Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2307

“Ling Jun led Ye Wanwan towards the stage, entering the midst of the crowd.

A glint of determination flickered in his eyes before he put on a fatherly expression, speaking with gravitas, ‘I won’t hide the truth; my biggest concern these days is Yun Mo’s marriage. It’s just that this child is too picky, which truly gives this father of hers a headache!’

These words undoubtedly stirred up a storm.

People with discerning eyes immediately understood.

Did the president hastily bring Yun Mo back primarily to find a husband for his daughter?

‘Mr. President, you’re exaggerating. Ling Jun is so beautiful and capable; it’s only natural for her to have high standards. Besides, this is a lifelong decision, so it’s right to be selective!’

‘Indeed, and we have so many talented young men in Tian Shui City. Many of them are here today, and Miss Ye can certainly get to know them better!’

At this moment, several young men who had been chatting around Qin XiYuan walked over.

One of them, dressed in a light gray suit, spoke gentlemanly and tenderly, ‘Miss Ye, let me introduce myself. I’m one of the directors of the Arbitration Council, a native of Tian Shui City, and I’m very familiar with the city. Miss Ye, since you’ve just returned, if you need a guide, I’m willing to assist you at any time.’

Seeing someone already volunteering, others couldn’t sit still and joined in.

‘Miss Ye has exquisite taste; this outfit is truly stunning!’

On Ling Jun’s side, many senior figures engaged in polite conversation, and it seemed like her father was genuinely trying to find a husband for her.

Ye Wanwan watched in disbelief. Was he really planning to set her up on a blind date?

His attitude was like he wanted to make the whole world go crazy.

Ye Wanwan maintained her cool, aloof persona, her brows slightly furrowing as she said, ‘Father, I’m going over there.’

Even when she furrowed her brows, she exuded unmatched beauty, and the impatience in her eyes was like dewdrops on a rose, causing all the distinguished gentlemen around her to momentarily lose focus.

Worried, Ling Jun asked, ‘Yun Mo, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?’

‘The air here isn’t good,’ Ye Wanwan casually remarked, then quickly walked away in high heels.

In other words, she found this place too noisy.

Helplessly, Ling Jun said, ‘This child’s personality is just too reclusive!’

The way the girl spoke and her attitude were uncomfortable, but no one dared to say a word. After all, Ye Yun Mo was not targeting a specific person but addressing everyone present.

It was her bold and assertive nature that, rather than putting people off, stoked the conquering desire of many men…

Qin XiYuan was beautiful, but lacked personality, like a carefully cultivated flower in a hothouse.

Moreover, in terms of beauty or family background, there was no comparison between Qin XiYuan and Ye Yun Mo.

It seemed that, from today, the titles of ‘Tian Shui City’s First Lady’ and ‘Tian Shui City’s Most Beautiful Woman’ would have to be reassigned!

Whether it was intentional or not, Ye Wanwan happened to walk towards Yin Heng and Qin XiYuan.”