Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1873

“I know, you’ve told me several times, look how good I am, do I look like someone who doesn’t listen? Don’t worry, I’ll stay in the country and not wander off!” Ye ÒÒÒ promised with conviction.

Hearing this, Seven Stars at the side frowned a little.

Beidou directly exclaimed in a low voice, “Crap? What’s the situation with Sister Feng? Didn’t we all say we were leaving, how come the little wildcat outside changed her mind in an instant with a phone call? This is also …… too uncouth, right?”

Big Dipper was horrified by Ye ÒÒ’s attitude of saying things one at a time.

What Seven Stars was thinking was that Ye ÒÒÒ still had a love compulsion on her body and she had to go back as soon as possible to think of a way to cure it, and she definitely could not stay in China for long.

But now she was going to stay in the country of China for a man, wouldn’t she be joking with her life?

On the other end of the phone, Si Yanghan was non-committal to this statement, but after thinking about it, he judged that Ye ÒÒàÅç¡ should not be telling lies.

After all, he had already stabilised her that day, and there was no reason for her to return to the independent state.

Thinking of this, Si Yanghan settled down for the time being, “Wait for me to come back.”

“Mmmmm, I know, then I’ll wait for you at home, you come back soon!” Ye ÒÒàÅ纺 voice was soft and extremely good-natured as she agreed.

The more Qixing listened, the more sullen his face became, and he wanted to speak up several times, but held back.

After a while, Ye ÒÒ finally hung up the phone and then turned her head to Seven Stars and urged, “Have you booked your flight yet?”

Seven Stars, who was about to speak, froze for a moment when he heard this, “What?”

Ye ÒÒÒ said, “I mean the airline ticket back to Independence tomorrow!”

Seven Stars subconsciously nodded, “It’s booked.”

“Well, then it’s done, we’re leaving tomorrow.” Ye ÒÒÒ spoke.

Seventh Star was a little dazed, “Sister Feng, didn’t you just say that …… you wanted to stay in China ……”

Ye ÒÒ raised her eyebrows and looked at her phone, “You also believe what I say when coaxing people?”

Seven Stars “……”

Beidou “……”

This is a very clever move by Sister Feng to play the yang-fang game ……

Sister Feng usually always sees sex and forgets righteousness, and they were worried about it, who knew that she actually resisted beauty so firmly this time?

Beidou overlapped in the ear of seven stars and whispered, “I know, it’s not that Sister Feng has changed her sex, but because there are more beauties in the independent state ……”

Seven Stars “……”

Ye ÒÒÒ gave Bei Dou a white look, “What are you muttering, what are you talking about again?”

Beidou was busy waving his hand, “Nothing nothing, right Sister Feng, I just want to ask, you …… you and this family head of the Chinese Si family, is it true that you are married?”

The alliance leader’s marriage matter, after all, is still very important ah!

Ye ÒÒ lowered her eyes and was silent for a while, then looked at the black night in the distance, and said lightly, “Who knows?”

The north dou “Uh …… what?”

What does this mean?

Is it possible that she doesn’t even know if she herself is married?

Beidou and Seven Stars looked at each other and both said, speechless.

Ye ÒÒ did not continue talking, directly got into the car and let Bei Dou drive towards the Age of the Gods.


At this moment, somewhere in the imperial capital.

The silver-haired man is sitting in a business car, his brow deeply knitted, as if he is contemplating something.

“I didn’t think …… it would be that ring ……” the silver haired man muttered under his breath, a strange and worried look appearing within his eyes.

“It can’t be …… that ring, it should have been completely destroyed since that change in the independent state, why ……” the silver haired man was slightly distracted.

Back then, before Nie Wuyou had disappeared, he himself had clearly told her that the ring must not be kept, it must be destroyed!

And it was only in front of him that disciple Nie Wuyou …… had destroyed the ring.

But why, was the ring still there? And, it was still on Nie Wuyou’s hand ……