Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2320

“The arrival of Sir Ye Han caused quite a stir on the scene. After all, there were many arbitrators present, and news of last night had already spread.

People at the scene had heard that Miss Yi, who is known for her cold and arrogant demeanor, completely ignored everyone last night, but surprisingly, she exchanged a few words with Sir Ye Han and even invited him to dance.

The crowd was eagerly waiting for gossip, but today Miss Yi seemed indifferent to Sir Ye Han’s arrival, sitting there talking to Medusa without casting a single glance at him.

In reality, before Miss Ye Wan Wan could make a move, Sir Ye Han was already occupied by Yi Ling Jun.

Seeing no interaction between the two, Yin Heng, who had been watching from a distance, finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed he had misunderstood…

Sir Ye Han’s attitude had somewhat crushed Miss Ye Wan Wan, leaving her sitting there dejectedly.

Medusa coughed softly and consoled, “Junior sister, this shows his loyalty to you. You should be happy! When you recover your identity as Nie Wuyou, you can date as you wish!”

Miss Ye Wan Wan muttered, “I want to date right now!”

It was too frustrating to want something that you could see but not touch!

Medusa, glancing at Sir Ye Han not far away, gently said, “From his current attitude, it’s probably not very likely…”

Miss Ye Wan Wan was feeling down, but suddenly, a lightbulb went off in her head, “Why not possible? Who am I? I’m not Nie Wuyou right now! I’m the daughter of the Arbitration Council’s Chairman! With my current status and backing, I can assert myself and directly take what I want!”

Medusa: “Uh…”

Was something off with that statement? On second thought, it seemed to make sense.

Once she realized this, Miss Ye Wan Wan instantly revived, elegantly stepping forward in her high heels.

Tonight, she was wearing a smoky makeup look, a black evening gown that revealed her beautiful butterfly bones on her back, and high heels with thorn-like designs around the ankle straps, accentuating her fair skin’s allure.

She gracefully walked toward Sir Ye Han, like a black rose under the moonlight, dangerous and enchanting.

So beautiful…

Almost all eyes were fixed on the girl.

Yi Ling Jun saw his daughter approaching and gave her a questioning look with his eyes: What do you want again? He obviously doesn’t want to deal with you; he refused you directly last night!

Miss Ye Wan Wan ignored Yi Ling Jun, walked directly up to Sir Ye Han, and asked, “Director Sir, care to dance together?”

Sir Ye Han: “…”

Yi Ling Jun: “…”

Everyone around: “…”

It’s the same line as last night…

If last night’s invitation was casual, tonight’s second attempt seemed less forgivable, right?

After an eerie silence that lasted who knows how long, Sir Ye Han slightly raised his head and said to the girl, “Miss Yi, I’m sorry, but I have prior engagements today.”

He rejected again!!!

The onlookers couldn’t believe their eyes, all collectively looking at Miss Ye Wan Wan.

Two consecutive rejections, and she can still endure it?

A breathtakingly beautiful smile curved on Miss Ye Wan Wan’s lips. She leaned in slowly to Sir Ye Han’s ear and whispered, “Director Sir, I’m not seeking your opinion.”

She then forcefully closed the file he was holding with a loud “slap” and shoved it into Yi Ling Jun’s arms. “Now, it’s settled.”

With a warning look, she glared at Yi Ling Jun.

Yi Ling Jun swallowed hard and said, “Ah, I’m getting old, and my energy can’t keep up with these things. Let’s talk about it another day.”

Sir Ye Han: “…”