Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2311

“Not far away, Yi Lingjun’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. ‘Can’t you persist a little longer?’

Medusa recalled the table shattered by Ye Wanwan that day and coughed lightly. ‘At least I held on for a few minutes and controlled my expression. It wasn’t easy…’

Yi Lingjun: ‘…’ It really wasn’t easy!

Among the people present, the most excited was Yin Heng, to the point where he made several wrong dance steps and accidentally stepped on Qin Xiyuan’s foot.

Qin Xiyuan shot Yin Heng a glare in pain, and he returned his gaze, but his thoughts were clearly no longer on dancing.

He couldn’t believe that Yi Yunmo would actually go talk to Si Yehan…

And even… invite Si Yehan to dance!

Si Yehan seemed somewhat surprised by the girl’s invitation, fell silent for a moment, and didn’t respond.

Ye Wanwan, on the other hand, remained unfazed, maintaining her icy expression.

Neither of them showed any flaws or emotions on their faces, and the previously lively crowd fell into an eerie silence.

After a while, Si Yehan finally spoke, “I’m sorry, Miss Yi, but I’m not feeling well today.”

Everyone: ‘…!!!’

He… he refused?

Si Yehan actually refused? ???

Is he insane?

“Is Mr. Si serious? He actually refused Yi Yunmo!”

“If he can’t even catch the president’s daughter’s eye, how high are his standards?”

“The one who catches his eye must be a celestial being!”

After seeing his son refuse Yi Yunmo, Yin Yuerong was almost furious.

Previously, when her son said he wasn’t interested in Qin Xiyuan, she didn’t take it seriously, thinking he was just young and ignorant. But she never expected that he wouldn’t even be interested in Yi Yunmo.

On the side, everyone sighed in sympathy.

“Yi Yunmo has that kind of personality. I can tell Si Yehan is in trouble now!”

“Let’s watch the show!”

Not to mention them, even Lin Que and Yu Shao were sweating.

Although they had some doubts about this woman’s identity, regardless, she was currently Yi Lingjun’s daughter, and not an easy character to deal with.

Yu Shao couldn’t bear to watch anymore, while Lin Que lamented, “Brother Nine… He… he… he… he actually refused so publicly. Can’t he just give face to her? After all, Sister-in-law Nine is not here, and she won’t find out!”

Just as everyone was waiting for Yi Yunmo to explode and embarrass Si Yehan, Yi Yunmo’s response to Si Yehan’s refusal seemed to show no signs of anger. She just nodded slightly to indicate her understanding and then casually said, “Mind if I sit here?”

Si Yehan: “Of course not.”

Then Ye Wanwan raised her hand, and a nearby waiter hurried over, asking carefully, “Miss Yi, do you have any instructions?”

It’s over! Miss Yi is definitely going to blow up!

Ye Wanwan glanced at the glass of red wine in front of Si Yehan and said in a dominant and unyielding tone, “Remove the president’s wine and replace it with a tonic for calming the nerves and nourishing the body.”

Waiter: “Um, Miss Yi, what do you mean…”

Remove the president’s red wine and replace it with a tonic? What does she mean?

With a domineering tone that brooked no refusal, Ye Wanwan added, “The air conditioning is too cold, and the president is feeling unwell. Bring a blanket.”

Waiter: “…”

Si Yehan: “…”

Everyone present: “…”

Ye Wanwan’s series of moves, which were the epitome of a domineering CEO, left everyone stunned.”