Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2309

“Director Si!”

As Si Yehan contemplated, Yi Lingjun shouted.

Si Yehan nodded slightly and walked over to Yi Lingjun’s side, glancing at the girl next to him.

“President,” Si Yehan said.

“Director Si, I will consider the opinions you gave some time ago. Young people should have courage and forward-thinking. It’s not a bad thing,” Yi Lingjun smiled.

“Thank you for your support, President,” Si Yehan replied.

“By the way, let me introduce you. This is my daughter, Yi Yunmo,” Yi Lingjun gestured to the girl beside him.

At this moment, not far away, Yin Heng saw this scene, his brows furrowing deeply. Why did President Yi introduce his daughter to Si Yehan?

He had finally won Qin Xiyuan’s favor. If Si Yehan got close to Yi Yunmo, everything would be ruined.

“Miss Yi,” Si Yehan looked at Ye Wanwan, his face like a mask, showing no emotional change, exuding an aura of austerity and detachment.

Ye Wanwan only glanced at Si Yehan, then turned her head without any response.

But inside…

Wow! He’s so handsome!!!

Why is he dressed so nicely? She can’t take it off right now!

No, hold it in!

Her character can’t break!

Seeing this situation, Yin Heng, who was still nervous just now, suddenly sneered inwardly, his eyes filled with mockery and disdain. Yi Yunmo, so cold and arrogant, looking down on everyone. How could she possibly pay attention to Si Yehan?

Even if Si Yehan had abilities and excellence, it was a pity his taste was so poor, ruining everything for the sake of that woman.

Otherwise, if Si Yehan really managed to win over Qin Xiyuan, he wouldn’t have a chance.

As for Yi Yunmo, her unexpected appearance tonight had no impact on anyone here since she didn’t seem to intend to make friends with anyone.

In the end, Si Yehan would still be beneath him!

Yi Lingjun looked at Ye Wanwan and couldn’t help but smile. This pretentious demeanor, he had to admit, it had a certain charm. She was, after all, his disciple and daughter, possessing some of his abilities.

At this moment, with the accompaniment of melodious music, the evening’s banquet officially began.

“Miss Qin Xiyuan, may I have the honor of inviting you to dance?”

Not long after, many young talents from the Arbitration Council approached Qin Xiyuan, hoping to invite her to dance.

Although Qin Xiyuan had come with Yin Heng, most of the people present were not ready to give up.

As for Yi Yunmo, after the setbacks earlier, it was evident that almost everyone had given up, so they settled for their second choice.

“No need, I already have a dance partner, thank you,” Qin Xiyuan replied politely with a faint smile.

“Miss Qin Xiyuan’s dance partner must be Mr. Yin Heng…”

For a moment, everyone at the scene looked towards Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng.

Yin Heng’s lips curved up, exuding a strong presence. The two of them drew the attention of most people.

Then, Yin Heng gallantly extended his hand towards Qin Xiyuan.

As the gaze of the crowd returned to them, Qin Xiyuan’s face finally improved, and she elegantly placed her hand on Yin Heng’s.

Qin Xiyuan had received an elite education from a young age, and she was at ease in such social situations. Her waltz skills were also exquisite, and she and Yin Heng coordinated seamlessly, winning applause from the crowd.

“They are such a handsome couple, a match made in heaven!”