energy from the battlefield and will not affect your soldiers in any way. Daoist Master Qingyu is badly injured at the moment, so it would be best to heal as soon as possible.” The white figure advised in a soft and firm manner.

“Heh,” Qing Yu shook his head and laughed, “when did even the True Dan realm become a threat to the Gods? Even when the Poor Dao was at your realm, he was never this arrogant.”

Qing Yu looked at the two people surrounded by the formation flag through the faint black mist, “I heard that below the Ten Kings of the Ten Halls of the Underworld, there are also Ten Yin Marshals to control the group of ghosts, so it seems that you are the Black and White Irregulars among the Ten Yin Marshals.”

Qing Yu waved his sleeve and a strong wind suddenly rose from the ground, blowing away all the black fog and revealing their figures.

Although they also wore black and white clothes and long hats, there were no words on the hats and they were both tall and thin, not tall and short like the legendary Black and White Changeless.

Even their skin was somewhat ghastly white, and their eyes seemed to be surrounded by Yin Qi, showing a kind of dead grey.

“The Ten Halls of the Underworld, the sacred place of the Ghost Dao, today, the Poor Dao will let you all truly become ghosts.”

The best move to crush the weak was to execute the “Eye Stunning Predator”, and the Black and White Irregulars could only feel frost solidifying around their bodies, their hearts chilled, and their auras were lowered by more than a degree.

The difference between the True Dan and the Tong Shen was so great that they were directly crushed, and even their strength was limited to a small extent.

However, since the Black and White Irregulars dared to put themselves up against the injured Qing Yu (as they thought), they naturally had enough courage.

Only a black and a white ghostly aura appeared, one as eerie as white bones, the other as terrifying as an insidious ghost, both intertwined, silent and silent, but with an inexplicable aura in them.

“Daoist Master Qing Yu, the two of us brothers are not easy to deal with either, if you insist on making things difficult, of course I may die, and you will not suffer well either.”

The two palms of White Impermanence and Black Impermanence were facing each other, their qi merging without any difference, and the other hand formed an odd seal together, condensing the fused black and white ghostly qi into a large blurred seal.

However, in the face of their threats, Qingyu was silent, and since he had already decided to strike, he would not say any more.

With a palm strike, ice condensed.

The Cold Heavenly Jedi of the Four Jedi of the Sacred Heart struck, and the extremely cold frosty Qi swept through, instantly freezing the Black and White Wu Chang and the formation flag, condensing them into a huge piece of cold ice.

“The Jedi of the Ten Houses of the Underworld are indeed something to behold, the combined power of the two of them can be compared to a single strike from a Tong Shen. But that’s about it, to try to defeat a Tong Shen with just two True Dan Realm combined forces would be delusional.” Qing Yu looked at the two pairs of appalled eyes in the ice and muttered to himself.

When Qing Yu, whose strength had reached the peak of the True Dan realm, had to rely on the Xuan Yin Twelve Swords to be able to fight against the Tong Shen realm. It would have been fine if Black and White Impermanence had just run away, but instead they thought that Qing Yu was seriously injured and threatened him in turn.

“If you were a seriously injured Tong Shen, you might really be able to threaten them, but I am ——”

Qing Yu flicked his hand, two silent sword light flashed, and the eyes of the black and white changeless in the ice gradually lost their life.

“Black and White Impermanence, the Yin Marshal of the Ten Halls of the Underworld, the combined strength of the two of them is already more than the True Dan realm, so what should be the strength of the remaining nine Yin Marshals, and the Ten Kings of the Hall of Ghosts ——”

The ten Yin Marshals, the Ghost King, the Day Wanderer, the Night Wanderer, the Black and White Impermanent, the Bull Head, the Horse Face, the Leopard Tail, the Bird Beak, the Fish Gill and the Wasp, the Black and White Impermanent, although the most widely known, is the only Yin Marshal to be assumed by two people together.

While true strength is not necessarily judged by position, the remaining nine Yin Marshals should have at least peak True Dan realm combat power.

It is said that when the Daoist Conference was held, the ten kings of the Hall of Ghosts all went to Mount Longhu to force Zhang Tian Shi to hand over the bones of the Ghost Emperor.

There is no definite conclusion on the strength of the two sides, but it is a fact that the bones of the Ghost Emperor were taken away. From what Black and White said earlier, the Ten Kings were in seclusion to digest their gains, so the so-called “gains” should be the Ghost Emperor’s bones.

After the Ten Kings, who were already at the God Realm, had obtained the Ghost Emperor’s bones, how far should their strength have advanced?

Qing Yu raised his palm and pressed down, crushing the ice block inch by inch.

“This world is getting more and more chaotic, after the Ten Kings of the Hall of Ghosts come out, it’s time for another tide to be raised in the world.”

The Hall of Ghosts was collecting deadly qi, so where did it come from, it wasn’t as if a large number of living people had to die. Obviously, this is another power that is only afraid that the world will not be in chaos.