In Love Never Say Never Chapter 1271-1272

Chapter 1271

She looked at Linda and said with a sneer, “You’re a very good schemer, no one would have thought of this kind of conspiracy, you really don’t know what’s going on!”


Linda frowned, obviously she herself did not know that there was such a place, opened her mouth to retort, but shut up, because these things are in front of her eyes, but she could not find a good argument.


I was silent for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “Are all these things big pieces, and all those products that have been released abroad are small pieces?”


Zhou Ranxi gave me a look and said, “Knowingly!”


The words carried a bit of contempt.


I didn’t care and looked at Fu Shen and said, “What do we do about this now?”


Fu Shen looked around the basement and said, “Contact reporters and lawyers and prepare to sue Mu.” He had little emotion, his face was cold and indifferent.


Linda panicked and stopped Fu Shen, saying, “Mr. Fu, you’re going too far, Mr. Mu is still in Macau and can’t come back. He never took over, and when something like this suddenly happened, Mr. Mu probably didn’t know about it either!”


I pursed my lips, if I hadn’t experienced that life and death in Macau, I wouldn’t have thought of Mu Shen’s duplicity, and even more so, I wouldn’t have been hungry enough to think that this basement was his doing, but now, I wouldn’t think that way, these things, I’m only afraid he’s been planning for a long time.


The first time I entered Mu’s, I was inexplicably involved in the Fu’s bid case, I’m afraid it was all his arrangement, he has long calculated some, Fu’s ai once become famous, for has been dominant Mu’s, is not a good thing.


He wants to use this to make Fu fall and sit back and reap the benefits, and this is quite a big game of chess. The mobile phone is a second to remember to provide you with a wonderful \ novel to read.


When I think of the time I almost had an accident in A City, I can’t help but feel even colder under my confidence, he went out of his way to make a move on me in order to stall for time, even Ouyang Nuo was also included in his calculations, this man’s heart is far more than we seem so high.


“Linda, this matter, let’s leave it to the police, shall we?” I spoke up, my mind going back to what had happened since I met Mu Shen until now, and I couldn’t help but feel a little cold in my heart.


Linda looked at me, silent for a long time, or spoke, “I’ll call Master Mu, this matter involves the whole Mu family, Shenshu sorry, Mu family for me while, I cherish it.”


I nodded my head and looked at her and said, “Okay, you call!”


The Mu family should have exploded by now, so when the old man received the call, there was no way he could care about Linda and spoke directly, “You handle this, try to control the damage to the Mu family.”


Linda froze for a moment, but still nodded her head and spoke, “Yes!”


After hanging up the phone, Linda looked at me with a miserable face and said, “Shenshu, tell me, what is going on with the Mu family?”


I was silent for a moment and said, “The Mu family’s chemical plant in Macau has caused cancer, and he is also involved in a murder case, so he may not be able to return to A City for a while to deal with these matters. I can only leave this matter to you!”

Chapter 1272

Linda was not stupid, she heard me out and looked at me and said, “The Macau matter, is it related to Fu’s?”


I had no intention of hiding it from her and spoke, “The Mu family wanted the trading rights for the import and export trade in Macau, but the Huo family had already given the rights to Fu Shen, and Mu Shen took Mu Shen captive to prepare to force him to sign the transfer rights, but it didn’t work and ended up being investigated by the police.” 首发 . .m..


Her face was pale, her brows knitted, and she couldn’t say a word for a while.


Zhou Ranxi glanced at Fu Shen, her dark eyes showing a bit of worry and concern, but she didn’t open her mouth to ask, she just looked at Linda and said, “It seems that your Mu’s really doesn’t have a bit of a bottom line in order to make money!”


Linda was silent, and after a long time, she looked at Fu Shen and said, “Mr. Fu, I know I can’t change the decision you made, but I will do my best to protect Mu’s projects in A City.”


Fu Shen looked at her and didn’t say much, just looked at Zhou Ranxi and said, “Contact the police and lawyers!”


He then dragged me out of the basement.


In the car, I held my tongue for a long time, but I couldn’t resist saying, “Fu Shen, the matter of Lanxi Village, did you find out about it before?”


Zhou Ranxi said that the basement was discovered by hesitating to operate wrongly, causing the back wall to be smashed, but I knew that the back of the base was forbidden to be entered by Mu Shen, and unless someone deliberately wanted to get in, no one would have driven the digger to the back wall.


He drove on, his eyes earnestly looking at the road ahead, smiling lightly, “I knew after Madam spoke to me.”


I pursed my lips, “Then why didn’t you break it down then? Did you have to wait until now?”


He looked at me sideways, “If I had broken it down then, Mu Shen would have had a bigger conspiracy waiting for me, and I would have had to talk time to find out what he was up to, so I might as well have just followed his plan, at least I know what he was up to!”


Seeing him driving and looking at me, I shouted, “Drive properly, don’t look at me!”


After a pause, “So when you were in Macau, you knew something was going to happen, so when you knew Mu Shen was going to Macau, you wanted to return in time.”


He nodded, “But I didn’t expect him to move so cleanly, that’s why they took him away.”


No wonder he was so unconcerned when he gambled against Bao Kun at the casino, it turned out that he knew that his opponent was not Bao Kun, thinking about Bao Kun, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Do you believe that Bao Kun died just like that?”


He pursed his lips, “The Macau Police Department tested the body as Bao Kun, the DNA matched exactly.”


I was stunned, “Mu Shen just did that to Bao Kun? And Bao Kun died so easily?”


This was too sudden, I thought at first that the corpse was something Mu Shen had found elsewhere to confuse us, but I didn’t expect that he would actually do it to a living person who was also his partner!


The car was parked underneath the villa, because it had been a long time since we had returned, Fu Shen had found an aunt to clean up the house, we had just gotten off the bus and the aunt was just finishing up and ready to leave.


When she saw us coming back, the aunt looked at Fu Shen and said, “Mr. Fu, a tall and strong gentleman came here just now and said he was looking for Shen Shu, he said he asked me to give you a message to be careful!”


Looking for me?


I couldn’t help but pull my aunt and ask her what the man looked like, but after she described him, I couldn’t remember for a while that I knew such a person, so I had no choice but to let her go.