In Love Never Say Never 1273-1274

Chapter 1273

Back in the living room, I sat on the sofa and thought carefully about which tall and strong Jean my aunt was talking about, when Fu Shen looked at me and said, “Bao Kun’s men should all know that Bao Kun is dead recently, and there is a possibility that they will be confused by Mu Shen and find trouble with me, so in the future, when you go out, no matter what, you have to call me to report.”


I nodded my head, naturally knowing the seriousness of the matter.


Suddenly thinking of Bao Kun’s men, I was startled, sitting up straight and looking at Fu Shen, “I know who that person is who gave the message to Auntie, it’s Dan Wei, he is Bao Kun’s men, I helped him when I was in Burma, then he and Bao Kun were in China, at that time I thought Bao Kun was not having a good time in China, so I gave him the phone number and address, told him if he needed help, just Come and find me, but after I came to the capital in the meantime, I finished this up.”


Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but call Ouyang Nuo, the phone rang for a while before picking up, she seemed to have a slightly hoarse voice, “What’s wrong? Shen Shu!”


“Where are you? Why do you sound so hoarse?”


She said, “I’m in Macau, I couldn’t get through to Mu Shen’s number, you guys are back in the capital, I missed him so much, I wanted to see him so much, so I came here, but I just arrived, I didn’t sleep on the plane last night, I’m at the hotel to catch up on my sleep! What’s wrong with you?”


I froze for a moment and said, “You don’t even know where Mu Shen lives in Macau, how can you contact him, you’re just going by yourself, aren’t you afraid of meeting bad people?”


She froze as an afterthought and said, “I was going to ask you, you’ve been in Macau for so long, you should know where he lives, you can send me the address later.”


I pursed my lips, not knowing what to tell him about Macau, and after a moment of silence, I said, “Do you believe me when I say we don’t know where Mu Shen lives?”


She gave a little cry and said, “Yes, but it’s too bad I have to search for a needle in a haystack here.”


I thought about it and spoke, “Ouyang Nuo, just think of it as a trip to Macau, Mu Shen is not contacting you probably because he has his own things to do, there are too many things going on with Mu these days, I guess he doesn’t have time to see you, you should hurry back, it’s too unsafe to be alone over there.”


She was a bit stubborn, “I know he’s busy, I just came over to see him, just for a quick look, I’ll be back, by the way is there something you’re calling me for?”


“Well, during the time you were home, did a tall, strong man come to see you?” I had instructed her when I left A City to try and help Danwei if he was looking for her.


“No, not much has come to me lately!”


I guessed that during this time, Danwei had also followed Bao Kun to Macau, I nodded and said into the phone, “Don’t stay in Macau for too long, I’ll give you a number, if you encounter any emergency over there, call him for first aid, don’t run around over there, make sure you stay safe!”


She nodded and answered several times, hung up the phone, I sent her Huo Tianlin’s number, then sent him a message entrusting him to help take care of it. Mobile sm…


Macau is not as safe as the country’s law and order, so if something happens, she has someone to look out for.


I went back to my bedroom and reacted with hindsight that Ran had given me Sun Xiaoxiao’s diary when I was at the hospital.

Chapter 1274

I was going to flip it open and read it, but after searching for it, I realised that I had come in such a hurry that I had changed to a larger bag for convenience and the diary was still in the other bag.


I had to give up for a while!


The matter of Lanxi Village was handled smoothly without Mu Shen’s involvement, but also because of Mu’s accident, there was no way to continue the cooperation between Fu and Mu. After delaying the launch for too long, it seemed that it was not so easy for Fu to make money. 首发. .m..


The company’s main goal was to get the company to the top of the market.


The company’s work at Mu’s was also over, because it had to be re-tendered, so Fu Shen and I stayed in A City, and Ouyang Nuo’s side, Huo Tianlin, called to say that she almost had an accident at the hotel and was received by him at the villa.


This is naturally a good thing.


In the next few days, Fu Shen and Zhou Ranxi were busy holding new tender meetings, and I was trying to find a way to contact Dan Wei in city A. He didn’t leave me a contact number, so it was particularly difficult for me to find him.


I was reluctant to meet her, after all, I didn’t feel as if I had anything to talk to her about.


When she seemed determined to meet me, even the insult she had been subjected to in Myanmar was brought up and said I had to meet with her, the point was made, so naturally I agreed.


She wore an orange coat, a very fashionable and generous dress, but because she was a bit obese, and because she was wearing a green turtleneck jumper inside, it looked like her neck was getting shorter and shorter, and from a distance, it looked like her head was just resting between her shoulders, like a fat monster with no neck.


I sat down in front of her and she looked at me, her face a little greasy and vicissitudes, I don’t know if it was because of the long late nights, the thick makeup looked a little dirty and uncomfortable to look at.


“What can I get you to drink?” She spoke, her eyes looking around at me, seemingly sizing up my make-up.


I spoke, “Anything!”


She nodded and after a moment of silence said, “It’s been a while, you seem to be getting prettier and prettier.”


I froze for a moment, it was rare to hear such a compliment from her, it flattered me a little, I looked at her and got straight to the point, “What did you come to see me about?”


She shrugged her shoulders and didn’t remember to open her mouth, she just looked at me and said, “Have a drink first, how can I say we are also considered friends, you don’t need to treat me like an enemy, I have to admit that Fu Shen is a man that people can’t get enough of, but it seems that I, it’s hard to climb high, actually so, I don’t need to offend you for him, it’s not cost effective to count!”


I looked at her and said, pondering in my mind, she sought me out this time but for a purpose.


After a moment of silence, I spoke, “Tell me, what do you want me to do? If I can help, I’ll try to do my best.”


She looked at me, still in no hurry to speak, but placed the juice the waiter brought up in front of me and said with a light smile, “Have a drink first, I don’t think we’ve changed to make it look like we’re enemies.”


I couldn’t figure out her routine, so I had to take a shallow sip of the juice, probably because it had been touched by her, I smelled the juice had a smoky smell, I had heard Shi Rui say before that Duan Tong had set up a Buddhist hall at home and liked to chant and worship Buddha and light sandalwood incense at home.