Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1877

“I don’t care, I won’t do it …… Gong Xu little old brother, help me beat him up!” At that moment, Beidou’s gaze fell on the “eating melon”

of Gong Xu.

“Ah …… Brother Bei …… this I ……” Gong Xu had a difficult face, he and Chu Feng also knew each other, how could he be willing to The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on someone else, and …… Chu Feng didn’t do anything.

“Can you still be a little bit out of your depth.” At this moment, the seven stars’ eyes, fell on Bei Dou.

“That is ah brother Bei, as the saying goes, the sky is the limit where there is no grass, why single love a flower, the old saying is good, the world’s beauty is so much, want to chase which chase which ……” Gong Xu looked at Bei Dou, chattering openly.

“Ignore him, he’s like that, just get used to it.” YeÒÒ was full of embarrassment.

“Sister ÒÒ, it won’t happen, I’m used to it.” Chu Feng smiled faintly.

Nowadays, Jiang Yanran had so many suitors that he had already gotten used to it, and this was still good for Beidou, there were many more crazy ones than Beidou.

“Kid, I’m telling you, treat my goddess well …… if you dare to bully my goddess in the future, I will make you understand four words profoundly.” Beidou stared at Chu Feng, gnashing his teeth.

“Which four words?” Gong Xu blurted out.

“Cut off your children ……,” grunted Beidou.

After the words, Beidou looked at Ye ÒÒÒ with an aggrieved face, “ÒÒÒÒ Sister …… I’ve lost my love ……”

Ye ÒÒÒ”…… “What the fuck have you ever fallen in love ……

“Brother Bei …… I know a few girls, long thief positive ……” Gong Xu walked up to Bei Dou and said softly.

“Oh ……” Hearing this from Gong Xu, Bei Dou’s eyes shone.

“Brother Bei, how about …… you teach me a move and a half, because of Brother Ye’s relationship, I am fortunate enough to sign with Star Entertainment, ready to take the international route, I carefully thought about it, and finally think, or hard-core style is more suitable for me …… Why don’t you come to my house when you’re ready, Brother Bei, and we’ll discuss the tough guy route ……,” Gong Xu said with a straight face.

“Well …… the first time I saw you, I thought you were perfect for the tough guy style, why don’t you call those girls too …… I’ll come to your house tonight… …and discuss it or something.” Beidou mused.

Ye ÒÒ”…… “Enough of that, didn’t you just lose your love?!

“Well, I think it’s feasible ……” Gong Xu smiled faintly and then looked at Ye ÒÒÒ “Brother Ye, I have nothing to do with those girls, I just know them… …I mainly want to introduce them to my brother Bei …… nothing else.”

. not moving emotionally is not sad, alas.”

Ye ÒÒÒ” …… “Can you call security to come over and kick these two idiots out? I can’t take it anymore!

“No go.” At this moment, Seven Stars looked at BeiDou with a slight frown.

“Why, I have to help my old brother Gong Xu take the tough guy route!” Beidou said.

“That’s right! Why not give my brother Bei a go?!” Gong Xu also hurriedly said.

Seven Stars did not speak up and looked coldly at Gong Xu.

“Uh …… actually I think, I think it’s fine for me to go literary …… there’s no need to necessarily go the tough guy route …… brother north, if you don’t have time, then don’t come ……,” Gong Xu said with a straight face.

I have to say, that seven-star eyes, is really a little too intimidating.

“We will soon go, don’t run around and cause trouble.” In the end, the seven stars dropped these words towards Beidou and then stopped speaking.