Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1879

Soon, Ye ÒÒ said to Ye Mufan, “Mom and Dad called me and asked us to go home for dinner in a few days. If you are free these two days, get in touch with Mr. Zhou from Xingchen Entertainment. I’ve said hello, Star Entertainment will cooperate deeply with Age of Gods.”

“Holy shit, really …… that’s too cool!” Ye Mufan was full of excitement.

Previously, Star Entertainment only slightly gave some resources to the Age of the Gods, it immediately made the Age of the Gods and Royal Sky Entertainment rise almost a level, if it is a deep cooperation …… then it is simply unthinkable!

However, if you think about it, Ye ÒÒÒ is the boss of Star Company, then he, Ye Mufan, in Star Entertainment, can also be considered half a leader in size ……

We are already a family, of course, these fat water is reserved for our own family members ……

“Good sister ……” Suddenly, Ye Mufan smiled faintly towards Ye ÒÒÒ, full of pleasing face, in the view of a group of people, Ye Mufan’s expression, as doggy as it can be.

“If you have a fart, let it out.” Ye ÒÒÒ glanced at Ye Mufan, there was definitely nothing good about this Ye Mufan.

“Hahahaha ……” Ye Mufan laughed “Good sister, you are too rude …… don’t be like that… …”

“If you don’t say then I’m leaving.” Ye ÒÒ said.

“Don’t …… don’t ah, I suddenly thought of something …… I think, it is necessary to talk to you.” Ye Mufan said “What do you think, my ability.”

At the sound of his voice, Ye ÒÒÒ froze, not knowing why Ye Mufan suddenly asked this.

“Not bad.” Ye ÒÒ said truthfully.

“Sister, do you still remember, last time at the Star Entertainment anniversary celebration …… you removed the head of one of Star Entertainment’s branches.” Ye Mufan laughed.

“I remember ……,” Ye ÒÒ remembered after being reminded by Ye Mufan that the one removed was Shao Heng’s grandfather, the head of one of the three branches of Star Entertainment.

“Good sister, look …… I think, with my ability, I can completely go to the head position that you removed ah …… Now that Royal Sky Entertainment and Gods Era merged, it is a period of rapid development, plus …… we are going to cooperate with Star Entertainment, so why don’t you give me the vacant position of the head of the company, so that it will be convenient for everyone?! Ye Mufan hurriedly said, he wanted this position for a long time, but never had the heart to ask for it ……

Hearing the sound, Ye ÒÒ was thoughtful, but in fact, considering Ye Mufan’s current abilities, he was indeed competent and there was no problem.

But …… no matter what, the Star Company belongs to the Second Elder’s estate after all.

Immediately, Ye ÒÒ went to the bathroom and made a phone call to the Second Elder.

“Alliance Master …… Star Company is my industry, but to be frank, it belongs to the Fearless Alliance, and the start-up capital was also granted to me by you back then, Alliance Master, whatever you want, I have no problem with it at all.” At the end of the phone, the Second Elder laughed.

After she hung up the phone, Ye ÒÒÒ walked out of the bathroom and looked at Ye Mufan “Three months trial.”

“Holy shit, good sister, brother will treat you to a big meal, ahahahaha!” Ye Mufan was slightly pleased with himself.

After giving a few words of explanation, Ye ÒÒàÅ纺 and the Seven Stars and the others, left the Age of the Gods.


Golden Capital Bihai.

The many upheavals in the Ye family during this period of time have finally subsided. Liang Wanjun has cooked a table full of dishes and Ye Mufan has personally cooked a few of his best dishes, so the family has gathered together on a rare occasion.

“Mum, let me help you!”