Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2140

“A certain snack street.

Nie Wuming and Ye Wanwan wandered around, occasionally buying snacks, stuffing their mouths and holding them in their hands.

“I say, dear brother, have you eaten enough? Shouldn’t we prioritize investigating our parents’ whereabouts?” Ye Wanwan looked at Nie Wuming.

Hearing this, Nie Wuming glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Nonsense, don’t I know? That person eats like a bottomless pit. We have to eat our fill and drink before we go investigate.”

“Then eat quickly…”

Ye Wanwan sighed.

“Wait here, I’ll go queue up at the street corner. Their meat buns are amazing; I’ll bring one back for you later,” Nie Wuming said and disappeared in a flash.

Watching Nie Wuming’s departing figure, a faint smile tugged at the corner of Ye Wanwan’s mouth. It was the wisest decision for her parents not to give Nie the position of the Nie family head.

Just as Ye Wanwan was about to call Si Yehan and explain the current situation, a well-trained group of experts surrounded her.

At the forefront was Nie Linglong.

“Sister, where did you go? You made it hard for your little sister to find you,” Nie Linglong stared at Ye Wanwan expressionlessly.

“Oh, does little sister have something urgent to tell me?” Ye Wanwan replied calmly.

“It’s not urgent, but sister knows that I’ve just become the Nie family head, and I need to establish merit. Many years ago, the fearless alliance leader stole a lot of our Nie family’s secrets and rare items. The Nie family’s high-ranking members have decided to take action against the fearless alliance leader… Sister, have you ever met the fearless alliance leader?” Nie Linglong looked at Ye Wanwan, her lips curling into a cold smile.

“How coincidental,” Ye Wanwan stared back at Nie Linglong. “Sister, I am the fearless alliance leader you’re looking for.”

Upon hearing Ye Wanwan’s words, Nie Linglong nodded slightly. “Sister, you have a great memory to forget that you’re the fearless alliance leader… However, personal matters aside, we still need to handle official business.”

“To hell with your official business!”

Suddenly, a stern voice echoed from the crowd, and without any visible movement from Nie Wuming, several people were sent flying.

At this moment, Nie Wuming walked up to Ye Wanwan, a piece of meat bun still in his mouth.

Ye Wanwan thought to herself, “…at a time like this, can’t he wait to finish eating?”

“Nie Wuming, this matter originally had nothing to do with you, but showing disrespect to the Nie family head and sheltering the fearless alliance leader makes you an accomplice. Surrender now,” Nie Linglong said coldly.

“Nie Linglong…” Nie Wuming’s icy gaze fell on her. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken… Do you know who I am?”

“That does pique my interest. Tell me, who are you?” Nie Linglong smirked.

“I am… Nie Wuming.”

As Nie Wuming’s words fell, he casually threw a punch. In an instant, several experts by Nie Linglong’s side were sent flying like kites with cut strings.

Watching Nie Wuming before her, Ye Wanwan’s heart trembled. The current Nie Wuming gave her a completely different feeling than the one in her memory…

Is this what a serious big brother looks like…

He was like a different person from the Nie Wuming in Ye Wanwan’s memories.

“Hmph, capture him!”

As Nie Linglong gave the order, countless experts surrounded Nie Wuming.

Nie Wuming stood still, not making a move.

In just a few breaths, more than a dozen people had fallen.”