Martial Boss Chapter 743


The rock shattered with a burst of qi.

The arm that had slipped once again because of the impact was bounced off and embedded in the rock wall to the right. In the darkness, Qing Yu seemed to see a pair of icy eyes that seemed to be trying to carve two holes in his body.

There were blazing flames flowing from Feng Mingxiao’s body, repairing his injuries in a matter of moments.

The Phoenix Nirvana is immortal, and the Northern Zhou royal family’s “Phoenix Heavenly Strategy” has been practised to the level of the gods, so its vitality is no less than that of Emperor Shakti who has taken phoenix blood.

As Feng Ming Xiao stood up, the rock wall above his head was scorched by the fire energy and instantly turned into nothing, emptying a larger space.

“It seems that the wave of Qi has subsided.”

Ignoring the sharp gaze, Qing Yu stood up and raised his palm to blast out a passageway for people to walk through, “This time, the Grand Princess has come to the rescue, the poor dao is precisely grateful.”

With that, Qing Yu bowed with a thankful face.

In response to his gratitude, Feng Mingxiao’s icy face did not tend to thaw in the slightest, only to hear her say coldly, “This palace thinks that your death here is the most appropriate gratitude.”

“Haha, I’m afraid I won’t be able to die, when it comes to recovery power, I’m still quite confident.” Qing Yu seemed not to have heard the implied semantics and laughed lightly.

Having taken dragon elements, the recovery power of this body was also extremely amazing. It might not be as good as Phoenix Blood, but it was still enough to recover from these injuries.

In such a small amount of time between flying backwards into the mountain earlier and now, his cochlea had basically been repaired.

Qing Yu himself was proficient in body refining martial arts, and had also taken Dragon Element, so the injuries he received during the Qi wave were far less severe than Feng Ming Xiao’s, and he even had his own body to transmit his power through the air, so even his power had now recovered by 90%.

The aura that was induced but not released told Feng Mingxiao that this demon dao had not lost much strength. In that case, the so-called death here would be just an empty talk. Even if Feng Mingxiao wanted to teach a lesson in blood, Qing Yu had the strength to refuse to accept it.

“Eldest Princess, our army is still at war with the grassland army, in case Gaju gets angry and strikes at our army, it would be better for us to return to Feiyun Pass as early as possible.” Qing Yu suggested very sincerely.

At this time of war, it is not the time to worry about trivial matters, the family and the country are important, it is better to protect our soldiers who are fighting first.

As the eldest princess of the imperial family, Feng Mingxiao obviously understood Qing Yu’s good intentions and knew that Qing Yu was concerned about the country and the people.

She waved her sleeve and turned around, her icy words reaching Qing Yu’s ears, “The next time will not be an example.”

After saying this, light and shadow flashed, and Feng Mingxiao’s figure disappeared from sight.

“Tch, it’s just an accident, I don’t want a next time either.” Qing Yu helplessly skimmed his lips.


The late night attack on the camp resulted in casualties on both sides of the Northern Zhou and the grassland, only the grassland army’s casualties increased exponentially compared to the Northern Zhou.

The battle was fierce, resulting in a large number of deaths and injuries, and blood was spilled everywhere.

But unbeknownst to both sides, deep beneath the battlefield, tunnels had been opened up in the land, drawing out formation tracks that covered the entire battlefield.

At the meeting point of the formation track, at the centre of the formation, Gu Chen and Lin Man and the two Daoists stared at an ice pick stabbed down from the land above them, watching as threads of blood poured out from it.

The blood filaments eventually coalesced at the end of the ice cone and a drop of essence blood dripped out, landing on the dark red crystals below.

“The Formation of Blood Painting, it is running successfully, we have finally lived up to Daoist Master Qing Yu’s instructions.” Gu Chen blinked his eyes, which were raw from not blinking for a long time, and said reassuringly.

This Blood Painting Formation was a special formation for collecting essence blood from the Blood Demon Sect’s side. Back when the Blood Demon Sect was at its peak, whenever there was a large force in action, they all had to bring along the formation flag with the Blood Painting Formation burned on it.

However, when the Blood Demon Sect was destroyed, the legacy was a bargain for a number of forces. The formation diagram of the Blood Painting Formation fell into the hands of the Feng family, which was still a powerful family back then, and was retrieved by Qing Yu from the royal secret vault a few days ago.

“How is it, did the collection of the essence blood go well?”

On one side of the earthen wall, rippling as if it were water waves, Qing Yu’s figure walked out of it and opened his mouth to ask.

“Daoist Master, the Blood Painting Formation is working normally, and the collection of essence blood has begun.” Gu Chen said in a respectful voice, lowering his head, as if he was afraid of damaging the white haired Daoist’s majesty.

It couldn’t be helped that, having tumbled hard in the waves of Qi earlier (although the second half tasted good), it was normal for Qing Yu to be dressed in a bit of a mess.

The lotus crown was askew, the Daoist robe was a bit messy and stained with a lot of dust, and most of all the charred, black, showy palm mark on his chest.

This was left by some woman who had gone back on her word. She had clearly said that she would not make an exception, but she had suddenly struck a blow.

Although she didn’t seem to have struck hard, she definitely wanted to teach Qingyu a lesson. The palm was several times hotter than a branding iron, and if it wasn’t for Qing Yu’s unparalleled transformation power, it would have taken some time for the scorch marks to subside afterwards.

I have to say, a woman’s mouth is a deceiving ghost.

Qing Yu laughed warmly, “If the poor Taoist loved to save face, he would not have come down in such a sorry state. You need not be concerned.”

“Daoist Master is magnanimous.” Gu Chen straightened up.

The Blood Painting Formation was still running, using the Earth Qi as the source, quietly absorbing the essence blood of the casualties above. As essence blood was not an extract of blood, absorbing it did not cause a large loss of blood, so no one could notice the difference in the casualties.

Unless, of course, there was someone in the Northern Zhou army who was proficient in the blood dao technique.

Qing Yu watched with satisfaction as the dark red crystal gradually glowed with blood, and said in his heart, ‘The crystal is almost full, it’s almost enough.’


Qing Yu suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked to the southwest, “Death Qi!”

To the southwest, there was a large amount of death Qi gathering, causing Qing Yu to sense it in his heart.

Due to having Qiu Li with him for many years, Qing Yu was extremely sensitive to vitality, and the opposite, death Qi.

Death Qi is reversed by Life Qi, and is one and the same as Life Qi. If an object is devoid of vitality, there will be no dead energy.

An organism, for example, has no vitality of its own, so even if it is destroyed, it will not produce a trace of dead qi. If a normal person has had his vitality extracted, then he will not produce a deathly aura after his death either, at most it will only be very terrifying to those who witness the death.

“Interesting, someone is stealing the spoils of war from the poor dao.”

The essence blood is the carrier of life, if it is not extracted within a certain period of time after death, then it will only become dead blood, without its original function.

Therefore, although the killing on the ground at this time was intense, as if it was a battlefield of flesh and blood, in reality, there was no dead energy produced.

But now, someone is deliberately transforming the dead energy, just like Qing Yu’s collection of essence blood, and that person has accelerated the decay of the essence blood, causing the life to turn dead and be collected by him.

“You two continue to watch over the Blood Painting Formation, while the poor dao goes to see what kind of person of high rank is robbing the poor dao.”

After instructing the two of them, Qing Yu once again entered the rippling earthen wall and quickly dived towards the southwest.