Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2316

Yin Yuerong shook her head, “Since she dares to impersonate and even fooled President Yi, she must have made thorough preparations. Even if we investigate, we may not find anything. Moreover, I deduce that there’s a high-ranking person assisting her behind the scenes.”

The female housekeeper nodded repeatedly, “That’s right, otherwise, how could she deceive President Yi?”

Yin Yuerong’s gaze shifted slightly, “So, this matter is of great importance and requires careful consideration. But don’t rush, even the most secure deception has its flaws, and there will be a way to expose her. Don’t act hastily; I’ll make all the arrangements…”

Nie Wuyou, we’ll take it slow…

The female housekeeper replied, “Yes.”

Yin Yuerong continued with a somber expression, “That girl is incredibly audacious, to the point where I can’t believe that if Ajiu discovers the truth, she’d remain indifferent!”

Tonight, watching Ajiu’s performance, it seems she hasn’t recognized that woman, genuinely believing her to be President Yi’s daughter.

In that situation, when Si Yehan rejected that woman, it was like refusing President Yi’s daughter, which is why Yin Yuerong was furious at the time.

Fortunately, the more she thought about it, the more suspicious it seemed, most likely, she’s just an impostor…

The thought of catching that girl with ample evidence improved Yin Yuerong’s mood significantly.

By then, just President Yi himself won’t let her off. Pretending to be the Arbitration Council President’s daughter is a direct challenge to the Council’s authority, not to mention that President Yi’s influence alone is enough to make her face insurmountable difficulties.

This accusation will likely implicate the entire Nie family!

In the precious mountains of Tianshui City, the South Hill Manor.

Medusa led Ye Wanwan to the place where she would stay during this time.

Before the banquet, Ye Wanwan had already settled the North Dipper team and told them that she needed to return to Cloud City first, asking them to continue gathering information in Tianshui City.

Medusa showed Ye Wanwan around the rooms, “Little junior sister, rest well! If you need anything, just call me anytime!”

Tonight, Ye Wanwan’s acting skills were probably on an epic level, exhausting her to the point of physical fatigue.

Ye Wanwan yawned and hugged Medusa, “Sure, big sister, you should get some rest too; you’ve been tired today.”

Medusa sighed, “Mainly because you scared me; I was really worried you’d slip up!”

Ye Wanwan chuckled, “How was my performance? Pretty good, right?”

Medusa also laughed, “Definitely impressive! Even though it’s the same person, the feeling you give off is completely different. I bet even Director Si didn’t recognize you!”

Ye Wanwan looked proud, “Of course! When it comes to acting, I’m a pro.”

She vividly remembered how Si Yehan had deceived her back then; now she finally understood the feeling of turning the tables.

“I think that Yin Heng must be going crazy; he even tried to sow discord between you and me in front of you!”

Medusa had no respect for men like Yin Heng who would stop at nothing to climb the ladder, even resorting to using women to achieve their goals, and then displaying a triumphant look.

A glint of coldness flashed in Ye Wanwan’s eyes, “Considering how they treated my precious baby before, I’m going to pay them back in full!”

“So, how are you planning to deal with him next?” Medusa asked.

Ye Wanwan blinked, “Who said I’m going to deal with him? I don’t have time for that.”

Medusa had a bad feeling, “Then what are you going to do?”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin, “Well… starting from tomorrow, I’m going to officially pursue Director Si!”

Medusa: “…”

Isn’t that even more ruthless than dealing with him?

Yin Heng is probably going to be furious…

She could already foresee that the future would be full of twists and turns…