Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2138

“Ye Wanwan immediately dispatched elite personnel to investigate in Jincheng.

However, three days have passed, and there is still no news. They only found a bloody handkerchief, which belonged to Madam Nie.

Upon learning of this, Ye Wanwan personally went to Jincheng but gained nothing.

The bloody handkerchief belonging to her mother troubled Ye Wanwan deeply. At this stage, they had no way of knowing who was responsible.

Inside the meeting room, the atmosphere was unusually tense.

“Based on the current situation, it is highly likely that the family head and Madam have encountered an accident. The family cannot remain without a leader. I suggest we quickly choose a new family head to oversee our affairs.”

“Third Elder, what do you mean? The family head had appointed Miss Second as the temporary family head before leaving, and she is responsible for all matters.”

“Great Elder, as you mentioned earlier, it’s only temporary. In this crisis, we cannot entrust the Nie family to someone temporarily appointed. We should promptly select the most suitable candidate, which is our top priority.”

“I agree.”

“Indeed, I agree too!”

“While Miss Second is capable, you all must know that her martial arts skills have declined over the years. How can she assume the role of Nie family head?”

“Great Elder, don’t forget that our current family head was originally from the Ling family, not the Nie family. Even the sworn enemy of the Nie family, the Ling family’s offspring, could become our family head. Why can’t Miss Third become the Nie family head?”

“You… You can’t…” The Great Elder didn’t expect the opposition to bring up this issue and was momentarily speechless.

“That makes sense. After Miss Third becomes the family head, we can arrange for her to marry a promising young man from the Nie family, and there would be nothing irregular about it!”

Ye Wanwan watched the argument among the crowd calmly. At this point, she understood everything.

This Elder had a son, and he was supporting Nie Linglong because she probably promised to marry him once she became the family head.

“The situation is urgent. Let’s start the vote now!”

“Vote? Your parents have just had an accident, and you’re all busy electing a family head. Are you all wishing my parents dead?” Nie Wuming glanced at the senior members and elders present.

“How can you say such things? The Nie family’s legacy spans hundreds of years. At this stage, we must prioritize the bigger picture. We are saddened by what happened to the family head and Madam, but with no one at the helm, we must first elect a new family head before investigating what happened.” One senior member looked at Nie Wuming and spoke.

Nie Wuming wanted to say more, but Ye Wanwan gave him a signal with her eyes, urging him not to speak further.

These elders and senior members dared to act this way; there must be a hidden agenda. Given the current situation, it was unfavorable for her and Nie Wuming. Electing a family head was a tradition that had to be followed, no matter who it was.

In the end, except for the Great Elder, everyone unanimously voted for Nie Linglong to become the new Nie family head.”