Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2313

“Siyehan hesitated for a moment and continued, ‘If Yiyunmo is not Wanwan, then this phone of mine…’

Upon hearing this, Lin Que broke out in a cold sweat, ‘If it’s not her, it’s like stirring up trouble! Ninth Sister will know you’ve attracted more suitors again! You’ll be in big trouble then! Ninth Brother, you truly plan for the long term! Impressive!’

On the side, Yu Shao nodded in agreement.

‘But, sir, what should we do now?’ Yu Shao cautiously inquired.

‘Si, the steward…’ At this moment, the footsteps of a servant reached their ears.

The servant was indeed very efficient and quickly brought the shark fin soup with a blanket.

‘Si, I apologize, but we didn’t prepare shark fin soup for this banquet. We had it brought from the best hotel in Tianshui City,’ the servant’s attitude had completely changed, and he spoke politely to Siyehan.

Siyehan nodded slightly and dismissed the servant.

After the servant left, Siyehan lifted the lid of the shark fin soup and glanced at Yu Shao, saying, ‘Let’s observe the situation.’

He wanted to test who she really was; there might be a way…

On the other side, Yilingjun finally managed to pull Yewanwan back and, in an attempt to divert her attention and prevent her from acting recklessly, he had her interact with the high-ranking individuals.

Although Yiyunmo’s attitude had surprised many, it also rekindled hope in quite a few.

It turns out that Yiyunmo doesn’t look down on everyone.

This means they might have a chance.

Furthermore, with Yilingjun’s active introduction, creating opportunities, many people started approaching her.

A certain director tentatively invited, ‘Miss Yi, you seem to enjoy dancing. Would you do me the honor of dancing a song with you?’

Yewanwan replied, ‘Not interested.’

The director was taken aback, suddenly feeling awkward.

But you just invited someone to dance earlier, didn’t you? Why are you suddenly not interested now?

He thought Yiyunmo would at least like dancing, but she flatly said she wasn’t interested, returning to her dismissive attitude…

The difference in treatment was too apparent.

At this moment, Yewanwan thought, “Like it? Who cares! I like the person I’m dancing with.”

At this time, an older high-ranking executive, with a fair and handsome young man, approached with a smile, ‘Chairman, this is my son, he’s a loyal fan of yours. He attends every lecture you give. Miss Yi has just returned to Tianshui City and might not know many people. If you ever get bored, you can call him over. My son may not have many skills, but he’s attentive and considerate…’

Upon hearing this, Yewanwan subconsciously glanced at the young man, who appeared clean and neat, not very old, seemingly inexperienced in the ways of the world, with clear, transparent eyes. He seemed rather pleasant.

However, at this moment, listening to her father’s words, the young man’s eyes betrayed despair and humiliation, clearly being forced and not wanting to do this.

Seeing the look in the young man’s eyes, Yewanwan had an uncanny feeling that something was not right…

Why does this situation seem so familiar?

At the banquet, a problematic father tries to please a domineering CEO by attempting to send his daughter into the CEO’s bed…

Did she get the wrong script?

Yewanwan was left baffled and quickly suppressed these disturbing thoughts.

Meanwhile, not far away, the sight of various men surrounding Yewanwan and trying to impress her also caught Siyehan’s attention…”