Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2139

“For this result, Ye Wanwan was not surprised.

In these years, under Nie Linglong’s management, the Nie family had already established a strong foundation, not to mention she had a fatal flaw.

Without any martial strength, she was essentially powerless in front of Nie Linglong.

“Damn it! Are you planning to rebel? I dare anyone to choose this little bitch!”

“Nie Wuming, stop causing trouble! This is not a place for you to act recklessly!”

“What did you say, causing trouble? I’ll slap you to death, you old fool who won’t die!” Nie Wuming kicked the chair beside him to pieces and glared fiercely at the elder who was speaking.

“What, you’re ignoring the rules of the Nie family?!”

A senior figure looked at Nie Wuming, coldly snorting.

“Rules? What rules? I don’t know any rules. Anyway, if any of you dare to choose this bitch, I’ll kill you.” Nie Wuming had the appearance of not fearing consequences.

“Wuming, don’t speak nonsense.”

At this moment, the Grand Elder glanced at Nie Wuming, his brows furrowing, filled with helplessness.

The Nie Wuming of the past had been full of spirit and ambition, rivaling Jixiu Ran in strategy and Yishui Han in capability. But since that incident, he had become what he was now, a helpless figure, like a fallen star.

If it were the Nie Wuming of the past, the Nie family wouldn’t even need an election.

“Fine, if you want to have an election, I’ll participate too. I’m the eldest of the Nie family, why should you ignore me?” Nie Wuming snorted. “As they say, the eldest is the greatest, and I’m the eldest, so I should be the family head.”

“You’re not qualified.”

A certain high-ranking member said expressionlessly.

“I’m not qualified? Why am I not qualified? Are you brain-dead? You old man who won’t die, if I become the family head, I’ll start by killing you. Let me tell you, if you’re uneducated, don’t embarrass yourself. Haven’t you seen that in ancient times, the eldest son of emperors became the crown prince? The principle is the same. I’m the eldest, so I should be the family head,” Nie Wuming said.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Big brother, you’re something else!

“You were already vetoed by the family head.”

“Nonsense! Nie Linglong was vetoed before, and now she’s running again, so don’t tell me those useless things. I’m running, and you better vote for me quickly,” Nie Wuming said impatiently.

“Fine, let’s vote then. Those in favor of Nie Wuming, raise your hands.”

Immediately, Ye Wanwan raised both hands, and after a moment of silence, the Grand Elder also raised his hand.

“Nie Wuming, you see it yourself, you only have two votes, it’s not approved.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Nie Wuming: “…”

Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless. Even if Nie Wuming participated, the main issue was that no one voted for him. If someone had voted for him, she would have passed long ago, and it wouldn’t have fallen to Nie Wuming to throw a tantrum.

“Pah, if you don’t want to vote, then don’t. Don’t call me when the Nie family is in trouble. Let your enemies kill you old fools!”

Nie Wuming snorted and then turned to Ye Wanwan. “Let’s go, little sister, let’s go shopping. Don’t bother with these old fools.”

Ye Wanwan: “Okay.”

In fact, Ye Wanwan didn’t care much about becoming the head of the Nie family. Her only concern was the safety of her parents. Even without the Nie family, she was still the fearless alliance leader and, more importantly, the newly appointed Eric of the Death Rose.

As for Nie Linglong, Ye Wanwan didn’t bother with her for the time being. The most pressing matter was to investigate the whereabouts of her parents.”