Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2314

The high-level executive’s gaze fell on his own son, Ye Wanwan, and his attitude seemed unusually agreeable. He felt a glimmer of hope and pushed his son.

“Ah Yang, why don’t you introduce yourself to Miss Yi?” The high-level executive pushed his son.

The young man known as Ah Yang pressed his thin lips tightly, his face pale, and he stood there motionless.

The high-level executive became anxious. “What are you standing there dumbly for?”

The young man pushed his father away and said, “I’m sorry, I have an urgent matter. Please excuse me!”

“You…” The high-level executive was infuriated when he saw his son run away.

He quickly apologized to Ye Wanwan, “Miss Yi, I’m truly sorry. This child is introverted and a bit shy.”

Ye Wanwan casually remarked, “He’s quite unique.”

In the circle of the Independent State, especially in organizations like the Arbitration Council, being straightforward was a rare trait.

The high-level executive didn’t know if Ye Wanwan’s comment was praise or criticism, but he continued apologizing with a forced smile.

However, seeing that Miss Yi didn’t appear angry and even commented positively, he might be somewhat satisfied.

This stubborn kid didn’t know how to appreciate his good fortune, but there were ways to make him comply.

He would arrange for him to meet Miss Yi directly!

His term was about to end, and he might be replaced in the next session. It was challenging to please Director Yi, but if he could win the favor of Yi Yunmo, he would have peace of mind…

All night, Yi Lingjun made sure that Ye Wanwan had no time to find Si Yehan and practically dragged her around like a butterfly.

Finally, after enduring until the end of the banquet, the venue was filled with luxury cars, and the elite members began leaving the venue one by one.

Ye Wanwan scanned the crowd, but with so many people, Si Yehan was nowhere to be seen.

She glared at Yi Lingjun in frustration.

Yi Lingjun raised an eyebrow. “Why are you glaring at me? Look at you, just now, he rejected you in front of everyone!”

Ye Wanwan wasn’t upset; she was actually proud. “So what if he rejected me? My baby looked so cool doing it!”

Yi Lingjun: “…”

Although she couldn’t stand watching her little disciple being infatuated with a man, Si Yehan’s performance was impressive this time. He had refused such a big temptation, which made Yi Lingjun somewhat impressed.

Yi Lingjun had already arranged everything for Ye Wanwan, and she was waiting for her ride, searching for Si Yehan with her eyes.

In the darkness, the girl stood there casually, radiating a brilliance like the sun and moon, making it impossible to look away.

“Miss Yi…”

A man’s voice came from behind, and Ye Wanwan instinctively turned her head and saw Yin Heng standing there.

For someone she didn’t care about, the girl didn’t seem to have the desire to say a single extra word.

Ignored, Yin Heng quickly regained his composure and said, “Miss Yi, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier. My name is Yin Heng, and I’m the Deputy Director’s younger brother.”

After hearing “Deputy Director’s younger brother,” the girl finally gave him a glance.

Yin Heng apologized, “Miss Yi, my older brother has a peculiar personality and isn’t easy to get along with. If there was anything offensive just now, please don’t take it to heart.”

Yin Heng explained, “My older brother already has a fiancée, and I’ve heard she’s very strict. It’s probably because of this that my younger brother declined your invitation to avoid any misunderstandings.”

Yin Heng continued with a smile, “Of course, my older brother is overly cautious. Miss Yi, you wouldn’t have any such intentions toward him, right?”

Before Yin Heng could finish his sentence, the girl’s gaze casually landed on him. “What if I do?”